Choosing the Right Size Air Conditioning for Your Metal Building

  • 12 March 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Choosing the Right Size Air Conditioning for Your Metal Building

As prefab metal buildings grow in popularity, we are serving more business and residential orders than ever before.

Homes, garages, barns, shops, churches, schools, and more are being built from steel and producing long-lasting and high-quality buildings that meet the needs of clients across the United States.

At Boss Buildings, we understand that after installation, you will need further support in ensuring that your prefab buildings work effectively for your needs. One way to do that is to get the right level of air conditioning circulating – but this can be hard when you do not know what size AC you need. Check out our advice now to get a good idea of how to size your new air conditioning system. Call our team today at (336) 673-3065 for more advice and support when you need it.

Working Out the Right Size for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial buildings come in a range of shapes and sizes, but this does not mean that you can’t find the right air conditioning for your building. However, there are a number of things that you need to consider before buying:

  1. One size fits all does not apply – when it comes to air conditioning, there are a range of sizes available, and failing to calculate what you need could result in you purchasing the wrong product. Too small, and your building will not be comfortable or cool, meaning you are wasting money on the unit and the energy to power it. Too big, and you will be spending more than needed to run it.
  2. It’s not all about size – obviously, the size of your prefab building is a large consideration when it comes to air conditioning, but there are other factors such as the climate in the area you are in and the other machinery you will house in the metal building that can impact on the system you need.
  3. Look for the signs – if you already have an air conditioning unit in place, then looking out for warning signs is important. High energy bills, excess humidity, and excessive energy use all signal that your unit is too big. Warm air and a building that cannot cool down suggest that the unit is too small.
  4. Add climate zones – if you add different climate zones to your building, then each area can be controlled to suit the needs in that space, reducing excessive expenditure and keeping everything at the right temperature.
  5. Choosing the right type of AC unit – when buying a new system, take the time to work out which type will meet your needs properly. Rooftop units are great for larger steel buildings that only have one story. Commercial split systems are great for smaller prefab buildings that have multiple rooms to cool.
  6. Do not do it on your own – rather than guessing which unit to buy, take the advice of a professional to get the best unit and the best size. Many people try to go solo when it comes to choosing air conditioning, but this can result in overspending on something that will not work effectively.

Prefab Metal building with vertical roof and three doors

Why Insulation is Important in Prefab Metal Buildings

Many people are quick to state that insulating commercial metal buildings is not a requirement, and while they may be technically right, insulation goes a long way to keep your building at the right temperature. Here at Boss Buildings, we provide a number of insulation options for you to choose from so that your commercial steel buildings are optimized for your workforce at all times.

Insulation not only helps to level out temperatures, but it also works to reduce condensation and keeps everyone feeling comfortable no matter the temperature outside. In summer, it will work to keep everyone cool, and in winter, it will stop the warmth from escaping. Another great aspect of insulation is that it helps to reduce external noise from affecting the internal area, reducing the level of noise pollution that affects everyone.

Some of the key benefits to insulating your prefab office buildings or commercial properties are as follows:

  • The insulation will work to create a vapor barrier that reduces the amount of condensation that is able to build up in the space.
  • Insulation is not just good at keeping the air warm or cool depending on the season, but it also helps to regulate the temperature so that your team, your machinery, and your products do not experience spikes in temperature that may cause problems.
  • When your building is located in a noisy area, then the insulation acts as a sound barrier and reduces the noise levels, making it easier for people to work. In addition, you can choose from light or dark insulation materials to help to create a bright or darkened interior.
  • Saving on energy bills is far more effective with insulation as the barriers it creates reduce the amount you will need to use your air conditioners or heating systems.

Boss Buildings: Offering the Commercial Steel Buildings You Need

When you want to buy prefab office buildings or commercial steel buildings, then Boss Buildings is the obvious choice. Not only are we the leading dealer of metal buildings in the United States, but we offer outstanding customer service and are dedicated to giving you the best possible price every time.

All our qualified and trained design consultants are able to support you with designing the right space for your business needs and will help you choose from the huge range of customization options so that you end up with the right metal building for you.

We are proud to offer the best lead times on all our steel buildings and offer free installation so that you only need to clear the site and lay the foundations before we arrive. If this sounds like the service you need, then choose our team today. Call us now at (336) 673-3065 to arrange a free quote for your new prefab metal building.