Overview of the American Steel Industry Market 2021

  • 16 February 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Overview of the American Steel Industry Market 2021

The steel industry in America has long been one of the core elements of the U.S. economy.

The U.S. first became a major steel manufacturer during the Civil War, and since then, the American Standard for Testing and Materials has set a strict set of standards. Environmental concerns have been heard, and U.S. steel does its share to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. There’s simply no competition from foreign steel markets.

Still, over the past year, the pandemic has presented some unforeseen challenges for everyone involved. No industry wasn’t directly affected by Covid-19, and the road to a brighter future is still a long way off. With the virus mutating, there’s no sure end to the crisis.

We, at Boss Buildings, would like to take a few moments to speak directly on the current economic challenges facing American Steel. Boss Buildings has been proud to deliver high-quality steel buildings and look forward to finding solutions to these challenges.


Steel Industry 2021
American Steel Industry


The American Steel Industry in 2021

To understand the challenges we’re facing, we first need to look at the past year. The first half of 2020 was overloaded with businesses suddenly struggling for survival, with over 60 percent of small businesses shuttering for an uncertain future. With such panic, the threat of lockdowns, and a consensus that people would fare better at home, the demand for steel decreased dramatically. This caused the price of steel to drop.

Ultimately, this proved beneficial to consumers, and prices rose rapidly. Steel bounced back faster than a lot of other industries. It grew in such high demand that the supply dropped lower than ever before in history. It didn’t hurt that wood prices had increased, making cheaper steel even more desirable.

But the industry soon began to have trouble meeting the demand – again due to the pandemic. There are more than enough steel factories all across America, but they were not considered to be an essential service during the government-imposed shutdown. This prevented them from operating at full capacity. The mills were running again, however, at a limited capacity. So with the demand still higher than the supply can handle, steel prices were higher than ever.

Despite hefty tariffs on foreign steel, some consumers have even resorted to buying overseas. This is not advisable, as imported steel from countries such as China often contains the element Boron, which weakens the welds. When supply and demand manage to be more level, the prices should go down, and mills are working to find new ways to produce faster. Unfortunately, the next few months are unlikely to see any drop in price on the horizon.


steel cutting
Steel Industry 2021


Boss Buildings is Ahead of the Curve!

We won’t lie to you; all of this sounds like horrible news if you’re looking to buy a steel structure for your property, be it for business purposes or residential.

At Boss Buildings, we’re not pleased with the current state of the world and were the first to raise our steel buildings’ prices in 2020 when we realized the supply and demand would be affected. Our products’ prices may have increased alongside the industry; however, we are still as reliable as always, offering the best service available at the most reasonable pricing possible.

It’s that same ahead-of-the-curve thinking that’s going to help us weather this storm together! Our expert knowledge of steel and the industry has been invaluable so far in surviving the crisis. Because the first thing Boss Buildings value is our customers. We know that we’re nothing without your business, and we like working with you. It’s cliché to say “we care,” but we do believe that the foundation of any good business starts with good relationships.

Get a Quote Today!

We understand that you may be on the fence about buying a steel building in this difficult financial time. So we’d like to be honest with you and make sure you’re getting the right information. While steel prices are high, it’s natural to shop around and find the cheapest option. That’s why Boss Buildings is here to give you honest, valuable advice through our insider information.

As the market struggles to recover from all that occurred in the past year, lead times will be indeterminately long no matter where you make your purchase. Tired of waiting? We understand the temptation to cancel your order; however, doing so only sets you back further on the list. You may wind up not getting your metal building at all, as smaller companies don’t have the necessary components. That’s why Boss Buildings guarantee your building will be delivered and installed, free of charge.

It’s our great honor to be a leader in the U.S. Steel industry and our pleasure to work directly with you to ensure your steel needs are met. So contact Boss Buildings today at (336) 673-3065! We offer some of the best lead times in the industry today, as well as unmatched service, all at the best prices available.

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