The Five Most Popular Commercial Metal Buildings

  • 07 September 2020
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
The Five Most Popular Commercial Metal Buildings

The American economy is built on the ambition and work ethic of its citizen. As some of the hardest workers and most innovative people in the world, Americans are always pushing toward the next great accomplishment.

This includes everything from the latest and great feat of engineering to simply making day-to-day life better for the average person.

To facilitate the American way of life, businesses of all shapes and sizes require the right buildings. Whether this means a giant, flexible warehouse building or a highly specialized medical facility, many in the United States are turning to Boss Buildings and commercial metal buildings to meet their needs.

Thanks to the diverse benefits that metal buildings offer, they can be used for nearly any application and are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. The benefits include customization, durability, strength, longevity, flexibility, and more. These and other advantages make them ideal for commercial applications, including the top five most popular commercial metal building types below!

Top Five Most Popular Commercial Metal Building Applications

While steel buildings can be used for just about anything—from stables to wedding venues—their versatility when it comes to commercial applications is remarkable. No matter what your needs may be, Boss Buildings can work with you to design and engineer a commercial steel building that will help your venture excel. Check out the top five most popular metal building types used for commercial applications to draw some inspiration!

Aircraft Hangars

While a prefab commercial building is certainly an investment, it is nothing compared to the expense associated with building, maintaining, and repairing an aircraft. As such, buying a commercial metal building from Boss Buildings to store and protect your aircraft is a fantastic way to see a quick return on investment.

The elements, including the weather, natural disasters, and even bugs and mold can be held at bay by these incredibly strong structures. You can also customize your commercial metal building with the proper entrances, vents, and so on to ensure your plane is accessible and cared for well.

Medical Centers

Buildings used in the various medical fields are often specialized to facilitate the specific work the medical professionals are doing. Beyond being customized to fit the specific needs of the doctors and other employees, they must also take inflow and outflow of patients into consideration.

There are also few fields that change as consistently and rapidly as the medical field. As such, commercial metal buildings used for these applications must be flexible and easy to adapt to change.

Office Buildings

As your business grows and expands, you will need your space to grow with you. After all, a positive work environment is a key to productivity and employee morale. By investing in a commercial steel building, you are also investing in those who work for and with you. When everyone is happier and more productive, everyone wins!

Shopping Centers

Today, shopping centers are homes to everything from retail stores to dentist offices and beyond. They’re a wonderful mix of consumer heavens, service industries, and more, making them a fantastic way to accomplish several of your errands in one convenient location.

This diversity means that the building used to house shopping centers must be capable of being adapted to a variety of different applications. From giant clear-span stores to restaurants that require specialized equipment, the modular nature of steel commercial buildings allows for the versatility and adaptability to house multiple business types and quickly be changed when turnover makes it necessary.


Steel buildings are widely recognized as the best structures for commercial warehouse applications. Not only do they come in extremely large sizes, but they also can be customized to ensure efficiency, organization, and functionality even in the face of future growth.

From dictating floor plans to customizing the curb appeal to your liking, commercial metal buildings make for excellent warehousing solutions. You can use yours as a distribution center, long-term storage solution, or even a manufacturing facility—the choice is yours!

Commercial Metal Buildings from Boss Buildings

The highest quality metal buildings are only a phone call away thanks to the commitment to the American people and their businesses by Boss Buildings. With Boss Buildings, you can expect excellent customer service, industry-best lead times, fantastic prices, and more. No matter what your commercial metal building needs may be, Boss Buildings can meet them. Call today on (336) 673-3065.

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