No Sweat! Get Ready for North Carolina’s Summer with a Metal Building

  • 09 May 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
No Sweat! Get Ready for North Carolina’s Summer with a Metal Building

Whether you're protecting your vehicles from harsh UV rays, building a finished living space, or just finding a cool area to catch some shade, metal structures are highly effective.

If you’ve ever spent time in the Tarheel State, you already know that summers can be sweltering! North Carolina frequently sees above-average temperatures from mid-May through the end of August. On average, temperatures can sit at roughly 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July but will often rise to triple-digit numbers. This moist heat can make living in the region difficult and uncomfortable for many residents.

So how do you beat the summer heat? Many NC residents have turned to metal buildings to keep cool during the year’s hottest months. Whether you’re protecting your vehicles from harsh UV rays, building a finished living space, or just finding a cool area to catch some shade, these structures are highly effective.

NC Metal Buildings are Great for Summers

Let’s face it. Summer can be hot and miserable if you don’t have a place to stay cool. At nearly triple digits, fans can only do so much, right? Many residents use air conditioning, and heat pumps to keep up with the heat, but these options can be costly in terms of energy bills.

However, metal buildings offer a significant set of advantages that allow you to save money on energy costs.

  • Steel Buildings Reflective Capabilities – Depending on your structure’s color scheme, it can significantly reduce internal temperatures by reflecting solar energy. You’ll want a lighter-colored paint scheme that reflects away light and heat in warmer climates. However, these thermodynamic principles work for cold climates as well! If you live in a region that regularly sees colder weather, having a dark-hued structure will do wonders for retaining heat.
  • Comfortable Interiors – Unlike drafty stick-built structures, metal buildings are designed with precise engineering, making them fit together like a tightly designed jigsaw puzzle. This, combined with the appropriate insulation, allows them to maintain a more even internal temperature with minimal heat transfer.
  • Lower Energy Costs – As a result of having a tighter structure and reflective capabilities, your average metal building will save you as much as 40% in cooling costs!
  • Environmentally Conscious – Unlike wooden structures, metal buildings require a much smaller carbon footprint. Did we mention that they’re also 100% recyclable? This makes them one of the most efficient structure types on the market!
  • Fire Resistant – While there’s no such thing as a genuinely fireproof structure, you can bet that a steel building is the closest thing to it. These structures are flame resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

Ventilation and Metal Structures During the Summer

During the hottest summer months, having proper ventilation is more than staying cool – it’s an absolute necessity. And the interiors of metal buildings are no different! Beyond simple creature comforts, ensuring that a structure is adequately ventilated will greatly affect internal temperatures and moisture levels.

Excess moisture can cause damage to vehicles, equipment, and important belongings. So, what type of ventilation is right for you? There are several options available:

Passive Ventilation

Passive or natural ventilation is any ventilation that does not require additional tools or components to function. Therefore, any open door or window is considered a form of passive ventilation. While not entirely up to the task of taking on NC summer heat, these vents can more evenly disperse the heat in your building and reduce the overall ambient temperature.

Active Ventilation

Active ventilation consists of any fans and powered equipment that forces air to move through a structure. Whether as fancy as a heat pump or as simple as a desk fan, these active forms of ventilation can help keep you and your metal building comfortable.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Metal Building in NC

If you’ve ever mistakenly worn a black shirt on a sunny summer day, you already know what we’re about to tell you. The color you choose for your metal building will enormously affect its energy efficiency. Darker structures will absorb UV rays and heat, while a lighter-colored building will reflect it away. This difference in heat will significantly affect your structure’s internal temperature.

If you’re a North Carolina resident, you may want to choose a lighter color scheme for your structure to maintain a more even internal temperature and minimize your energy budget.

Boss Buildings and NC Steel Buildings

No matter where in the Tarheel State you call home, Boss Buildings is dedicated to providing NC residents with premium metal structures at affordable prices. These buildings are engineered to stand up to just about any weather and climate, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the colder months. They’re engineered with precision and are far more energy-efficient than similar-sized wooden structures. Not only that, but they can save you tons of money in heating and cooling costs!

Boss Buildings wants to be your number one provider of all metal buildings. From small equipment sheds to commercial buildings and even industrial structures, we have a vast array of products to suit any need or application.
In addition to finely crafted buildings, we are proud to provide excellent and thorough customer support. From beginning to end, our knowledgeable building experts can guide you through the building creation process, working with you to tailor the structure to meet your exact needs. And if you have any questions along the way, we’ve got you covered!

Boss Buildings is North Carolina’s All-in-One Metal Building Solution!

If you’ve been considering a metal building for your storage and protection needs, you’re in the right place! Boss Buildings has a vast selection of different buildings to suit any application. From small carports and storage buildings to large garages, barns, and agricultural structures, we have a building for you!

If the North Carolina heat has you sweating, you might need a metal building! Our structures are a fantastic way to seek shade while simultaneously providing all the storage room you could need. And with our wide selection of customization options, you’ll be able to design a building that’s just right for you.

Boss Buildings is a foremost provider of a wide range of metal buildings in NC. We provide garages, barns, carports, and many other steel structures for all your needs. We have the best product in the industry and outstanding customer service. Look no further than Boss Buildings for your metal building requirement in NC.

Give us a call today at (336) 673-3065 and let our team of building experts help you design, customize, and realize the perfect metal building for you and your family!

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No matter what type of building you want, Boss Buildings has a wide range of metal buildings for you. From start to finish, we make buying a steel building easy for our customers. If you're in the market to buy a metal building that can be easily customized and come at a low price, Boss Buildings is the company you've been looking for.

Need Help? Let Our Experts Help You Through Your Decision.