Is Your Metal Building Ready for Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know!

  • 11 November 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Is Your Metal Building Ready for Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know!

The US is home to a wide variety of climates. However, the northern US states tend to see more severe conditions throughout the winter than southern regions. High winds, heavy snow accumulation, and ice are regular occurrences for many residents of the northern US. And while southern states may have their own weather issues to contend with, there are few things as dangerous to vehicles, homes, and equipment as winter weather.

This is why many folks choose prefab metal buildings to protect their valuables. These structures are incredibly strong and built to last for years in inhospitable climates. But even these structures can be damaged by Mother Nature’s wrath if you don’t plan for winter weather.
We can help with that! Below, we’ve gathered crucial information to help you ready your metal structure to stand up to winter’s grasp.

Steps to Prepare Your Metal Building for Winter

Winter is coming! And if you want your building to function well throughout the colder seasons, there are several things you’ll need to cover first.

1. Don’t Procrastinate!

The warm days are waning, and properly winterizing your metal building can be difficult when frigid temperatures and inclement weather hits. As such, you’ll want to perform all the necessary duties before it’s too late!

2. Clean Your Building Site

Fall weather can scatter many leaves and pieces of debris throughout your building site, so you’ll want to clear out any limbs, trash, or objects that may have accumulated.

3. Perform Necessary Landscaping

You’ll also need to prune back any overgrowth that might have occurred during the summer. Limbs and bushes may have grown to become a hazard to the safety of your building.

4. Clean Gutters

If your metal building features a guttering system, you’ll want to make an effort to keep them clean. Not only will this prevent drainage issues, but it will prevent oxidation and rust damage from moisture-rich leaf fall.

5. Inspect the Building

A quick inspection around your building can do wonders for preventing damage to your structure. Carefully check support columns, fasteners, corners, and paneling to ensure there are no damages or warning signs. Giving your building an inspection every few months can save you immensely in terms of repair costs!

6. Repair Any Damages

This may go without saying, but it bears repeating: If you see the damage, handle it quickly. Issues like oxidation will only worsen over time, and failing to make repairs promptly can result in significant damage to your structure.

7. Ensure Air Ventilation

To prevent moisture buildup and other issues, it’s a good idea to ensure your building has the chance to air out occasionally. This can be achieved by passive means, such as opened doors and windows, or active measures, like fans.

8. Check Your Foundation

Over time, water and fluctuating temperatures can cause concrete to crack and break. If you notice the beginnings of any cracks in your foundation, it will be far cheaper to make repairs sooner than later.

Steel Building Maintenance Vs. Wood Building Maintenance

While wood and metal buildings may share similarities, there are several ways steel structures stand above the competition. One such factor is their maintenance needs. Below, we’ll compare the maintenance requirements for steel structures against stick-built alternatives.

1. Cost

Thanks to exorbitant lumber prices, it’s now much more affordable to construct and maintain a metal building than one built from wood. Sometimes even up to 40% cheaper!

2. Structural Strength

As one can imagine, there isn’t much that will beat steel in terms of structural strength. Steel can flex when met with external forces, allowing it to bend and stand firm when other materials break.

3. Construction Time

In addition to being more affordable, steel buildings can be erected far faster than wooden structures. Thanks to modern engineering, prefab metal buildings can be constructed in days or weeks, depending on size and complexity.

4. Energy Efficiency

Unlike wooden structures prone to heat loss, an adequately insulated steel building is one of the most energy-efficient building types on the market. This is due to precise engineering techniques that allow metal structures to fit together with fewer gaps. With less room for airflow, these structures can maintain a more even ambient internal temperature.

5. Customizability

In most cases, making custom changes to a wooden structure will, at a minimum, require the efforts of an architect. But since steel buildings are pre-engineered, you’ll be able to customize almost every aspect of your structure- before you purchase.

6. Weather Resistant

Most metal buildings undergo a certification process that ensures they can withstand wind, snow, and seismic forces in a given region. By purchasing a certified building, you can rest easy knowing that it’s rated to handle the weather in your area.

7. Pest Resistant

Wooden structures are notorious for pests. Whether it’s termites or rodents, these unwanted neighbors can cause massive damage if left unchecked. But since steel buildings provide no natural source for food or bedding, you’ll never have to worry about undesired guests.

8. Fire Resistant

Steel buildings are capable of withstanding temperatures over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! But as your local fire department can probably attest, wooden structures aren’t nearly as resilient to fire.

9. Minimal Maintenance

Stick-built buildings require regular maintenance to remain in good condition. Between the foundation, siding, and shingle roofing, you’ll constantly need to perform repairs to prevent major issues. But with a steel building, you’ll only need to complete a fraction of the upkeep.

10. Insurance Costs

Did you know that insurance premiums on steel structures are often cheaper than policies covering wooden buildings? This is due to safety ratings. Steel is stronger than wood and isn’t prone to fire damage. As such, insurance companies charge less to cover metal buildings.

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