24×36 Metal Carport

24×36 Metal Carport24×36 Metal Carport

24×36 Metal Carport

Are you in the market for a steel structure that is extra wide? Our commercial steel buildings offer a wide range of steel buildings and their latest updated pricing. On this page we look at some sample 24x36 steel building pictures and discuss the features, pricing, customization options, roofing styles, loads & codes, and uses of a 24x36 metal building. We also answer your questions about a 24x36 clear-span steel building, and answer some commonly-asked questions about these prefabricated steel structures.


24×36 Metal Carport
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Sample 24x36 standard garage picture. We can design any carport or garage style steel building in this size according to your needs, plans, and building codes.

6480 (Southern)
8424 (Northern)
  • Vertical Roof
  • Horizontal panels
  • both sides two panels
  • front back Gable


  • Select Your Area
  • Choose Your Building Type
  • Add Customization as per your need
  • Pay a Small Deposit
  • Get Your Building Delivered and Installed

24x36 Steel Building Features

With certified wind and snow ratings available, you can truss a 24X36 Boss Building to stand tall amid the fury of Mother Nature. Our steel garage buildings are built using 14 GA or 12 GA galvanized steel and our buildings are manufactured in America. Our buildings will have anchors and braces needed to certify it for heaving wind or snow loads.


Strong Metal Truss System

Your 24x36 metal building can have a clearance of up to 20’ on the eave that translates to almost 25’ height on the center which is good enough for most applications. If you wish to build mezzanines or storage units in the upper floor, this building may just fit your needs.

Quick Turnaround Time

A 24x36 Boss Buildings’ steel structure is faster and easier to construct. While our delivery times range from 8-12 weeks (depending on the region and complexity of your steel building), our crews typically put a building up in less than a week. Traditional building methods take much more time, labor, and effort in construction.

Our 24x36 metal garage kits are installed by professionals who have years of experience doing just that. Meaning, your structure will be installed the right way, the first time.


Low Maintenance

24x36 metal building is low maintenance. You can be sure that you don’t need any re-paint or patching. Just clean the build up of snow (which is super easy with the panels running from the center to the sides of the building – a.k.a Vertical Roof style), debris, leaves, and dirt.

Fully Customizable

You can expand a 24x36 steel building to add more length or customize by adding a porch or lean-to. For lean-to connections, we charge a side to side connection fee which depends on the length and width of the building. Traditional wooden structures of the same size cost way much more compared to a steel building of this size.

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Customize Your 24×36 Metal Carport

24x36 steel building

Our 24x36 steel building kits for sale are custom-built in the size, style, and color (roof/trim/sides & ends) you want. We can customize metal garage buildings to accommodate specific storage needs. Examples of customization include taller legs, larger Roll-up doors, or thicker 12-gauge tubing. Size customizations are particularly helpful for your purchase if you're planning to run a manufacturing, repair shop, office space, retail, agricultural or even a multi-RV cover or garage

If 24x36 is too small for your needs, then fret not. We can design buildings up to 70’ wide. Most industrial, warehousing, manufacturing and storage center needs can be easily met with wider than the specified width.

24x36 steel building

Boss Buildings offers vapor barrier insulation that is available for a low cost making your building a better and more comfortable investment. Our Vapor Barrier Insulation is ICC-ES recognized and energy star qualified. More tear resistant than foam, interior handles punctures and temperature extremes better than bubble wraps. Works in temperatures as extreme as -20 degrees Celsius and as high as 80 degrees Celsius (and if airspace is added it can go up to 300 degrees Celsius). Our aluminum is creased to create more airflow in applications, which enhances performance. The vapor barrier we use provides 19 DB soundproofing, it is earn-friendly with no asbestos and no toxic vapor emission in case of fire.

Steel Building Features You Can Customize

customize buildings

Customization options

  • Side Walls and End Walls (Leg height of your metal structure and panel orientation)
  • Roof Style (A-frame and A-frame Vertical)
  • Wall, Roof, Trim and Door Colors
  • Lean-to Additions for covered outdoor work areas
  • Add Windows, Walk Doors, Roll-up doors, Insulation and Other Accessories
  • Other Customizable Options including cupolas, ridge vents, higher gauge steel
  • (12 GA), 26 GA panels, ridge vents…and many more.
  • Add Insulation Details
  • Gauge Options – In Detail
  • Certification Details

24x36 Steel Structure – Built to Your Area Codes

24x36 steel building

Your 24x36 building will be manufactured to engineer specs. We can build commercial structures to stand tall for up to 65 pounds snow load. Will you be installing this 24X36 commercial structure in an area that requires more snow load? We build heavy snow load metal buildings.

