Car Life in a Metal Garage vs. the External Elements

  • 23 March 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Car Life in a Metal Garage vs. the External Elements

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a car is stolen in America every 42.2 seconds.

Think about the neighborhood you grew up in. There was always that strange neighbor no one saw, weeds overgrowing their lawn. And their car, if they had one, sat uncovered in the driveway – sometimes on cinder blocks, sometimes not. The paint was peeling after years of sitting out in the brutal summer sun. The windows looked brittle, an inch-thick layer of dust on them. It’s not an attractive look, the classic Boo Radley. And it contributed to why the local kids made up legends about him.

Metal car garages are an ideal way of avoiding such scenarios. Not only will your car be safe from the rougher elements of nature, but it’s also got an added layer of security. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a car is stolen in America every 42.2 seconds. Many of them were sitting unsuspecting in driveways, uncovered, easily visible to a thief roaming the streets.

It’s a problem no matter what kind of car you drive. Thieves aren’t necessarily picky, taking a run-down second-hand vehicle when desperate. Some more high-end criminals may specifically target luxury cars, and their technology is fast catching up with the anti-theft protection in your vehicle. There is also the risk of your classic snatch-and-grab thief, who’s not interested in driving away with your car, but the contents within it.

A metal garage offers a layer of security by merely providing your car a place to retire when not in use and not be visible to street traffic. But it adds even more protection than that, with steel being much harder to get inside than wood.

Just as it will keep your vehicle away from sticky-fingered or high-end thieves, metal car garages also protect from weather conditions. Even if your area has a reasonably tepid climate, leaving a car uncovered will do a number on your vehicle over time. There are five climates in the U.S., each presenting different issues for car owners. Coastal cities have to deal with the salt in the air, which promotes rust. And exposure to the sun, even when it’s not warm outside, can lead to UV overexposure, leeching the color out of your paint.

It’s amazing how easily these problems are addressed simply by having a place to park your car indoors. A metal garage will protect your car from anything the wind is carrying or the rays of the sun.

But perhaps most important is the protection a metal garage offers from the harshest weather. Boss Buildings only works with high-quality U.S. steel, for which there is no comparison. Our steel garages can withstand hurricane winds and blizzards, which with no doubt will cause potentially irrevocable damage to a car left unattended.

Detached metal garage with a walk-in door

Further Benefits of a Metal Garage vs. Traditional Garage

We know what you’re saying. Why does it have to be metal? Isn’t it enough that my car is parked inside? While you’re certainly off to a good start, perhaps you haven’t considered these reasons that so many people have chosen metal garages.

Value – There isn’t a person we’ve met who doesn’t enjoy saving money. DIY metal garage kits from Boss Buildings are far less expensive than traditional wood structures. By purchasing, setting up, and installing the garage by yourself, you’ll be shocked at the savings.

Versatility – One of the best benefits of a metal garage is the customizability they offer. No matter what your intended purpose is for the garage – its clear space interior and the ability to install it anywhere that’s level on your property make them a perfect choice for almost anything.

Safety and Convenience – Metal garages are resistant to harsh weather, with different gauges depending on the climate you’re facing. Over time, weather can damage a traditional garage, leaving it open to infestation from pests and vermin. A metal garage doesn’t attract such nuisances.

Metal is also fire-resistant, unlike wood which can attract it. You won’t have to worry about your belongings burning up in an accident.

Easy to Install – Our DIY metal garage kits are prefabricated, making them incredibly easy to set up. Get your project closer to completion by cutting down on overall construction time.

Easy Maintenance – It’s much easier to clean a metal garage, usually requiring little more than a power washer and solution. Wood, if cleaned in such a way, takes much longer to dry, and you’ll be spending money on sealants for additional protection. Any maintenance required is inexpensive and straightforward.

Get Your Metal Garage Today!

As you can see, metal garages are vastly superior to traditional wood when it comes to security, protection, and long-lasting durability. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain. They make an excellent long-term investment as a way to protect your investments, automotive or otherwise.

Boss Buildings has been proud to deliver only the finest high-quality U.S. steel to our customers, year after year. Our qualified and trained consultants are excited to work with you, so call Boss Buildings today at (336) 673-3065!

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