Keep Your Commercial Steel Building in Shape for a Longer Life

  • 21 September 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Keep Your Commercial Steel Building in Shape for a Longer Life

If you take the time to organize an effective maintenance schedule for your building, you are likely to get the longest possible life from the building which will save you time, money, and stress.

More Commercial Steel Buildings Than Ever Before

The commercial metal building demand is bigger than ever before, and this is largely down to the increasing cost of traditional buildings and the need for speedy yet safe construction. Many businesses have been impressed with how effective and durable their new buildings are but have not considered the upkeep needs.

The good news is that commercial steel buildings do not need as much as much maintenance as traditional buildings, but they do need some. Whilst you can probably get away without maintaining your big metal building, if you take the time to organize an effective maintenance schedule, you are more likely to get the longest possible life from your building which will save you time, money, and stress. If you are keen to find out about how to maintain your metal building, then we have the information you need below!

Simple Ways to Improve the Life Span of Your Commercial Metal Buildings

If you are keen to extend the life span of your commercial property, then there are some simple steps that you can take, including:

  • Choosing a vertical roof when it comes to designing your new commercial building, opting for a vertical roof is a great choice. Not only do vertical roof designs provide you with the best level of protection and safety, but they are the easiest to clean and clear when needed. If you already have a metal building with an A-frame roof, then do not panic – you will just need to make sure that you check it regularly through the winter to make sure that there is no excess water, ice, or snow on it.
  • Check for rust the great thing about a big metal building is that it is made from galvanized steel and is therefore highly unlikely to experience rusting or corrosion. However, if your building is exposed to water contact over a period of time, then there is potential for rust to appear. Rather than ignoring the problem and having to pay a lot to have it rectified, regular rust checks and water build-ups will help you avoid bigger problems.
  • Keeping the ventilation going regularly checking your ventilation systems is another important job to undertake in your clear span building. Poor ventilation will encourage condensation and mold problems that can be easily avoided by ensuring the airflow is free to move. It’s also important to note that a blocked air system will also cause damage to your belongings and supplies, meaning they will need to be replaced.
  • Avoid making your own modifications one of the best bits about owning a metal office building is that it can be modified at any point to meet your changing needs. However, if you extend your building without the help of a metal building expert, you are more likely to experience problems with the build.
  • Think about your needs one of the most common issues with metal buildings is when a client picks one that is not fit for the purpose they want to use it for. Rather than incurring large ongoing costs, work with a metal building supplier that will help you design a solution that fits your needs and the needs of your business.

40x81 Commercial Steel Building

Top Tips to Keep Your Commercial Building in Great Shape

There are a number of straightforward tips and tricks that you can use to keep your building in great condition, no matter how many years old it is! Our top five tips include:

  • Maintaining your doors if your doors are not regularly maintained, they can lose effectiveness and create gaps in which water and insects can get through and cause damage. Checking everything is in alignment, and tight is a great way to reduce these risks.
  • Maintaining your insulation insulation not only helps you to regulate the temperature in your space, but it also reduces the risk of condensation and even helps you to lower your energy bills. Checking that your insulation is in good condition and that it is not wet or damaged is a simple way to keep on top of maintenance needs for your property and does not cost much to replace patches when needed.
  • Maintaining your gutters your gutters and the attached downspouts play an essential part in keeping your property free of water. However, they can easily get clogged with debris which will lead to water rust and corrosion. Clearing and cleaning your gutters on a regular basis will not keep them clean but will help you discover any damage quickly, enabling you to repair it before it becomes a problem.
  • Maintaining your paint metal building paint not only gives your property the look you want but helps to protect it against corrosion, rain, moisture and stops it from becoming tarnished. When paint gets cracked or chipped, it provides these problems with an inlet to create larger and more expensive issues. Checking your paintwork and correcting any issues will help you to avoid these bigger issues as time passes.
  • Maintaining your roof regularly as the roof is not generally accessible, it is often the area that gets left the longest on the maintenance cycle. However, regularly clearing and cleaning the roof will give you an oversight of how well it is performing and shows you any issues as they arise. It’s worth remembering that roof maintenance is far less disturbing for your business than a roof repair will be, so it is a vital part of your maintenance schedule.

The great thing about all of these tips is that they apply to every shape, size, and style of metal building and will help you to get the best from your building for many years to come. With regular maintenance and TLC, you can look forward to getting the very best return on your initial investment.

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