  • 10 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Generally refers to rainfall.
  • 20 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate Snowfall - Minimum for Carports.
  • 25 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate Snowfall.
  • 30 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate to Heavy Snowfall.
  • 40 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snowfall.
  • 43-45 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snowfall
  • 50 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snowfall (5000ft+ elevation).
  • 65 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – High Mountain Snowfall (6000ft+ elevation)

Affordable Financing Options from THE BOSS

Boss Buildings makes it easy to buy a high-quality metal building thanks to convenient and affordable RTO and Financing Options.



RTO or Rent-to-Own is a great way to invest in metal buildings without worrying about exceeding your budget. With low monthly payments, a simple application process, and speedy approvals, RTO is a great option.

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Finance Your Building

Boss Buildings’ financing option is a stress-free solution for purchasing metal buildings in . Without any hidden fees and with convenient monthly payments, you can find a financing program to suit your budget and requirements.

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Applications of Metal Buildings

Metal Building Common Uses

The pre-fabricated steel structures from Boss Buildings has a. 100% usable interior space provided by the clear span framing (with legs 4’ or less away on ends and sides) that requires no internal beams without the obstruction of rafters or beams you can easily lay out and set up your commercial space the way you want. You can easily install shelving, counters, lighting, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, drywall, and anything you need wherever you need inside the building. The panel enclosures offer the security and protection not just from weather elements but also from theft. These buildings can be easily extended at length and many Boss’ customers design 100’ long commercial buildings, 150’ long buildings and even 200’ long buildings.

Cars and Motorcycles Steel Storage Units Metal Sheds
Backyard apartment Backyard guesthouse Elder apartment
Elder cottage Senior apartment Senior cottage
Crop Storage Stow Away Old Items Car Garage
Home Office She shed Man-cave Structure
Boat Covers RV Covers and RV Storage Dairy Barn with Tack Room
Shipping Facilities Distribution Warehouses Bowling Arenas
Storage Buildings Car Repair Shop Office Space
Casinos Helicopter Hangars Auto Parts Stores
Banquet Halls Carpet Stores Beauty Supplies Stores
Computer Stores Convenience Stores Funeral Homes
Nurseries Furniture Stores Strip Malls
Medical Supply Stores Pet Grooming Centers Pharmacies
Printing Companies Insurance Companies Theaters
Restaurants Sandwich Shops Taverns
Meat Processing Plants Pizzerias Bistros and Cafeterias
Fast Food Joints Donut shops Sales Offices
Interior Decorator Offices Law Offices Truck and Trailer Leasing Companies
Security Companies Vet Offices Party & Event Planners
Photo Studios Graphic & Web Design Studios Truck Terminals
Sign Shops Remodeling Services Movers
Landscaping Services Glass Repair Roofing Repair
Electrical Contractors Boat storage RV Storage
Marine Dealerships Motorcycle Dealerships Auto Dealers

Keep in mind this is only a small list of the ways BOSS BUILDINGS provides affordable, practical, and durable structures for commercial enterprises.  Nor does this list include industrial applications, churches, agricultural buildings, and municipal buildings.  The possibilities for prefabricated metal buildings are endless.

24x36 Steel Building FAQs

A 24x36 metal structure costs $ for the 8’ tall base structure with A-frame vertical roof style(35 PSF ground snow load and 140 MPH wind at 3-second gust). Please remember that the cost of a 24x36 steel building will be much higher when you close the sides and ends, add doors, deluxe-two tone panels, add code certifications, and add doors, windows or frame-outs.
A 24x36 metal shop will offer you 864 of clean span area.
A Boss Building’ steel structure will almost invariably be cheaper in an apples to apples comparison against the cost of an erect pole barn of the same size.
Boss’ steel buildings are delivered and installed for the price you would typically pay for just the materials (and in some cases drop-off) of a post frame building or pole barn of equal dimensions. Our steel buildings are extremely low maintenance and won't need replacement parts every few years. Lumber is much more expensive compared to steel and is prone to mould and mildew.
50 to 100 years A 24x36 Boss Buildings’ Steel building will face significantly fewer issues with deterioration and corrosion than a similar sized concrete or wood structure. Our metal buildings can out live other structures when properly maintained.
The frames of pre-engineered steel buildings act as a “shield” that transfers most of the energy of a lightning strike down to the ground, leaving the objects and people inside them virtually unaffected. This phenomenon is known as Faraday shielding.
When you order from Boss Buildings, not only will you get a high-quality clear-span steel structures at an affordable price, but you can save on shipping and installation fees. Steel buildings can be delivered and installed in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.
When you buy one of our metal buildings online, your credit card will be charged a deposit of between 10% and 18% of your total purchase price. Once you take delivery of your new metal garage, you can pay us the remaining balance with a credit card or check, whichever is best for you. You can also avail our cost-effective financing plans to spread out your payments.
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No matter what type of building you want, Boss Buildings has a wide range of metal buildings for you. From start to finish, we make buying a steel building easy for our customers. If you're in the market to buy a metal building that can be easily customized and come at a low price, Boss Buildings is the company you've been looking for.

Need Help? Let Our Experts Help You Through Your Decision.