Why 70×100 Large Metal Buildings Are Trending across Industries

  • 25 August 2021
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Why 70×100 Large Metal Buildings Are Trending across Industries

For the most part, metal buildings continue to grow along with job markets because they comprise most new office buildings, farm buildings, and other businesses built today.

Metal buildings can be beneficial for all types of markets that you can use in so many different industries and settings. For the most part, metal buildings continue to grow along with job markets because they comprise most new office buildings, farm buildings, and other businesses built today. Additionally, metal buildings also have a greater track record of safety than any other type of structure.

Along with being extremely safe, metal buildings are also extremely versatile. Many different industries are taking advantage of the fact that these buildings are extremely adaptable and easy to customize. As a result, all types of businesses, ranging from car dealerships to offices and retail stores, take advantage of large steel buildings to meet their business needs.

The Businesses That Take Advantage of Large Steel Buildings

If you’re wondering if a prefabricated steel building can be right for your business, there are so many different opportunities when choosing them. Here is a list of the industries that have adapted to using large metal buildings for their bases. These large and easily customizable buildings are some of the most versatile options for any industry.

  1. Healthcare: Healthcare buildings are an important industry that has adapted to using steel infrastructure. They’ve started using 70x100 buildings to have a space where they can quickly and easily customize how many exam rooms are needed and where they can go.
  2. Agriculture Storage: Agriculture storage is an important industry, and using steel buildings is important for them. Buildings to store agricultural reapings are needed to be waterproof, and steel buildings are exactly that. In addition, they use these spaces in order to protect crops from the elements.
  3. Manufacturing Businesses: Due to the easily adaptable nature of low-rise construction, large steel buildings are some of the best options for manufacturers. Any business that uses its space to produce its products should consider a large-plan steel building that provides expansion opportunities.
  4. Warehouse Businesses: Warehouse spaces can benefit greatly from the versatility of large metal buildings. It will allow them to store more items, therefore expanding their ability to stock a variety of different products.
  5. Restaurants: Restaurants can benefit from steel buildings from a safety and financially conscious standpoint. It costs a lot less to build and maintain a steel building, and they are safer than wooden structures in the event of a fire.
  6. Large Retail Store: Retail space can sometimes be tricky to figure out, but large steel buildings simplify that process and offer plenty of room for expansion. The versatility of the design concept allows for retail stores to expand as their business expands.
  7. Auto Repair Business: For a business that primarily deals with vehicles requiring large storage spaces, auto repair shops are extremely likely to find a business to customize a large metal building for them. They are liable for any damage done to a car on their property, and using a large metal building to provide protection reduces any risks of weather damage.
  8. Hangars: Airplanes are large pieces of machinery that cost a lot of money to repair if they are not taken care of properly. Exposing your airplane to the elements is not something you want to do if you’re trying to be cost-effective, so buying a large metal building is more financially conscious than leaving your airplane out in the elements.
  9. Commercial: You can use metal buildings and prefabricated steel structures to house commercial developments that fit a wide variety of potential business needs. With a 70×100 metal building, the opportunities are endless.
  10. Industrial: Industrial workspaces can be hazardous, so you should exercise an abundance of caution when choosing a structure to house them. Companies with industrial operations should consider steel structures thanks to their remarkable level of safety and quality.

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What Other Size Buildings Are Popular?

For different types of facilities, different sized buildings are popular. Here are some of the most popular sizes and what types of facilities they are used for.

  • 40X80: A narrow lot is where you would ideally create this type of building. You can use these buildings for auto body repair shops, as well as metal hangars. They provide you with a narrower build that helps if you do not have the space to build a wider one.
  • 50X100: You can use these types of buildings for retail stores, as well as small churches and even medical centers. These buildings provide you with a lot of space that can allow you to provide people with specialized services.
  • 60X100: The 60×100 buildings provide you with a lot of space to do many different things, and you can use this space as a store or even a small medical facility. You can also use this building space to build a restaurant, and it has a lot of space to operate.
  • 50X80: While this is a smaller-sized building, it still provides you with enough space to operate an auto repair shop and even use it as a storage space. This is a great option for people who need to work in a more confined area but still want to have a good base of operations.
  • 60X60: This square-sized building provides you with a lot of space to turn into an office space, an agricultural building, or anything else to use as your personal space. This 60×60 space can also provide you with the room to use for storage.

These sizes are used for multiple different facilities and allow for the most versatility possible.

The Benefits and Customization Options Never End!

While there are so many benefits to building metal buildings, some of the best options are the customization options that come along with it. With steel buildings, it makes it a lot easier to build and expand upon them as needed. By utilizing a low-rise build, your opportunities are endless.

You have the chance to customize the color, size, and structure you want, and even the windows and doors. You even get to choose whatever style of roof you believe best fits your facility. This makes steel buildings one of the most efficient and customizable options for any type of structure.

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