Construction Titans – Who Comes Out On Top: Prefab Metal Buildings Vs. Tilt-Up?

  • 29 December 2020
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Construction Titans – Who Comes Out On Top: Prefab Metal  Buildings Vs. Tilt-Up?

When you consider that the American construction industry is booming with consumers wanting new builds, it makes sense for people to opt for buildings that are sturdy, reliable, and speedy to install.

Both concrete tilt-up and pre-engineered steel buildings are potential solutions and offer great features.

If you are considering one of these buildings but don’t know which one to pick, then do not worry – we have the full lowdown so that you can make an informed decision and choose the right building for your needs, no matter the location or situation that you are in.


Tell Me More About Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up construction has been around since the 1920s and is now used to create affordable buildings at speed, meaning that you can build a new property or add to an existing one without breaking the bank.

Definition of a Tilt-Up Building

The definition of a tilt-up building is one that involves casting the walls on the ground before they can be ‘tilted up’ and attached to the foundations or beams. It’s a popular choice because it helps to construct buildings quickly and does not compromise on strength or safety.

The Development of Tilt-Up Construction

Irving Gill first came up with the idea for tilt-up construction back in the 1920s when he saw how efficient factory assembly lines were. He felt that the engineering procedures could be adapted to suit the construction industry and set to work. His idea was first used to provide an efficient and simple way of creating concrete facades without the need to form each one vertically (a more complex process).

When the Great War arrived, there was an economic downturn across the globe, and people needed to find ways to keep construction projects going without spending lots of cash. Tilt-up buildings became hugely popular because they delivered exactly what people needed without the price tag that they expected – it was a huge success.


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Are On The Up

With more consumers turning to pre-engineered steel buildings, we took the time to learn where they came from so that you can find out more.

Definition of Prefab Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings are cut and prepared in a factory before arriving on site ready to be installed. They have grown in popularity because they are quick to install and can be altered as your needs change.

The Evolution of Metal Buildings

Steel has been used for a variety of items over the years, including weapons, tools, vehicles, medical equipment, and appliances. Since the late 1700s, it has also been used to make buildings as it is fire-retardant and secure, with the first-ever all-steel building being constructed in Belper, Derbyshire.

With the introduction of steel skyscrapers, people realized the benefit of steel construction, and prefab steel buildings started to become more and more popular and were being built quickly and efficiently after being shipped from prefab factories. In the ’60s, people began to use this design idea to construct metal buildings and houses, and today, more than two-thirds of all commercial buildings have been made using pre-engineered steel.

We Compared Tilt-Up and Steel Buildings So You Can Understand Them Better

Working out which building type to choose can be difficult, especially if you are not well-versed in the construction industry! We took the key features of these two building types and compared them to give you an insight into your options. Check out our findings below:

  1. Building Size – we found that prefab metal buildings are the best financial choice for construction less than 50,000 sq. ft, but tilt-up buildings come in cheaper for sites that are over 50,000 sq. ft. If your building requires long bays or spans, then metal buildings are the best choice and offer far more flexibility in design.
  2. Availability and Usage of Materials because steel buildings are manufactured in a factory, you will find that they are often easier to get hold of and arrive ready to build. With concrete tilt-ups, they are constructed on-site and can cause delays to the project if you experience adverse weather during construction.
  3. Time – Steel buildings take a third less time to complete when compared with all other construction methods because they arrive ready for installation. This time reduction can be hugely beneficial to costs as well as giving you a building you can use quickly. Concrete tilt-ups offer a similar construction time as other buildings because they are built on-site and need to dry before they can be erected.
  4. Costs Design Responsibilities – the price of concrete tilt-ups is variable because the materials that are used are often imported and can fluctuate. This means that while they are an affordable solution, they are not as affordable as a steel building, which is built in the country and offers reduced labor costs due to the simple installation process.
  5. Recyclability – Metal buildings win over every time when it comes to recyclability! This is because they are made from steel that can be recycled over and over, saving the amount of raw material that needs to be found. Plus, if you buy a building made of recycled steel, then you will be constructing an eco-friendly solution, giving you the chance to get LEED certification.
  6. Durability – With many parts of the US experiencing natural disasters, concrete tilt-ups may not be a wise choice. Concrete becomes brittle and can collapse in adverse weather. Prefab metal buildings is a highly flexible material and can take a large amount of pressure, making them a great choice in poor weather conditions.

Who Wins In the Battle of the Buildings?

It’s clear that while both of these building types offer affordability and versatility, pre-engineered metal buildings come out on top every time. From eco-friendly construction to safety in poor weather and low construction time to cost-effective solutions, you will be getting access to the best buildings that will last for a very long time!

The Verdict

Understanding the differences between metal and concrete buildings is not only fascinating but provides an insight into the US construction industry’s past, present, and future. Here at Boss Buildings, we take pride in being the best national metal building dealer and provide workable solutions for all your steel building needs.

We put our customers first and always strive to leave you fully satisfied with on-time delivery and low prices. Our dedicated experts are ready to help you, so why not get in touch to find out more about our range of metal buildings. Call today at (336) 673-3065, and organize a quick quote!

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