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The new eco-friendly, cost-effective way of living has continued a steady rise in popularity throughout 2020. From Steel Frame to metal barn style homes, these trendy hipster dwellings are the ideal setting for the art community and beyond.

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24x31 Custom Metal Building
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24x31 Custom Metal Building

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Metal Buildings on the Rise

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, your entire life, you’ve seen the inner workings of a wood-built home structure and the numerous complicated electrical systems, piping, and gas that comes with it.

But an old fashioned homestead had something else, too: a family inside of it. And the memories and treasured moments you remember are so centered around the classic image of a household you’ve never seen any other way.

But with the housing market in a constant state of flux after the crash of 2008, the cost of traditional homes has proven too expensive for the average consumer to afford.

Comparatively, an average 2000 square-foot residential building would cost approximately $264,000 in construction costs. That doesn’t include the cost of land, permits, and any unexpected overhead that would come up during construction. A metal home of the same build would cost up to 30 percent less.

Welcome to the future, a $17 billion industry of steel and metal, and the very things upon which this country was built.

Why Metal? More than Just the Cheaper Option

Now that the option is available, one might wonder what benefits beyond the obvious affordability, a metal building home could offer. Surely nothing could beat something built with the love and care of a relative, some distant inherited manor. But metal has proven itself to be beneficial in unexpected ways, including:

  • Strength – High-quality metal’s durability endures even the most extreme weather, from hurricanes to tornadoes. Stick-built houses don’t stand much of a chance in comparison.
  • Easy Adaptation – Owners have found that they have been widely adaptable both as living and workspaces, often doubling as both. Remodeling is much easier than with wood, meaning they can be changed quite easily.
  • Spacious Solutions – No interior walls in a metal buildings are load-bearing, meaning they can be moved without concern.
  • Cheap Maintenance – Unlike the hard work of a traditional home, metal buildings are much easier to keep clean, and the materials are less costly. So if you’re trying to clean on a budget, a metal building might be ideal.
  • Save on Labor – Building a home from scratch is a costly process. But prefabricated steel homes aren’t much more complicated than assembling a much more complicated IKEA furniture. With little assistance, you should be able to complete the installation quickly.
  • Eco-Friendly – With the world finally paying serious attention to climate change, metal building homes use recycled material to help the effort to save the planet. In addition, you’ll be saving on energy thanks to a metal building’s high capacity for insulation.

Metal vs. the Competition

We’ve already displayed the benefits related to cost and efficiency, but how do they stack up compared to traditional homes of wood, vinyl, or concrete. Clearly, the other options sound more like a homestead, but the popularity and benefits of metal can’t be understated.

  • Metal Building Homes vs. Wood – Steel buildings are just naturally stronger than wood and more resistant to water damage. Steel does not warp the way wood does, nor can it be infested with fungus, termites, or other insects. Steel frames are also capable of withstanding hurricane winds and contend with seismic activity. Perhaps most importantly, metal is not flammable. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 264,500 home structures suffered fire damage in 2019. Wood can often encourage fires to grow, unlike metal.
  • Metal Building Homes vs. Vinyl – Vinyl and polymer homes are a trendy option for their style, and they certainly offer a lot when it comes to customization and adaptability. But in terms of strength, once again, metal wins out. People that opt for vinyl are going in for style reasons, and they’re certainly appealing. The options emphasize customization, with different trim, cedar shingle replication, and a very big color library. Steel is also a little pricier, but it’s a cost that comes with the promise of security that vinyl just can’t offer.
  • Metal Building Homes vs. Concrete – Concrete, one would think, would be extremely durable. And you’d be correct; concrete does offer a strong frame that can withstand a great deal of the elements. In addition, concrete makes it easy to regulate temperature. The vital difference between concrete and metal comes with their impact on the environment. According to research, both concrete and steel do less harm to the environment than wood, but concrete exceeds the damage done to climate change, embodied energy, air quality, water, and waste produced by almost half in all categories. In fact, in terms of waste produced, steel buildings produce -21 percent less than wood. Concrete produces 37 percent more.

A Variety of Options for Steel Building Homes

Building a home from scratch is hard work. Metal building homes come prefabricated and can be easily assembled. And there is no shortage of options when choosing what kind of home you want, each more imaginative and practical than the last.

Metal Garages

For durable, long-lasting garages, accept no substitute. Whether you’re a collector, a hardworking mechanic, or just a guy who likes working on his ride, a metal garage is a perfect place to park and work on your ride. The protection it offers alone is a worthwhile investment.

Metal Workshop

Whether you’re a sculptor, a mechanic, a welder, or just a handyman, workshop jobs are difficult, sweaty work. It’s important the location for your workshop has the kind of spacious interior you’ll need, plus the building won’t attract pests that might damage any work you do. Most importantly, for any work that requires tools, you’re reducing the chance of a fire breaking out simply by choosing a metal building.

