Metal RV Storage Buildings for Home or Profit

  • 23 April 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Metal RV Storage Buildings for Home or Profit

Boss Buildings leads the industry in providing metal RV storage buildings and can offer you the security of knowing your investment is safe.

Americans love to travel and enjoy all the scenery our country has to offer. We take our recreation seriously. We work hard and play hard, and we want to share those experiences with family. There is no better way to accomplish that quality of travel than through loading up the RV and hitting the road. It’s safe, secure, fun, and it’s freeing. At the end of the summer, though, when it’s time to put up that RV for storage. What are you going to do? With many RV’s costing much as a home, how are you going to secure your investment? Boss Buildings is here to help you maintain your investment and give you peace of mind.

Boss Buildings leads the industry in providing metal RV storage buildings and can offer you the security of knowing your investment is safe. Keep reading to learn more about metal RV shelters.

Recreation is Here to Stay with Boats, Campers, and Motorhomes

Eight million American households own an RV. That number is growing. Industry experts project nearly a twenty percent sales increase from the year 2020 to 2021. That’s an additional half-million units for 2021. The price of an RV can range from $10,000 to $500,000 and beyond, depending on the needs of the buyer.

Boating enthusiasts are no slouches when it comes to representing their commitment to fun. More than 140 million Americans go boating each year. It is estimated that over twelve million people registered boats for use in the U.S. on our country’s thousands of lakes.

However, with American’s ever-expanding wanderlust for open roads, blue sky, and freshwater, new home lots are shrinking. Neighborhood covenants can be a challenge. Parking a recreational vehicle on the street can upset your neighbors and prove to be a risky choice for your cherished investment. Planning for storage is a crucial aspect of maintaining utility and value retention for years to come.

Recreation Boom Boosts Self-Storage Profits

With an RV purchase, there’s a buyer who longs for wide-open space and fresh air. They’re also looking for space to secure their investment in the off-season. A successful self-storage facility is prepared to step in to provide the recreational vehicle owner with a convenient alternative and profit from the convenience they provide.

They take the worry out of the equation for the owner. With more than eight million RV’s on the road, the need for premium storage facilities could prove to be in high demand. What RV and boat owners look for? Facilities with amenities listed below are likely to attract eager customers:

  • Location, Location, Location: Is your facility close to the owner’s residence, near popular lakes, national parks, or major urban areas?
  • Security: Is your facility well lit? Does it have high fencing with controlled entrance gates? Does it have video monitoring?
  • Sturdy Storage: Are your structures strong and capable of withstanding local weather extremes? For harsher climates, what kind of snow load can your building handle?
  • Convenient Access: Does your customer have room to maneuver large and cumbersome camp trailers, motorhomes, and boats without worry?
  • Convenient Amenities: Does your facility provide dump stations, electrical hookups, washing stations, online payments, propane gas sales, or detailing services? Do you provide 24-hour access?

Storing Your RV at Home

If you have the space to build, you’re in luck. No covenants? Even better. A prefabricated metal building provides the best defense against weather conditions when caring for your Recreational Vehicle. A steel building from Boss Buildings can increase your property value, create convenient access to recreational vehicles, and eliminate the need to rent costly storage space. Boss Buildings is here to help you meet all your storage needs.

Boss Buildings Offers Durable and Long-Lasting Metal RV Covers

Depending on the owners’ needs and budget, the design team from Boss Buildings can help you decide what building meets your needs. For a more temperate climate, perhaps you prefer RV carports. For more cold temperatures, you might want to consider a metal RV storage building. If you don’t like the look of metal RV covers, you might opt for a metal RV garage. Fortunately, metal buildings from Boss Buildings offer great benefits to homeowners and storage business owners alike. Do you want an ultra-strong building at an affordable price? Boss Buildings is here for you.

Boss Buildings prides itself on being a customer-centered company. Below are just a few of the advantages you will receive from metal RV covers.

  • The highest quality metal buildings in the country
  • Commercial-grade steel building system
  • A durable structure that holds its value decade after decade
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Rust-free, fire-resistant metal covers
  • A kit ready for fast assembly
  • No size limitations
  • Custom orders meet the customer’s specific needs
  • Climate controlled structures include insulation package
  • On-time delivery for all metal buildings, including RV shelters and carports
  • Free delivery and installation of all metal buildings, including metal RV covers
  • The best lead times and best price guarantees
  • Qualified and trained design consultants to create beautiful metal RV storage buildings

Get the Best Metal RV Shelters on the Market 

How are you going to store your RV? We can give you peace of mind and keep your recreational investment secure. Just call Boss Buildings at (336) 673-3065 for on-time, free delivery. You will get the best price guaranteed along with the best lead times.