Start a Sustainable Agriculture Business This Farmer’s Day with Metal Buildings

  • 12 October 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Start a Sustainable Agriculture Business This Farmer’s Day with Metal Buildings

Metal buildings can be easily customized to fit livestock or crop storage, and some models have raised centers that will accommodate incredibly large machinery.

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

In celebration of Farmer’s Day, let’s examine the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices and how a metal building can support you in your endeavors. If you’re new to the world of farming and eager to learn, you may be asking, “What is sustainable agriculture?” According to the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, sustainable agriculture focuses on three characteristics:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Social

‘Economic’, meaning that sustainable agriculture plans to be profitable. Just because the practices are eco-friendly doesn’t mean they won’t be budget-friendly, too! ‘Environmental’ is an important component of the sustainable model, emphasizing care of the earth’s resources. The ‘social’ aspect focuses on building a community of like-minded farmers and providing quality of life for them and their families.


How to Begin Your Sustainable Agriculture Business

Are you excited and ready to begin? Have you chosen your dream property and dreamed of a space for your metal barn? There’s a lot to consider before you jump in with both feet. Let’s talk about the best way to begin a sustainable agriculture business:

Establish goals and objectives – First, write down the values that matter to you and set the goals that you wish to attain. Why are you starting your agriculture business? Are you beginning alone, or do you have a partner? Discuss your motivations, your fears, and your goals together. Having clear objectives will be important when you run into obstacles.

Write your clear, measurable goals – Next, narrow those down to more distinct, measurable goals. Why? Without specific, measurable, objectives, it is difficult to determine whether you are “on track” to meet your goals! A goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-oriented (set a time limit).

Create a business plan – You must have a solid business plan if you are to secure a loan or startup money. It often takes several years for a small business to turn a profit and you’ll need to plan accordingly! Talk to your area farmers and businesses to get an idea of what products are in demand before you choose which crops or animals your farm will invest in. Estimate your annual gross income and net income, then consider ways to reduce your overhead. If you have investors involved, it’s important to show them that you are a savvy entrepreneur!

Create a production plan – Sustainable farming is very different from other businesses. You must consider many other factors when starting such an enterprise. For example, you must take the weather into account. Rainfall and temperature will significantly impact your farming choices. You will also want to consult the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service to determine how your property’s soil will impact your crops. The size of your land will also dictate whether year-round practices will be successful. Research the work of others and learn from their mistakes and success!

Implement the plans – While implementing your strategy can be one of the most intimidating parts of the process, it is also the moment where your vision will shine! This is the moment you describe in detail to your investors how you will be successful where others have failed. Be sure your plan includes a timeline and a detailed to-do list that shows how you and your farm will stay on track.

Monitor performance – Once you are on your way, bear in mind that your sustainable agriculture enterprise needs careful monitoring. While some of the areas may be obvious – cash flow, balance sheets, and other financial aspects – don’t forget that farming has biological components. You will need to have a bookkeeping method for animals, feed, growth rates, vegetation planting, growth, soil surveys, and more! And, just like any other business, you’ll need a marketing strategy. Keep tabs on your sales and market trends and build an online presence. Your effective marketing will have a huge impact on your evolving business. Monitoring your growing business will allow you to recognize areas that need attention before they become problems.

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You Should Consider These Sustainable Agriculture Buildings

You want the best for your farm, but you’re working with a budget. Plus, you won’t want to spend all your time on costly maintenance or repairs. You need a durable building that is stylish, safe, and affordable.

Barns – Metal barns are roomy and versatile, thanks to their clear span design. They are easily customized to fit livestock or crop storage, and some models have raised centers that will accommodate incredibly large machinery. All metal buildings are built with steel, a 100% recyclable material. Certified to withstand high winds and snow loads, most metal buildings can handle extreme weather. In the event that a panel is damaged, they are easily replaced, and the damaged panel is recycled!

Farm Sheds – Whatever you need to store, expertly sealed farm sheds will keep pests and moisture away. Add windows for a greenhouse effect or extra overhead doors for convenient access to your tractors. Metal buildings are energy-efficient, requiring 30% less energy to heat or cool.

Farm Storage buildings – Whether big or small, metal buildings can be customized to fit it all. You won’t find a stronger or more affordable material per square foot in the construction industry. Even better, steel is rated a Type 1 fire-resistant material by the International Building Code. When safety comes first, a metal building is the best choice!

Riding Arenas – The soaring clear span design of metal buildings make them the ideal purchase for riding arenas. Steel trusses eliminate the need for interior columns, so you and your equine friends can move with ease throughout the interior of your building.

Covered Recreation Area – Wherever you need coverage, you can rely on the low maintenance stability of a steel building. Galvanized panels are backed by industry-wide warranties and will keep you and your farm materials safe and dry.

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