Commercial/Industrial Metal Buildings

Whether you have a small, mid-sized, or big business, a metal building is ideal. The spacious interiors allow plenty of workspace for employees and plenty of storage for data and equipment.

Additionally, laying out a floor plan doesn’t require the architectural know-how a traditional building would, with no walls carrying the load.

Barns and Agricultural Buildings

Farms for animals and crops all require a lot of heavy equipment that will get damaged in bad weather. Animals, as well, need to escape the harsh sun or severe rain. The animals, as well as your employees, will be grateful for the shade and protection that metal agricultural buildings offer, and your equipment will last much longer.

Residential Metal Buildings

With the price of housing on the rise, metal homes have become a welcome innovation in residential areas. The cost-efficiency of a metal home makes them almost essential.

We know what you’re thinking: who would want an eyesore in the middle of a residential neighborhood full of beautiful Tudors and traditional homes? But the minimalist charm of a metal building, with the appropriate paint job, can blend it right in.

Aviation Metal Buildings

The U.S. Department of Defense requires by law that all aviation buildings be constructed of metal. So a metal building kit for a hangar is non-negotiable, but it’s not like it’s much of a burden. After all, the hangar is going to keep your airplane protected from weather that could severely compromise its ability to stay in the air.

The ample space once again becomes a major benefit, packing in large wingspans with little trouble.

Recreational and Public Facilities

When one thinks of metal buildings, they don’t conjure up images of children playing. Metal screams industrial. But their durable material has made them a popular choice for gyms, sports arenas, and even youth activity centers.

The roomy areas are perfect for running around, and a little paint and design knowledge goes a long way in personalizing it.

Metal Home: A Sizeable Option

We’ve talked about the very versatile interiors of metal building homes, but the exterior can be just as easily changed.

A Floor Plan That Won’t Fight You

Floor plans help you lay out the interior spacing of walls in your metal building home. Since your metal building home comes in a particular size, knowing what your floor plan will make it easier when the installation starts.

Here are a few samples of metal building home floor plans that have been popular in a variety of buildings.

  • 40′ x 60′ – A fairly traditional plan for a single-family home or small office, this plan fits about two bedrooms, a dining room, a bathroom, a living room, and a study. Perfect for anyone looking to save on a traditional home, you can easily combine the dining and living area to create room for additional space.
  • 55′ x 71′ – Now we’re getting upscale for a grand family and a couple who have always wanted a master suite. Of course, you can reduce the size of rooms if more is what you’re after, but the extra space is what most people are looking for.
  • 80′ x 60′ – Not only spacious but perfect for a two-story house. This has space for everything, two master suites, several smaller rooms of any variety, and even a laundry room if you desire.

There are plenty of other options out there, depending on your needs, but these appear to be the most popular on the market. Different manufacturers may offer differently sized floor plans.

Expanding to the Future with Customization Options for Metal Building Homes

A metal building’s durability has been useful for farm animals for generations, but the notion of using it for people was a fairly new innovation. Nevertheless, people took to it quickly, particularly thankful for the numerous easy ways they can customize and expand their structures.

Steel frame home building kits are easily customized to your liking, with a wide range of options. They include size, roof styles, doors, windows, colors, and everything else you can imagine.

Metal Building Home Insulation Is Key

Without insulation, a metal building would be much harder to dwell in. It’s the difference between the cold, harsh world, you imagine when you hear the word metal and comfortable home.

The U.S. government regulates many kinds of insulation. Depending on where you live, your choice may vary both in scale and variety.

  • Batt and Blanket – The cheapest option may also be the best if you’re not working with a large space. This mineral fiber comes in panels of fiberglass that are easy to install in your small cabin or home.
  • Right Board Insulation – Right board insulation is flexible and easy to cut or roll. Usually used on a flat floor, it’ll fit easily into whatever measurement you need.
  • Loose-fill Insulation – This insulation is used to fill any gaps or holes left by the right board or other insulation. It’s easy to stuff in the areas that may be empty.
  • Spray foam – Perhaps the best option for irregularly designed buildings, spray foam – like loose-fill – can fill in any concerning gaps in insulation that leave your building vulnerable.

Prepping Your Metal Home

Before you worry about insulation, there’s some light groundwork necessary prior to installing your metal home building. There’s obviously much less planning to do for something that comes prefabricated, but it’s still crucial to lay some ground plans beforehand.

The more you do, the better prepared your home will be and the fewer problems you’ll run into down the line. There’s a lot that can be done independently, but some aspects are still better left to professionals.

