Commercial Metal Buildings Are Golden for the NC Mining and Quarrying Industry

  • 26 July 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Commercial Metal Buildings Are Golden for the NC Mining and Quarrying Industry

The Mining Industry and NC Metal Buildings

In years past, North Carolina was well-known for being home to numerous gold mines. In fact, during the gold rush, many lucky prospectors made their fortunes in mines throughout The Tarheel State. These days, however, this region no longer mines for metallic minerals, instead choosing to harvest industrial minerals, including granite, lithium minerals, phosphate rock, and feldspar.

The mines that develop these materials heavily rely on the strength and versatility of metal buildings to operate. Some steel structures, like those built with clear span technology, can offer unparalleled square footage without internal support beams. This makes them incredibly useful for storing materials, housing equipment, and protecting large-scale vehicles from the elements.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into why metal buildings are the go-to solution for many mining companies throughout North Carolina.


Why Commercial Metal Buildings Are a Popular Choice for the NC Mining Industry

These days, many mines in NC aren’t subterranean operations, instead choosing to mine and harvest materials from the surface. As such, you’re likely to see more quarries in this region than mineshafts. Nevertheless, these mining operations are a huge part of the state’s economy. On average, North Carolina’s mineral production tops $500 million annually.

As you can imagine, the mining industry demands infrastructure to operate. It requires enormous vehicles and equipment that dig, separate, and move the earth. And to keep these tools and machines in working order, they must be stored appropriately. If left outside, loaders, dump trucks, and the sort would rust, deteriorate, and cost a small fortune to replace.

That’s precisely why commercial metal buildings are some of the most popular solutions for these companies. Prefab metal buildings are incredibly strong and can be custom built to suit any industry requirement. They’re:


1. Built to Take On Mining’s Most Challenging Conditions

Mining materials from the ground at an industrial level is not for the faint of heart. It takes tons of heavy-duty equipment to get the job done. And the metal buildings in this industry must be ready to keep up.


2. Quickly Constructed Without Sacrificing Safety

Commercial steel buildings can be constructed in a fraction of the time compared to other structure types. However, since they’re built according to tested engineering instructions, they’re some of the safest building types on the market.


3. Able to Provide Flexibility

Whether it’s a warehouse to house large excavators or an office building to handle the ins and outs of the business, steel buildings have the flexibility needed to operate for almost any purpose.


4. Long-Term Solutions

Steel buildings are designed to last for years with minimal need for repair or upkeep. You’ll spend far less time performing maintenance on a metal structure than you will with wooden alternatives.


5. Cost-Effective in Construction and Operation

Not only are steel buildings capable of being built at a fraction of the cost compared to stick-built structures, but they’ll also save you money repeatedly in terms of repair costs throughout their lifespan.

60x36 commercial steel building


The Many Types of Commercial Metal Buildings Used in the NC Mining Industry

Metal buildings play a significant role in mining operations throughout North Carolina. So let’s take a deeper dive into some of the ways these versatile structures are used.

• Warehouse Storage

No matter the type of operation, mining is a big job. It takes plenty of oversized equipment to function. From enormous dump trucks that carry and move the rock to excavators that dig it all up, they all need to be properly stored when not in regular use.

• Office Buildings

Not every member of a mining operation is driving a forklift and donning a hard hat. The business side of these large companies needs plenty of office space to house their employees. Luckily, steel buildings are versatile enough to be fully finished and transformed into office buildings.

• Maintenance

Even mining operations need maintenance sheds. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective solution than with a metal building. These structures offer plenty of room to store tools, materials, and equipment needed to run a mining company effectively.

• Prep Plant

Quarrying operations that develop gravel must break down larger granite stones into smaller pebbles. This requires enormous stone crushers and machines. These pieces of equipment are typically housed in prep plants or processing facilities. And metal buildings make the perfect choice for this aspect of the job.

• Employee Storage

Mining operations also need space for break rooms, office spaces, storage facilities, and locker rooms. Luckily, prefab steel buildings are the go-to choice for this role due to their quick construction and cost-efficient design.


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