Steel Framing Kits for Metal Building Homes

  • 18 December 2020
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Steel Framing Kits for Metal Building Homes

Do you have an urge to build? Do you envision a beautiful, functional, wonderful home? Metal building homes have been increasingly dominating the landscape of the United States.

They turn out as wonderful investments for buyers seeking diverse applications and incredible uses of new space. You can finally have a fresh space to grow, laugh, and enjoy life!

Build With Steel

Build with Steel for 10 Great Reasons

Steel impresses customers for its resilience, strength, and attractiveness for building metal homes. See all these reasons for steel building homes that come with great benefits.

  1. Affordable—Steel kits help you save on construction costs. You can build for 50 percent less than with a wood building. And, with everything pre-cut and ready-to-assemble, it’s smart! They reduce work, reduce costs, and reduce maintenance. What more can you ask?
  2. Fully-Customizable—From materials to features, you can choose each piece and component of your home for the best fit for your ideas. You can design your building for any size and dimension as well as create open interiors and customize every aspect with steel framing kits for your metal homes.
  3. Wide, Open Space—Metal building homes are clear-span by design, so you never have to worry about columns or legs that interrupt the flow. You can have sprawling and wide, open interiors of a whopping 120 feet in width!
  4. Quick Installation—Wooden buildings and concrete buildings cannot compete with the speed and efficiency of building with steel. These metal buildings raise themselves up quickly and speed you through the process of installation through simplicity and expertly assembled pieces.
  5. Reduced Maintenance—On average, metal building homes require much less maintenance over the course of their life. Known for its strength, steel protects you from unnecessary repairs and fixes.
  6. Durable & Long-Lasting—You want a lasting home, a better garage, more possibilities. Buildings of metal last years and years beyond other buildings in many cases. Their superior design makes them suited for all kinds of climates to endure.
  7. Weather-, Mold-, Mildew-, Pests-Resistant—You can fight off the threats of pests, mildew, mold, and even harsh weather through a steel building. The material creates a strong barrier between you and the outside world while the design seals in safety and security.
  8. Reduced Fire Risk—One of the most dangerous and concerning forces against buildings is fire. Steel resists burning, unlike other materials. It makes it more unlikely that your building can suffer a burn.
  9. Energy Savings—Cooling, heating, and keeping a metal structure comfortable is an easy task when you build with steel. It’s all easily outfitted with the right energy, insulation, and features to make your building cozy and efficient.
  10. Eco-Friendly—One hundred percent recyclable and renewable as a resource, steel makes for a great choice when concerned about sustainability. Do your part to save the planet by buying a homemade of a smart, green material.

Metal Home Kits

Getting to Know Metal Home Kits

Metal home kits come in various forms because each is custom to the buyer. The specific building you create will have the best, most competitive price from Boss Buildings. You can see some of these items included in the price:

  1. Heavy-gauge steel roof and outer wall framing system—Protect your roof, your interior, and your walls through a great framing system in different forms for your metal building home.
  2. Steel roofing, siding, and trim to finish the outside of your home—Trims and finishes add the final touch. Pick any you like for the design and protection of your steel home.
  3. Roof trusses—Create your roof’s frame with roof trusses for metal building homes that come cheaper than other options for the roof.
  4. Pre-punched steel studs and wall framing components—Skip the need to punch and stud the walls and framing components of your building by buying top-quality metal home kits from Boss Buildings.
  5. Necessary steel fasteners and anchor bolts—All the bolts and fasteners that you will need for your metal home installation come standard in steel home kits.
  6. Framed openings for doors and windows—Metal building home kits also feature framed doors and windows if you like. They add a special character to space.
  7. Doors and windows—Add light, movement, and function in your metal building home with many kinds of doors and windows to choose from.
  8. Insulation—Keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Pick an insulation option from Boss Buildings for your prefabricated metal home.
  9. And more!

Installing a Metal Building Home

Once you are done with buying a prefab home kit from Boss Buildings, and already have your prefab home-delivered, it is time to install. Here is what you need to know about metal home installation:

  • Site preparation—Prepare the site of your building by clearing debris or brush and setting the stage for installation with a flat, level surface.
  • Metal Building Home Kits and Equipment—You’ll see the kits come with everything you need to get started right away. Here are things you must know about assembling metal building home kits:
  • Proper equipment and tool—Prepare cordless drill, wrenches with different sizes, levels, ladders, large screwdriver, and spud wrench. For more substantial equipment, you may need to prepare a scissor lift for the heavy lifting.
  • Frame connecting method—The method of connecting your frame is smart and simple with metal building home kits. Metal home frames are assembled using bolts.
  • Roof assembly—Standard method to attach roof panels on top of a metal home is by using stainless steel fastener, self-tapping, and sealing with neoprene washers.
  • Doors and windows installation—You are free to choose short, small, or large doors and windows. Just make sure that they give your home proper light and air circulation.
  • Heating and cooling system—Install a heating and cooling system for keeping your metal home temperate.
  • Exterior finishing—Finish your metal building home the right way with exterior details and touches that add personality, protection, or both.

Buy Metal Home Kits from Boss Buildings Today!

Great reasons present themselves for building your home with a steel framing kit. They save time, money, and effort in the installation process. With any design or customization that Boss Buildings offers, you can create the perfect metal building home. Contact Boss Buildings today at (336) 673-3065 to get started with your metal home project.

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