Brewery Entrepreneurs in North Carolina and Why They Love Metal Buildings

  • 30 June 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Brewery Entrepreneurs in North Carolina and Why They Love Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are an invaluable aspect of this bourgeoning industry, allowing business owners to plan, construct, and operate their brewery with minimal overhead.

The NC Brewing Industry

Over the last decade, craft breweries have been popping up seemingly everywhere. And nowhere is this truer than in the state of North Carolina, where these breweries dot the landscape from mountain to sea. The Tarheel State is home to more than 300 of these breweries, where hops, water, malt, and expertise are combined to make delicious beer.

It’s so popular that it’s having a tremendous impact on the state economy, with beer sales generating $836 million in revenue for North Carolina’s regional and local governments. And one factor that’s making these flourishing businesses operate so smoothly? You guessed it!

Metal buildings are an invaluable aspect of this bourgeoning industry, allowing business owners to plan, construct, and operate their brewery with minimal overhead. These structures can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to wooden alternatives. So, if you’ve been thinking about opening up your own craft brewery, you’re in the right spot!

Hops, Malt, and Steel: Steel Buildings Make Creating a Brewery Easy

In recent years, metal buildings have shifted from carports and garages into more commercial settings. In fact, over 80% of all new commercial construction projects are made from steel! These structures are far cheaper than traditional stick-built buildings and provide extensive amounts of square footage that wouldn’t be possible with alternative construction types.

Breweries require ample space for craft beer production, as well as room for tasting areas, guest seating, and bathroom facilities. Many breweries also combine their beer production with food service, which requires kitchen areas, and prep rooms. These requirements can become quite pricey when lumber costs are factored in.

However, many business owners are starting to take notice of a quicker, more cost-effective way to get a brick-and-mortar establishment off the ground. Steel structures can be constructed in mere weeks compared to wooden alternatives that might take months.

They’re also highly adaptable and can be designed in many different footprints without the need to consult costly engineers and architects. And did we mention that they’re resistant to moisture, rust, pests, and even fires as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? Good luck getting that kind of performance out of a wooden building!

The Many Ways You Can Benefit from Using a Metal Building for Your Craft Brewery

So, it’s no surprise that breweries around North Carolina are starting to enjoy the benefits of establishing their business in a custom steel building. But why is that, exactly? Let’s break it down a bit to see what these affordable structures have to offer.

1. Metal buildings can be built faster than other options.

Steel buildings are designed with precise components, making their construction far easier and more efficient than wooden structures. Like a jigsaw puzzle, a professional installation crew can put these structures together quickly, saving you time, money, and all the headaches of constructing a stick-built structure.

2. Metal buildings provide the space required for a business.

Breweries need quite a bit of room, from the actual brewing facility that must hold large stills and components to tasting areas, bar rooms, and even restaurant space. Wooden structures are costly and sometimes won’t offer the clear, unobstructed space breweries need.

3. Metal buildings are easy to maintain.

Wooden buildings are notoriously hard to keep up with. Their foundations are susceptible to rot from moisture damage or pest infiltration. However, prefab steel structures don’t have these issues. In fact, they’re designed to last for years with minimal need for repairs.

4. Metal buildings NC feature a wide range of customization options.

Another aspect that makes metal buildings so versatile is their customization options. These buildings can be customized from top to bottom, giving you the power to change frame thickness, paneling type, roofing system, windows, doors, and more. And if you’re building a brand, you can choose a color scheme that works for you. If you expect that kind of flexibility from a wooden building, you will need a paintbrush!

5. NC metal buildings are more energy-efficient than wood or brick.

Another cost-saving feature that metal structures have to offer is energy efficiency. Made with precise components that fit together far more snugly than a couple of 2x4s, metal buildings can maintain an even internal temperature, keeping your interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Combined with proper ventilation, these structures can drastically affect your business’s energy expenses.

6. Metal buildings are far more cost-effective for brewery entrepreneurs.

Between the quick construction times, minimal maintenance requirements, and sheer durability, it’s easy to see why so many new business owners choose metal structures for their new craft breweries.

The Most Popular Sizes for Your Next Metal Building

Shopping for a metal structure can seem daunting, especially to those that might not have experience in the industry. However, we aim to make choosing the right structure for your needs as easy as possible. To help, we’ve put together some of our most popular building size options.

  • 50×60 – A 50×60 structure offers nearly 3,000 square feet of room, which is more than enough for a small craft brewery. You’ll have plenty of room for stills, tasting rooms, prep rooms, kitchens, and storage space.
  • 58×36 – This structure is wider than it is long and provides over 2,000 square feet of open space. If you’re looking to keep your business size small, a facility this size gives you all the benefits without breaking the bank.
  • 60×60 – With a square footprint, a 60×60 building is perfect for a bigger brewery and restaurant. It offers the extra room you need to hose large crowds while saving space for just about any other need.
  • 60×80 – A 60×80 prefab metal building comes in at 4,800 square feet and has everything you could want for a small-scale business. These structures can be customized and transformed to suit any need or business venture.
  • 60×100 – Now we’re talking big! Six thousand square feet of room is enough to be a medium-scale brewery, processing facility, or warehouse facility. These structures can be constructed with no need for internal supports, offering more interior space than any competitor.

THE BOSS Knows NC Metal Buildings

Boss Buildings is the leading provider of steel structures throughout North Carolina, from small equipment sheds to enormous craft brewery facilities. With a proven track record of delivering quality-built, long-lasting metal buildings, and incredible customer service, we’re here to help you start your new craft brewery!

We also believe everyone should be able to afford a metal structure, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer fantastic financing packages for our buildings, and if financing isn’t your thing, we also offer an excellent rent-to-own program!

Start Your Brewery Right with THE BOSS!

If you’ve been putting off starting your own craft brewery, now is the time to act! Boss Buildings is proud to offer a wide selection of carports, garages, steel structures, and metal building kits. Our structures are built tough and designed to last for years with minimal need for maintenance or repair. They can be constructed far more efficiently than wooden alternatives and won’t cost you a small fortune in lumber costs.

As the premier dealer of metal buildings, Boss Buildings is a one-stop shop for quality metal buildings in NC. With the best product and excellent customer service, we ensure to deliver you the highest quality of steel structures across the USA. No matter what your building needs are, we have got you covered.

Give us a call today at (336) 673-3065 and let our team of building experts help you design and customize a metal building for your NC brewery today!

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