Metal Garages & Buildings: Guide to Prices and Sizes

  • 14 October 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Metal Garages & Buildings: Guide to Prices and Sizes

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?

The average cost to build an 18×20 vertical roof metal garage is $5375 and can go up to around $25000 for a 40×40 commercial garage. The average price per square foot for most steel garages will range from $15 to $50. The custom garage cost will vary depending on their size, style, materials, location, and labor.

Are you looking for a strong and durable structure to protect your prized valuables that are sitting out in the weather elements, rusting and worsening? Or have a classy car to keep in shape, a motorbike, boat, ATV, RV, or any other valuables? Steel garages are the UNIVERSAL solution to protect your vehicles and other essential assets from high wind, snow, and rain without costing you tons of money.

A garage is a popular construction project and is also a great addition to any property. It can provide a safe spot for cars, extra storage space, or can be a great creative workshop space on your property. But wondering what garage size you should choose and how to plan your budget?

We understand that size and cost are important factors to consider when it comes to finding the perfect metal garage for your home or business. Here is a detailed guide on metal garage size and price to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Cost to Build a Garage Based on the Size and the Number of Cars

Do you need a steel garage for one car or multiple cars? If you have more than one car, you need to make sure that the garage is big enough to accommodate them. You also need to consider whether you want a single, double, or triple-car garage.

To help you further, we have listed garage prices by size:

One-Car Garage

When it comes to a single-car garage, size does matter. The average single-car garage is 12×20 (240 square feet), with costs typically ranging between $5000 and $7000. This size is perfect for storing your car and tools while protecting them from harsh weather conditions.

Two-Car Garage

A 20×20 metal garage is a standard garage size and can accommodate two cars easily. This 400 square feet garage with vertical roof style will cost you $5825. The parking lot of this garage is large enough for two cars or a car with a bike and other valuables.

Three-Car Garage

A 28×30 is a standard three-car garage that can easily accommodate three cars and also provide you with some extra storage space for tools and equipment. This 28×30 (840 sq. ft., almost double the size of a two-car garage) metal garage with an A-frame roof will cost you $9295.

To determine the right garage size for your needs, you need to know the size of your vehicle, the accessibility of the parking space, and the amount of storage space needed. Generally, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and large vehicles will require more space and huge garages.

triple wide metal garages

Key Considerations While Planning for Metal Garage

When it comes to adding a metal garage to your property, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process. Here are six things to consider while planning your metal garage:

1. Purpose

Before anything else, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to use your garage for. This will help to determine the size, layout, and features you’ll need to include. For example, if you’re only going to use it for storing vehicles, you won’t need as much space or features as you would if you were planning to use it as a workshop.

2. Location

A garage’s location is just as important as its purpose. Make sure there’s enough space for your garage placement, as well as for vehicles or equipment you plan to store inside. You’ll also want to consider things like proximity to your home or other buildings, ease of access, and any potential obstacles (like trees or power lines).

3. Materials

One factor to consider is the material for the garage. This is the most important aspect of your building project. There are different materials available in the market, like steel, wood, plastic, and more. Choose the one that is durable and suits your budget and purpose. And if you’re looking for a strong, safe, affordable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly garage, then steel garages from THE BOSS are perfect.

4. Building Permits

Before you start with the construction process of your metal garage, you need to make sure you have the proper permits. Check with your local zoning office to see what permits are required.

5. Budget

Metal garages can vary widely in price, depending on size, features, and material. It’s important to have a budget in mind before you start shopping around so you don’t get sticker shock later on. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can start narrowing down your options to find the perfect garage for your needs.

6. Detached or Attached Garage

Another important consideration is whether you want a detached or attached garage. Detached garages require a separate land or area on the property, but they offer more privacy and can be used for a variety of purposes. At the same time, attached garages are less expensive, easier to build, and can be used for more than one purpose. However, they offer a little less privacy as compared to detached garages.

Considering these things before you purchase a metal garage will help you find the perfect one for your needs. With a little planning, you can be sure to find a garage that will serve you well for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Metal Garages

• Which one is cheaper, a metal garage or a wooden one?

By all means, metal garages are much cheaper than wooden garages. Steel does not require regular maintenance and pest-proof coats of chemicals like wooden buildings. Metal garages are pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient structures, saving you much on maintenance and electricity bills.

• Do garages increase a home’s value?

Yes, having a metal garage on your property will surely increase the value of your property as it provides additional parking and storage space, which will definitely attract the buyer.

• Are metal garages worth it?

Absolutely! metal garages are durable and require very less maintenance. They are more affordable and durable than other building materials. Metal garages do not rot and last for years.

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