Installing a Metal Building

  • 26 June 2020
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Installing a Metal Building

Metal buildings are exceptionally popular in the United States thanks to the many tremendous advantages they offer.

Some of the key benefits are obvious, such as incredible strength and versatility, and are available at a surprisingly affordable price, making steel structures a cost-effective solution to your needs.

This cost-effectiveness is only increased when you opt for a metal building kit. By choosing a steel building kit and taking on the installation of your metal building yourself, you can save even more money while ending up with the same high-quality building you would have otherwise.

Of course, it is vital to assemble your metal building the right way. Doing so ensures maximum strength, durability, longevity, and safety. Read on for an overview of the right way to approach the installation of your new metal building!

Components Included in Metal Building Kits

Before you can begin the installation process, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the components included in your metal building kit. While some kits may come with slightly different components—metal buildings are highly customizable, after all—we’ve listed the key components below!

  • Framing Elements–Your metal building kit will include both primary and secondary framing elements. These are integral to the structural makeup and integrity of your building and will be unique to the customized size and layout of your metal building.
  • Bracing – Sometimes, metal buildings require additional rigidity. This rigidity comes in the form of bracing.
  • Panels – Your steel building kit will include the appropriate roof and wall panels depending on the design of your building. The exact specifications of these components will depend on the options you choose when designing and customizing your building.
  • Door and Window Framing – The opening where the doors and windows of your building will be placed require framing to offer proper support and protection from the elements. These frames will be included in your metal building kit.
  • Fasteners – Your steel structure will need to be held together, and that’s where fasteners come into play. Your metal building kit will include all of the necessary fasteners to construct your building, from bolts and nuts to clips and self-drilling fasteners.
  • Base Angle and Ridge Cap – To match the slope of your roof and properly seal it, a ridge cap will be included with your metal building kit. A base angle will also be included to help align the wall panels to the foundation.
  • Drawings – More precisely, several drawings will be included. Engineering drawings, detailed installation instruction, and a layout of the anchor bolt placement pattern are a few of the key drawings included.

Steel Building Installation Process

Once you are familiar with the components in your steel building kit, you’ll be ready to begin the installation process. Check out the overview of this process below to prepare yourself for the task ahead!

  • Start with the Foundation – The foundation is key, as it is the basis for your entire building. Ensure that the cement is flat, and the anchor bolts are placed properly.
  • Install the Primary Frame – The frame is the source of strength and structural integrity, so installing it properly is key. Your frame pieces will be prefabricated, so they should fit together flawlessly.
  • Secondary Framing – After you have installed the primary frame, it’s time to start adding the support pieces. Secondary framing elements such as framed opening, girts, and purlins should be installed now.
  • Roof and Walls – It’s time to make your structure look like a building! The roof and wall panels and related components can now be installed, including the weather stripping.
  • Accessories – If your metal building kit included any design options, now is the time to install them. Trim, windows, doors, and so on typically fall into this category.

Steel Building Kits from Boss Buildings

The advantages of metal building kits are numerous and diverse. It’s no wonder that so many Americans are choosing the DIY route. With Boss Buildings, you are guaranteed to receive the highest-quality components, stellar directions, and an unbeatable deal.

No matter what your metal building needs may be, Boss Buildingsis ready to work with you to customize your design to perfectly match them. For more on metal buildings, customization, DIY kits, and how Boss Buildings can help, simply call today on (336) 673-3065.