Buy Metal Carport Kits At Affordable Prices

When you’re looking for a high-quality, strong metal carport, carport kits from Boss Buildings are ideal for you. Designed for ease of installation, these steel carport kits are customizable and highly cost-effective.

A lot of people are DIY enthusiasts, not only because it saves money but because it’s fun. Steel carport kits do yourself options are ideal for anyone who wants to learn new skills and reap the benefits. A DIY carport helps you to feel you’ve achieved a goal, and you’ll benefit from a resilient and useful carport too!

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Buy Metal Carport Kits At Affordable Prices

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Use 3D Designer Tool to Customize Your Perfect Metal Carport

A 3D designer tool is an ideal way of creating the perfect metal carport to meet your needs. It enables purchasers to choose the individual features they need. From the roof style to the size and from the doors to the color the tool helps you to plan.

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A+ Metal Carport Kits from THE BOSS

There are many different metal carport kits on the market today. However, not all are created equal. Don’t settle for a cheaper, low-quality kit. Instead, choose a strong, high-quality carport from Boss Buildings.

Which Type of Metal Carport Kit is Right For You?

Metal carport kits from Boss Buildings are available in many different sizes and options. So, which one is right for you?

  • Regular Roof Carports – Regular roof carports are an economical and convenient choice. Designed with horizontal panels, this type of roof is ideal for mild weather conditions. It’s also an affordable choice.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof Carports – This roof type is sometimes known as a boxed-eave roof. It also features horizontal roofing panels and has an appearance similar to a house roof. It’s cost-effective and ideal for regions with high winds but low rainfall.
  • Vertical Roof Carports – This popular option features vertical roofing panels. It’s perfect for areas with moderate to severe weather throughout the year. This roof affords optimal protection thanks to its hat channel and ridge caps.
  • 1 Car Metal Carport – A single car carport is the perfect size for garaging one vehicle. This is a great choice for domestic users who only have one vehicle at home.
  • 2 Car Metal Carports – For families with two vehicles, a 2 car metal carport is the perfect choice. Offering great protection for both cars, a double carport kit is wider and more spacious than a single car carport.
  • 3 Car Metal Carports – Perfect for storing 3 vehicles or 2 cars with additional storage space, this is a versatile choice. It is a great option for anyone with a lot of land.
  • RV Carports – Designed to be taller and wider than an average lean to carport kit, an RV carport is especially spacious. It’s perfect for garaging recreational vehicles.
  • Boat Carports – If you own a boat of any size, you’ll know storing it safely away from inclement weather is paramount. A boat carport is an ideal solution, offering protection from snow, rain, and sun.
  • Motorhome Carports –Motorhomes come in many sizes and types but storing them properly is paramount. A motorhome carport is higher, wider, and longer than a standard carport. It offers plenty of protection from the weather.
  • Utility Carports –Sometimes, homeowners require additional space if their property is too small. A metal carport can act as a utility space. Housing washing machines, dryers, or other items, it’s a perfect additional domestic area under cover.
  • Custom Built Carport- If you have specific requirements from your carport, a custom built carport is ideal. You can choose the style, windows, roof, and color for your requirements.

What Do You Get in a Metal Carport Kit?

Metal carport kits come with all you need to get started with the installation process. The components you are supplied with depend on which customizations you’ve selected. If you buy your carport kit direct from the manufacturer or dealer, you’ll be sure of high-quality.

Once you choose the features you need and place your order, you’ll receive the following:

  • Roofing panels of your choice
  • The wall paneling you desire
  • All required fastening hardware
  • All required building anchors
  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Customization features that you’ve chosen

Customization Options for Your Metal Carport Kit

Size – You can select a carport in the right size to suit your needs. You’ll be able to ensure that your metal carport is the right width and length for your requirements.

Roof styles –You can also select the right roof style for your carport to meet your requirements. You can choose from a vertical, regular, or A-frame roof.

  • Regular Roofs
    A regular roof is the standard option which works best in moderate climates. Designed for convenience and affordability, it is an ideal option for many carports.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs
    The A-frame horizontal roof is ideal for use in moderate climates. Designed to look similar to a standard house roof, this type of carport is practical and affordable.
  • Vertical Roofs
    Ideal for use in moderate or severe climates, a vertical roof on your metal carport is a strong choice. Designed for resilience and robustness, it’s a protective covering for an all-weather carport.

