Get the Exact Metal Building You’ve Always Wanted with 3D Design Tool from THE BOSS

  • 23 November 2020
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Get the Exact Metal Building You’ve Always Wanted with 3D Design Tool from THE BOSS

You need a steel building to hold all your goodies, like tools and ATVs. Maybe you want to build your own she-shed or pool house.

Speaking of house, are you on a journey to living in a barndominium? A steel metal building is the perfect option. No matter the reason, you need to start planning your structure. However, where to begin? Sometimes calling companies directly can be daunting because you aren’t sure what to say. You can become well-acquainted with the metal building process along with all of its products thanks to a 3D design tool from Boss Buildings.

Did you think of a big idea in the middle of the night – as most geniuses do? Gone are the days of waiting for 9-5 hours business day hours to talk to a representative. You can start creating your steel structure using the 3D Design Tool from Boss Buildings!

Boss Buildings has been a leader in the prefabricated buildings industry for several years, specializing in providing the highest-quality metal buildings with second-to-none customer satisfaction. The 3D Building Estimator by Boss Buildings allows you to browse various steel metal options like style, size, colors, and more without leaving home. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who discovered the perfect metal building using this user-friendly option.

Create a Metal Building That Fits Your Style and Budget Using the 3D Design Tool

Regardless of what you want it for, Boss Buildings is there to pinpoint the exact building for you. You will not need to spend money with dealers for a metal building that only meets part of your needs. You also do not have to wait around for a price. Your dream metal building can be created with this 3D Building Estimator according to your desires and budget. The building’s estimated cost is also offered instantly with this estimator. Boss Buildings is a top dealer of the highest quality metal buildings. You can expect on-time delivery – for free – along with the best price guaranteed.

Ready to Create Your Own Steel Building? Follow These Simple Steps

To start building your own metal structure, go to Boss Buildings website. Check out the 3D Design Tool for yourself. All you have to do is enter your state; that way, you can receive accurate estimates.

You will need the state, installation surface, building type, and roof style you would like to see on your dream metal building. Another feature to take advantage of is the dimension options and choices on color, doors, and windows. Boss Buildings will accommodate them with no questions asked.

Because Boss Buildings takes pride in its products, customers can rest assured that 3D Building Estimator will generate an accurate rendition of their future structures. You can also have the help and expertise of design consultants to help you with your metal building, and also with delivery and installation when it is ready.

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What Metal Building Design Suits You Best?

Once you have decided that a metal building is something you need in your life, the real work begins. Don’t worry, though; the 3D Design Tool takes all the guesswork out of the equation. You can quickly and accurately create a custom-designed metal building with several customization options at competitive prices. The ideal structure is then tailor-made to your specifics, and you will know precisely what you are getting before you order it. So how do you decide what options are right for your steel building? Check out the various types of metal buildings Boss Buildings can make for you.


A metal building can have many different functions. The 3D Design Tool from Boss Buildings will design everything based on your specific requests. What style is best for your project?

  • Metal Garages
  • Metal Barns
  • Metal Carports
  • Commercial Metal Buildings
  • Workshop Buildings
  • Industrial Metal Buildings
  • Metal Building Homes
  • Utility Buildings
  • Storage Buildings
  • RV Covers
  • And more!


After you have figured out the function of your new metal building, you will need to know the size. Dimensions will depend on your budget and space. Boss Buildings offers standard sizes, including 30×40, 30×50, 40×40, 40×50, 80×80, and 100×100. However, Boss Buildings can provide sizes that are even wider than 100 feet. Select your desired dimensions, and you can get what you need.

Please understand that if you need a metal garage and carport combination, you will have to consider the enclosed garage’s width. A leg height of 6 to 14 is available in general, but for garage/carport combos, you can have a custom depth for any enclosed garage. Are you building a barn? You can provide specific width, length, and height for each of the leans as well.

This trusted steel metal building dealer offers standard dimensions; however, considering the height norm for steel buildings can be anywhere from 21 to 196 feet, Boss Buildings can offer something smaller or bigger, too.


One critical thing to consider when creating a metal building is deciding on what type of roof you want to tackle. Do you want a flat roof? Probably not if you live in an area with heavy snow and rainfall. If you need help selecting the perfect roof style for your steel building, you can consult with qualified and trained design consults from Boss Buildings at (866) 345-2027.

There are three roof styles available through the customization, including:

  • Regular Roof Style: This roof style is the most affordable option, and it is ideal for people who reside in areas with mild weather. It can protect from the elements and still be a viable roof for carports, metal garages, and other buildings. This standard roof style has rounded corners. There is no ridge cap, trim, or purlins on the roof.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof: This popular option has a familiar residential-style look standard for places with little precipitation. The ridges run from front to back in sync with the roofline and horizontal panels. Many barns and houses are built using this roof style. Although it can have different roof pitches, this style reflects a triangular shape. It is also referred to as a boxed eave style.
  • Vertical Roof Style: Another option is the vertical roof style, which allows runoff from anything that Mother Nature can throw at you, including water, snow, leaves — you name it. This style offers more steel framing than the other types because it has a hat channel running the structure’s entire underside length. A vertical roof can also provide a deeper eave side trim as well as a deeper end trim.


A metal building is not anything without its walls. Boss Buildings gives you the option to have either a fully enclosed, gable design, extended gable, left or right side only, or any combination. You will also have the choice to have J-Trim on any of the exposed edges. If you desire, 45-degree angle cuts are available on any of the gables.


Did you know that gauges are used to measure the thickness of the steel? The higher the number, the thinner the steel. For instance, 12-gauge steel is thicker and more robust than 14-gauge steel in framing. A standard 29-gauge steel roofing is typically 0.36 millimeters thick, while the 26-gauge is a bit thicker at 0.48 millimeters.


Your design aesthetic is essential. You will want something that goes with the rest of your property. Roofs, sidings, and other options are available in 13 different color options, including red, barn, burgundy, black, clay, earth brown, pebble beige, evergreen, pewter gray, quaker gray, slate blue, rawhide, white, and sandstone.


Add doors anywhere on the building to make access as convenient as possible. If you are entering the structure, a walk-in door might be a must. However, large roll-up doors can accommodate large vehicles and objects. Furthermore, a complete roll-up garage door is also available.


Do you want to let some light in your steel building? You can select window options, including various sizes. You can have a complete wall of windows or just a couple. The choice is yours; check out these sizes available:

  • 30-inch by 30-inch
  • 30-inch by 27-inch
  • 30-inch by 40-inch
  • 12-inch by 12-inch


Do you need extra space in your steel building for storage? You can add a lean-to to one side of your building – or both! Furthermore, you can decide if you want this area to be enclosed or not.

Start Designing Your Metal Building Today!

It is now easier than ever to create a steel building that fits your needs and budget, thanks to Boss Buildings. Use the 3D Design Tool to save time and money! You can easily select your type of building, roof-style, and structure options. That way, you will already know your building’s details, from color and materials to delivery and price. You can trust Boss Buildings to design, source, and install your metal garage, barn, and other steel buildings. Your custom-built metal building is just a few clicks away.

Visit Boss Buildings’ website to use the 3D Design Tool right now! Alternatively, you can call Boss Buildings directly at (336) 673-3065.