10 Things to Know: Your Garage Location in North Carolina

  • 22 December 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
10 Things to Know: Your Garage Location in North Carolina

As climate change increases the severity and occurrence of severe storms, North Carolina residents must prepare with durable, reliable structures.

North Carolina Climate

From hot summers on the Atlantic beach to snowy holidays in the mountains, North Carolina is home to a range of weather. The Gulf Stream and Labrador currents heavily affect the Old North State’s yearly climate.

Because of the convergence of warm and cold currents offshore, NC faces more than its fair share of natural disasters. Floods and hurricanes cause annual power outages, property damage, supply disruptions, and more. As climate change increases the severity and occurrence of severe storms, North Carolina residents must prepare with durable, reliable structures.

Location, Location, Location: Garage Position Matters in NC

With the extreme weather conditions of NC in mind, choosing a wise location for your garage is important. Location will impact the integrity and long-term viability of your structure! Before you click “BUY”, let’s look at what your metal garage needs:

  • The Number & Type of Vehicles to be Stored: Why is this an important part of your process? Because expansion is an essential part of future consideration. You may have a single car now, but will you want space for a truck later? Will your location allow for the easy expansion that metal garages accommodate?
  • Safe Distance from Your House: Be sure that your new garage won’t interfere with wiring, pipes, or other utility concerns. While some owners prefer to have their garage as close as possible for convenience, clearance concerns should be considered before you commit to a location.
  • Zoning and Code Restrictions: Your local municipality will have regulations regarding new structures. Your garage must be built with consideration for waterways, property lines, and neighboring structures. You shouldn’t begin building on a site without clearing these hurdles with your local building office, so contact your inspectors early in the process.
  • Drainage: Drainage considerations are for more than moisture; soil stability is directly impacted by drainage. Your soil’s makeup will have significant effects on your building’s long-term structural integrity.
  • Access: Consider the location of your garage in relation to roads, driveways, etc. Access to the site will be an essential factor in the installation of your building.
  • Utility Connections: Do you want electricity, sewer, or plumbing in your new garage? Consider these before choosing a final location. The closer your garage is to existing utilities, the more money you will save.
  • Soil Conditions: Not all soils are recommended for all foundation types. In fact, your soil makeup will have a direct effect on the amount of compacting, grading, and other prep required for your building. Talk to one of our building specialists to evaluate which foundation and preparation plan is best for your property.
  • Directional Exposure: Which direction should your garage face? Where are the windows located, and how much natural light are you expecting? These questions are an important part of your building’s location and orientation.
  • Site Preparation: What foundation will you use? Are debris and vegetation cleared from the site? These factors must be addressed and completed before installation can begin.
  • Insulation: Your metal garage in NC will face hot summers and wet winters; the good news is that you can insulate it easily! Metal garages are energy-efficient and cost-effective, so with very little insulation, you’ll enjoy a climate-controlled building!

Automotive Shop Garage

Consider the Importance of Your Location – You know the old business saying: “Location, Location, Location”! Your automotive garage shop will be defined by its location, whether comfortably near residential areas or accessible by a busy highway.

  • Convenient for Customers – Ensure your drop-off and pick-up areas are easy to access. You want a well-lit and welcoming customer service center, as well as ample space for waiting vehicles. Remember, the customer experience is everything.
  • Use Signage to Attract People – Use your location to your advantage and keep clearly printed directions to entries and exits. Your customers should feel confident throughout their experience.
  • Choose a Spot/Garage Size for Large Deliveries – Remember that large delivery trucks and tow trucks will need to access your business garage. When you choose a location, be sure there’s access, drive-thru, and parking for these vehicles.
  • Do Your Zoning Homework – Always do your research! Your local zoning commission will have rules regarding commercial enterprises, like automotive garages. Be sure your new business enterprise is permitted on your property before you begin.

Two Car Garage

North Carolina Garage Kits from THE BOSS

Grab your tools! Clear the site! With the prefabricated metal garage kits from Boss Buildings, installing your custom garage is simple! Each of our well-supplied kits comes with:

  • Steel frame (and any supporting reinforcements)
  • Steel roof panels
  • Steel wall panels (with your chosen custom color)
  • Required hardware (fasteners)
  • Required anchors
  • Doors & windows

Why should you choose a kit? Because your building will be installed when you want it and at your speed, instead of waiting on an installation crew and their calendar. Even better, metal garage kits are discounted over traditionally customized buildings, so you can grab the one you like at the price you love!

With a kit, you still get the custom options you want; colors, trim, and more! Choose doors, or extra windows, or gables. This is your garage, and we’ll fabricate it how you need it!

Get the Best Metal Garage from THE BOSS

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