Color –  The 3D designer tool allows you to select the perfect color to suit your carport. Whether you want yours to stand out or blend in with surrounding buildings, you can find the right shade.

Doors & Windows –There are numerous window and door options available by Boss Buildings. You can pick the most appropriate ones to suit the requirements of your carport.

Anchors – There are many different types of anchors available for metal carports. It’s important to choose the right one for your installation.

12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing –There are two gauges of steel framing for metal carports. You can choose either a 12 or 14 gauge frame to suit the needs of your carport. A 12 gauge frame is stronger.

26- & 29- Gauge Roofing  – There are two gauges of roofing to use on metal carports. The 26 gauge roofing is stronger and more resilient for use in harsher climates.

Certifications – Different metal carports have different certifications, which may be necessary if your carport is being used for commercial or industrial purposes. Boss Buildings help you select the most appropriate ones for you.

How to Prepare the Site for a Metal Carport Installation

Although installing your metal carport is easy when you purchase a kit, you need to prepare the area first. If you fail to prepare properly your building could be damaged or may not meet your needs. If you prepare in advance, the installation process will be much faster.

  • Choose a suitable space of an appropriate size and a convenient location for your installation.
  • Make sure you’ve obtained any necessary permissions for the installation so it can be legally installed.
  • Remove any debris or brush from the ground in the area where the installation will be placed.
  • Grade the soil and level it correctly so that the area is flat and suitable as a base for the carport.
  • Install the utilities like water and electricity connections if they are required, so you have the services you need.
  • Build a strong foundation on which to place the carport. This will ensure the structure has a long lifespan and is safe and secure.

Build Your Metal Carport and Use It for Any Purpose You Like!

Metal carports are extremely flexible and versatile. This means that they can be used for all types of applications. Available in a number of sizes and styles, they’re multifunctional and simple to install, thanks to the handy provided guide. Whether for commercial, industrial, or domestic use, they’re an affordable and convenient solution.

You can use your metal carport for any of the following purposes:

  • Parking – carports provide excellent protection for vehicles from the weather.
  • Playing area – this versatile space is ideal for leisure purposes. It creates a space outside the main home for enjoyment and pleasure. Families can use it for playing with their children outdoors but under cover.
  • Home storage – storing household items under cover can be done in a metal carport.
  • Stocking agricultural items – a metal carport is a handy and accessible space for storing agricultural items out of the rain and wind.
  • Workshop – a metal carport provides a covered area for hobbies such as woodwork or metal work. It can also be used for outdoor work tasks like car repairs.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Metal Carport?

When you invest in a metal carport kit, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of installing your own carport. You’ll also learn new skills and learn the purpose of each component in its installation. Even better, you’ll save money by doing the job yourself. You can also install it in your own time to suit your needs.

How Much Are Metal Carport Kit Prices?

Metal carport kits are cost-effective. However, if you want the best carport, Boss Buildings can provide the most affordable carport kits. The price of your metal carport will vary depending on which customizations you require and the features you choose. Nevertheless, rest assured you’ll get good value for money.

To make buying a metal carport kit more affordable, Boss Buildings can offer customers convenient financing options. Select from a standard financing program or opt for a rent-to-own option. This makes it more affordable and convenient to buy the right carport for your requirements.

Why Buy a Metal Carport Kit from THE BOSS?

Metal carport kits from Boss Buildings are affordable yet high quality. Boss Buildings is a reputable top dealer of carport kits, so you’re investing in quality buildings that will give you peace of mind. There are many customization options to select from too, so you can be sure of finding the ideal carport for your needs. When you design your kit, you’ll receive all the components you need to complete the installation process.

All our metal building kits at Boss Buildings are pre-cut and pre-engineered at the factory. These metal carport kits are highly affordable and easy to install. When you buy a metal carport kit from Boss Buildings, you get all the necessary components, such as steel framing, roof, side panels, anchors, and all the hardware, with an installation guide included in your delivery. You will receive all the components customized according to your needs. All you need to do is assemble your metal carport wherever and whenever you want.

Call us today at (336) 673-3065 and learn more about the benefits of metal carports, and discover the right one for you.

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