Car Canopies vs. Carports in North Carolina

  • 17 February 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Car Canopies vs. Carports in North Carolina

North Carolina sees its fair share of inclement weather. Thanks to the subtropical climate and wide range of geography, from mountains to swamps, the state sees everything from tropical storms to wildfires.

NC Weather: Hot Summers and Wet Winters

North Carolina sees its fair share of inclement weather. Thanks to the subtropical climate and wide range of geography, from mountains to swamps, the state sees everything from tropical storms to wildfires. Floods are common in Piedmont and eastern farmland regions. Intense ice storms and snows damage western NC infrastructure every winter. During the sweltering summers, tornados spawn from severe thunderstorms. Hurricane season, June through November, is greeted each year with concern and preparation. All these concerns are common in the annual meteorological lineup for North Carolina.
Preparing for extreme weather in the Tarheel State is a daunting task. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, choosing the most cost-effective and secure solution can be difficult. Do you need a carport or a car cover?

What are Car Canopies?

If you are unfamiliar with car canopies, you’re not alone! These structures are simple frames with fabric covers, built to protect vehicles from the most basic weather elements. Most car canopies resemble an oversized tent and are prized for being affordable and portable.

If you are low on space, the canopy may be an excellent solution for you! Canopies are small and easily sized to fit into tight spaces. Car canopies are also appealing to renters who are not able to place something more permanent, like a carport, on the property. Canopies are easily portable. Some canopies can be ordered with full enclosure, just like a tent – a tent for your car!

Disadvantages of Car Canopies

It’s important to consider all the factors in an investment; car canopies are very affordable, but that low price tag has its disadvantages. For example, the amount of protection that a car canopy provides is limited. A fabric cover will keep the rain off your vehicle, but heavier storm debris will tear through the fabric and damage your paint. A thin layer of frost or ice will be prevented from accumulating on your car when you use a canopy, but a significant snowfall may cause your entire canopy to collapse! In fact, canopies are a significant liability during high winds; if a hurricane or tornado moves through your area, how will a fabric canopy handle such force?

Finally, a fabric cover offers a limited amount of space. Whether you need extra space for maneuvering or storage, car canopies are created for small coverage solutions only. These factors should be considered before purchase.

Why Metal Carports are a Better Solution than Canopies

  • Longevity – Metal carports are built with cold-formed steel, and metal frames are expertly forecast to last for fifty years are more. The durability of steel is well-known to insurance companies, and metal buildings enjoy lower premiums than traditionally stick-built buildings because of their high safety ratings.
  • Tough – Nothing handles the hot, hot summers in North Carolina better than the tough steel of a metal carport. Non-corrosive, cold-formed steel is fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant, so maintenance is low and savings are high! Certified metal carports can withstand winds up to 140mph and snow loads up to 35psf. There’s nothing Mother Nature can bring that these carports can’t withstand.
  • Energy Efficiency – When enclosed with galvanized panels, metal carports are incredibly energy efficient. Metal building owners report a 30% reduction in energy costs, compared to wood building owners. Metal carports are expertly sealed for ultimate protection!
  • Low Maintenance – Save your effort and your money! Metal buildings are low maintenance for decades. Don’t pay for pest inspections and fabric repairs. Non-corrosive galvanized panels are backed by industry-wide warranties. We believe in the strength and durability of our products.
  • Resistance to NC Weather Hazards – No matter what weather throws at your metal carport in North Carolina, it can handle it! Every steel carport we build is expertly certified for weather preparedness. Are you worried about hurricanes? Our experts will certify your building for wind load. Are you in an area that experiences floods? Our steel is mold-resistant! Call our building specialists with your concerns and discover how a metal carport is the perfect solution for you!

The Best Metal Carports in North Carolina are at THE BOSS

Your vehicle deserves the very best coverage from North Carolina weather. Extreme storms, floods, and other weather will cause expensive damage to your investments. Don’t rely on a simple fabric cover; invest in a metal carport today!

Boss Buildings offers the best steel carports at lower prices in NC! Our building experts are proud to provide excellent customer service, from the very first phone call to the final installation anchor. Our specialists bring decades of experience to every project and offer the best financing and rent-to-own options available anywhere in the metal buildings industry!

Are you ready to face North Carolina weather with confidence? Call now at (336) 673-3065, and get the metal carport you need at a price you’ll love! Partner with Boss Buildings today!