  • Demolition – The supposed fun part of the metal home installation can also be hazardous if not done right. You may have to coordinate with the local government to remove any standing structures or remove any green space, and unless you’re licensed to have TNT, it’s probably better in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Utility Work – This is one area where the city will have to get involved, but only at the start. They’ll have someone come to tell you where your property intersects with utility lines, but they won’t do anything to connect you to them. That is where you’ll need to hire proper construction workers. One can attempt to do this independently, but it’s not wise. City ordinances and regulations are fairly strict when it comes to utilities, so your contractor should be familiar with the laws.
  • Earth Moving – Building on slopes can create serious problems later on, and the equipment leveling the ground to install your home is not cheap. But hiring professionals is a necessity to ensure your property is level and smooth. Proper drainage ditches may also be necessary.
  • Paving – Be it foot or car traffic, you’re going to want people to be able to access your new home, and undeveloped land without a road is the kind of place no one wants to go. Aside from access, paving should also factor in drainage, soil stability, and maintenance. There are also, depending on where you live, various permits you’ll need to obtain in order to build. The building department inspects to ensure buildings are up to code, aesthetic standards, load, zoning size, and safety. Not obtaining the proper permits can result in fines. Understanding your neighborhood’s building and zoning codes goes a long way when you walk into the permit office to apply. Having the knowledge beforehand will help guide you through the process smoothly.
  • Building Permits – Building permits are fairly straightforward and easy to apply for. However, it’s still a long process, and patience is a virtue. To apply, you’ll need to bring the deed to the property, the size and intended use of the building, plans certified by an engineer, and the structure’s location.
  • Foundation Plans – The building department also requires foundation plans to be approved by a civil engineer. Due to soil frost and conditions changing from location to location, it will have to meet certain standards.

Metal Building Home Kits of All Shapes and Sizes

Metal building kits are available in all varieties, and Boss Buildings has the most affordable and highest quality metal on the market. Ready to serve you with expert customer service, we pride ourselves in providing everything for a prefabricated home you may desire.

The low-cost is an attractive enough feature to entice the smart shopper, but the safety, durability, and customizable options are equally important. And if you’re environmentally minded, rest assured you’re doing your part to reduce our carbon footprint.

But what does a metal building kit comprise of? Everything you need to get started. They’re the ideal option for any DIY builders. The metal home kits include –

  • Incredibly Strong Super Structure Frame
  • Secondary Steel Framing
  • Beautiful Siding, Roofing, and Trim Package
  • And more!

A Reasonable Price for a Safe, Long-Lasting Metal Building Home

When it comes to cost, metal building homes are drastically cheaper than traditional wood structures. And while there will always be a place for a gorgeous, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home, the housing market has made them unsustainable.

Still, the numbers are nothing to sneeze at. Installing a metal building home is estimated by the Home Builder’s Association to come at around $360,000, but don’t start panicking. That number does include installation, land, finishing, demolition, and other things that go with building on undeveloped land.

Building in the right area, unless you’re planning on building a mansion, is nowhere near that sum. And you can easily assemble a metal building kit on the right land for just $5,000 to $30,000

If you are going all out in extravagance, some costs are unavoidable. Here’s a look at just some of what you’ll be expected to incur.

  • Site work, including planning and design: $15,903
  • Foundation: $25,671
  • Framing: $41,123
  • Exterior Finishes: $33,066
  • Major Systems, including electrical and plumbing: $32,746
  • Interiors: $67,939
  • Exteriors: $16,591
  • Miscellaneous: $4,722

The Right Path to Metal Building Home Financing

At Boss Buildings, we understand the housing market is volatile. Even though metal building homes are considerably less costly, they’re still a considerable purchase. Fortunately, there are ways to finance your home in affordable ways, be it rent-to-own or just a financing plan that works for you. We’re ready to help you crunch the numbers.

Start Investing in Your Future Metal Home Today!

There are myriad benefits to a metal building home. Be it the affordable pricing, the green appeal, or the durability and safety that attracts you, there is a metal home kit right for your needs. Boss Buildings deals in only the highest quality metal in the country, and our qualified building experts are ready to walk you through the finer points of metal building home installation. Call Boss Buildings today at (336) 673-3065 for a quick quote!

An Alternative Awaits!

Even though metal building homes have skyrocketed in popularity, other designs and combinations have been introduced in the market that still offers a lot of the same features but also adds a little extra in design. Wood products have declined in quality in recent years, and the cost has become just too much for the average consumers to budget. Fortunately, these trends have stepped up to fill the gap.

  • Steel Buildings With Living Quarters : These convenient designs have emerged to allow for a combination of work and home space. Never be too far away from your work and see the profits of living right next to your job.
  • Barndominiums : A new popular option, barndos are large, barn-style buildings complete with living areas for humans. These structures are ideal for hardworking farmers who want to save on land and also wake up at the crack of dawn to care for the animals – next door. Your living expenses will decrease substantially when you combine your work and home.

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