The BOSS has the Best Three Car Garages!The BOSS has the Best Three Car Garages!

The BOSS has the Best Three Car Garages!

Do you have a lot of vehicles and find parking a challenge on your street? Rather than upsetting the neighbors, why not invest in a three car garage and give each of your vehicles the safe space they deserve? Designing a 3 car metal garage is a lot of fun, with carport and garage options as well as detached garage space too. Plus, when you invest in a 3 car garage, you can also utilize the extra space for storage and so much more!

What is a Three Car Garage?

A 3 car metal garage is a space in which you can store your cars and trucks as well as other belongings when they are not in use. The space is versatile and durable and will provide protection from the weather and from anyone that may try to steal your vehicles when they are not in use.

Let THE BOSS Help You to Design a Triple Wide Garage

When it comes to designing a new metal garage, there is nothing better than seeing your design come to life before you even pay a dime! With the 3D Estimator by Boss Buildings, we can make this happen. Our trained designers will work with you to come up with a design that you love and all the customizations you need before getting it manufactured and delivered to the site.

Design Now

Customize Your Steel Garage with THE BOSS

Each metal garage by Boss Buildings is fully customizable so that all your requirements can be met. Some of the main customizations we offer include:

  • Size & Style
  • Choose Your Gauges
  • Panel Options
  • Colors
  • Gables, Trim, & Anchors
  • Certification
  • Doors and Windows
  • Roof Style
  • And More!

Different Ways to Use Your New Steel Garage

The great thing about our three car metal garages is that they offer genuine versatility, allowing you to change the use of the building to suit your needs. Some potential uses include:

  • Business Office
  • Animal Shelter
  • Workshop
  • Personal Gym
  • Agricultural Building

Our Range of Size Options

Depending on the space you have available, your new metal garage can be built in a range of sizes. The most popular size choices include:

  • 30×41
  • 30×51
  • 24×36
  • 26×31
  • 20×36

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Garage Needs

When it comes to choosing the right roof style, there are three main options, and your choice comes down to the area you live in and the weather you experience:

  • A regular roof is great in temperate areas
  • An A-frame horizontal roof is a decent choice for areas that experience some weather disruptions
  • A vertical roof is perfect for anywhere that experiences extreme weather and snow.

THE BOSS – Here to Help You Get the Best Price

When you come to Boss Buildings, we will work hard to achieve the very best price for your new building without compromising on quality or on your specific customizations and requirements. The great thing about the service from Boss Buildings is that we will always work on beating the price offered by our competitors as we work directly with the manufacturers and negotiate our prices with them for your benefit.

The final price of your building will depend on size and specification as well as delivery and installation address, but you can be sure that whatever we quote is the lowest price you will be able to achieve.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing

If you feel ready to go ahead with the purchase of your new building, you will need to take a moment to consider the following so that you get the right end result:

  • What dimensions will you need?
  • How easy is it to get to the delivery locations?
  • How many customizations are you looking for?
  • What building permits are required in your area?
  • What leveling and site preparation is required?
  • What foundations are you going to install?

Our Comprehensive Financing Solutions

When you are ready to get your new building, you may need to consider financing options if you are unable to pay in full upfront. At Boss Buildings, we offer two main funding solutions – a rent-to-own option and a financing program.

Our rent-to-own option works by us providing you with the building you need, and then you are paying regular monthly rental payments for an agreed duration. At the end of this period, you can then purchase your garage outright.

Our financing option offers a traditional financing option in that we will agree to a repayment schedule and agree on interest so that you can get your building now and pay over a specific amount of time.

Choosing a Three Car Garage Kit Instead

If you are keen to save money and feel confident with building your own metal garage, then why not choose a metal garage kit instead? Each kit arrives on-site with every component needed to get started straight away. All you need to do is gather your tools and some help and then get started.

As each kit is prefabricated in the factory, installing a metal garage kit is simply a process of screwing everything together in the right order and securing it on your chosen base. The instructions you receive will detail each step in the right order so that you can get ahead with minimal fuss. If you do get stuck, then our team of experts will be on hand to take your call.

Choose THE BOSS Today

When you are ready to invest in your new three car garage, Boss Buildings is here to help. We not only help you to design the right solution for your needs, but we will also be unbeaten on pricing, saving you money and time.

As the leading dealer of metal buildings in the United States, we work hard to please all of our customers and have a team of experts on hand and ready to help. Each building is created with you in mind, and we can deliver and install it across the country. We also offer a 20-year warranty to give you total peace of mind about your latest investment. Why not call us today at (336) 673-3065 to get a quote?

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