How Commercial Steel Buildings Can Help Your Business

  • 30 August 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
How Commercial Steel Buildings Can Help Your Business

Commercial steel buildings are a favorite by many businesses today, including owners of shopping centers, clothing stores, and warehouses, among others.

Three years ago, commercial metal building construction and material purchase were up by 3%. That number is even higher now and continues to rise exponentially. Additionally, just as building construction is growing, so is the world of online retail.

This phenomenon has led to a decrease in the growth of larger business structures and an increase in the construction of smaller commercial metal buildings. As a result, a study of the prefabricated metal building market has been underway since 2016 to gauge potential growth. Now, steel experts estimate that the market will escalate from 1.2 million tons to 22.9 million within the next four years.

Businesses That Will Find Commercial Metal Buildings Profitable?

Commercial steel buildings are a favorite by many businesses today, including owners of shopping centers, clothing stores, and warehouses, among others. With the many benefits a large metal building can offer, it is no surprise so many are gravitating toward this type of structure.

Office Buildings

Industrial metal buildings are versatile in nature, making them a useful option for those wanting a smaller-sized office space. These building types provide a substantial amount of protection. Furthermore, they are great starting points for your office construction plan.

Retail Businesses

Most retail stores carry extra inventory for stocking and require extra space to keep this stock. With commercial metal buildings, businesses can customize their structure layout. This personalization capability helps to make room for additional items and materials. These extra spaces can be as big or small as needed.

Commercial Workshops

If you are looking for a material that will withstand the usage of workshop equipment, a large metal building will do the trick. Steel building materials are fireretardant, and therefore safe for major workshop equipment such as welding tools. If safety is your top priority; an industrial metal building is the solution for you.

Commercial Storage Building

Commercial Garages and Trucking Garages

Businesses in search of a housing point for large vehicles should look into commercial steel and clear span buildings. These options will leave plenty of room for all of your vehicle storing needs. On the other hand, wooden options would require more beams throughout the structure, leading to more obstructions and less available space.

Manufacturers’ Outlets

Manufacturers who churn out hundreds to thousands of products often need the extra storage. Although it might seem difficult to find storage large enough to accommodate such an extensive inventory, a customizable steel option would suffice. Businesses both small and large will find this type of structure helpful.

Medical Clinics

Clinics might not think of commercial metal buildings as feasible options, but with the addition of ventilation systems, they can do the job well. Add as many rooms as needed for offices and appointments for a finished, professional look throughout.


Choose a suitable sized structure and add multiple rooms in your desired size, windows, and systems for air circulation to create a solid base point for your restaurant. Commercial metal buildings allow for complete customization and offer a clean foundation for any project you have in mind.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops benefit more than others with prefab metal buildings. They can design a space with large, wide-open workrooms and additional smaller rooms off to the side for consulting and other purposes. Furthermore, you can add even more space to hold vehicles that need to be serviced.

Data Centers

Where information processing takes place, many devices require strict temperature regulation and an area free from excessive moisture. These needs make commercial steel a better option than wood structures. Temperature maintenance is no problem with a properly insulated steel structure.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores tend to heavily focus on their layout, for obvious reasons. The more that is out in the open and on display, the more sales they can make. Any business that requires this kind of layout will benefit incredibly from commercial steel structures.

What Other Benefits Will Businesses Receive?

The above has shown that many businesses can benefit from the advantages offered by commercial steel buildings. But, what benefits are possible in regards to customization, cost, and build speed?

  • Fast Construction Times : Prefab metal buildings offer a quick and easy setup in comparison to your average building material. The pieces arrive in your requested sizes with a concise build manual, and set up times can be as quick as a few days. Within that brief of a time frame, you can get your business up and running.
  • Eco-Conscious : More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious as issues start to present themselves. The manufacturing and building industry contribute quite a bit to these issues, which is why steel is such an effective material for construction. All of the materials used can be recycled and require less energy to produce than typical materials.
  • Customization : There are a wide variety of customization options for your new metal building. From the floorplan to the windows and doors, you are able to tailor your new steel structure to meet your every want and need.
  • Open Layout : As a base, these prefab buildings are completely blank canvases. The wide-open space allows for any addition or removal needed. Whether you need a large workshop, smaller offices, or miscellaneous scattered rooms, there is no end to the possibilities.
  • Flexibility : For those concerned with having to move in the future, prefab metal buildings will come in handy. As mentioned, these structures can be disassembled with very little hassle and set up at a new location. Business expansion is also a fairly basic process considering steel buildings can be expanded if necessary.
  • Utilize Your Cost Savings : One of the main concerns businesses have when considering opening up shop in the real world is cost. Hiring a contractor to complete the work for you adds up fast, especially in addition to the cost of materials.  Steel buildings that come cut to size with instructions enable users to set up shop themselves. This can save virtually thousands of dollars, all of which you can put towards your business.
  • Low Maintenance with Longtime Durability : Unlike other structures, metal frames don’t require nearly as much maintenance and care. Steel framing allows you to pass on the inspections for moisture and rot and stick with regular upkeep tasks. These types of frames are known to last many years longer while remaining in supreme condition.

Commercial Steel Building Sizes That May Work For Your Business

Today, there are hundreds of business types, many of which need different building sizes. The many available sizes further prove their capability when it comes to being versatile and accommodating.


metal workshop

This size is among the most standard and purchased frame sizes. It is both cost and time-effective and has no beams or columns within the center floor. The wide-open aspect of this building size is one of its most-loved features. As a result, there is very little to work around when it comes to installing necessary equipment, adding additional spaces, and running smoothly without clutter.


With a little more to give, this size is attractive for commercial users. As with the 30×50 space, the 50×100 space is beam and column-free. As a result, there is plenty of area for additional rooms, offices, and storage spaces. These prefabs also come cut and ready so that users can set up shop with speed.


This sizing range is typically used by those who need some extra storage. Typical usage includes a place for equipment, machinery, water gear, and campers. Additionally, these 40×60 metal buildings can  accommodate various tasks, including artwork, auto work, and woodshop tasks. Therefore, it is good to keep your needs in mind to avoid purchasing too large a size.


At a whopping 3,200 square feet, this size comes with plenty of space for many activities. Autoworkers are frequent users of this size building. It has plenty of space for multiple rooms for storage, consulting, and other purposes. After adding rooms to your prefab space, there will be plenty of room left over to block off space for workshops and car storage areas.


As one of the most popular building sizes for a custom home, this 1,200 square foot option sits at the top of the list. It provides extraordinary levels of protection and coverage.

Unlike purchasing an on-the-market home, these builds are cheaper and completely customizable. In addition, once insulated, they can provide high levels of shielding from intense heat and extreme cold spells.

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