Why Large Steel Buildings are a Popular Choice for Florida Residents

  • 28 March 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Why Large Steel Buildings are a Popular Choice for Florida Residents

Floridians! The steel building of your dreams is only one call away!

Florida’s Economy at a Glance

Believe it or not, the state of Florida isn’t just a vacation destination with warm beaches and amusement parks! It’s also one of the most significant contributors to the US economy, raking in roughly $1 trillion annually. This economy is comprised of an extensive network of industries, including tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and more.

Florida is known as one of the top travel destinations in the world with pristine beaches, beautiful attractions, and a vibrant, diverse nightlife; this state draws in tourists all year long. As a result, the tourism industry contributes over $50 billion to the state GDP annually.

Agriculture is another massive fixture of Florida’s diverse economic structure. Famous for citrus, the state produces nearly 80% of the oranges and grapefruit in the US. It’s also a significant producer of tomatoes, watermelons, tobacco, and sugarcane, to name a few. This industry is so large, in fact, that it brings in over $100 billion annually for the great southern state.

What’s Next for Florida’s Largest Industries

And these industries all rely on metal structures to operate effectively. Large steel buildings are designed for incredible flexibility, making them perfect for a wide range of different applications. From small agricultural buildings to enormous airplane hangars, there’s one building type that’s getting the job done right every time. As a result, the future of Florida’s largest industries will certainly involve custom metal structures.

These structures are one of the only construction types capable of servicing each of these industries. Wooden buildings are expensive, time-consuming to erect, and do not fare well in the humid Florida climate. From an engineering perspective, it’s also challenging to construct a wooden structure of the size many of these industries require. From amusement park facilities to the huge airplane and aerospace hangars, steel is the only material up to the task.

Florida’s Climate

If you’ve ever found yourself vacationing in the Sunshine State, you’re already aware of how volatile the weather can be. This region regularly sees violent thunderstorms, high winds, flooding, tornados, and hurricanes. In fact, Florida has been hit by more hurricanes than any other state in the US! These storms cause an incredible amount of damage to property, vehicles, and essential equipment each year. As a result, many citizens and businesses are turning to metal buildings in Florida to protect their important belongings.

Why Large Metal Buildings Are So Popular

Sometimes we all need a little space. Other times, you need a lot of it! And when you find yourself running low on room, a large metal building is a fantastic solution. Our clear span buildings are a great, cost-effective choice for large industrial projects such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These structures are engineered to stand with no need for internal supports, allowing for an incredible amount of interior square footage. They’re also capable of standing for decades with very little need for repair or maintenance.

These features make large metal structures a valuable asset for all sorts of applications. From residential garages to enormous processing plants, steel buildings are durable, cost-efficient, and highly customizable.

Building a Large Metal Building in Florida?

When beginning any larger construction project, it’s crucial to perform the necessary research into the process. Taking the time to consider all the factors can alleviate a ton of headaches down the line. To help you along the way, we’ve put together a small checklist of important aspects to keep in mind:

What is the intended use for your metal building?
Having a clear idea of how you intend to use your structure will dictate a lot about your structure. For example, if you’re housing oversized equipment, you’ll need larger doors to accommodate them. Once you’ve got that nailed down, the rest should be easy!

What customizations will you need?

Another vital part of the process will be determining what customization options your building will require. You’ll be able to choose your building’s dimensions, colors, paneling, reinforcements, and more. This will allow you to adapt your structure to your specific needs.

Check for permits!
As with any permanent structure, most areas require permits before you can begin construction. You’ll want to check with your local building inspector to determine what codes by which you’ll need to abide.

Looking for a Metal Building to Stand up to Florida’s Weather? Boss Buildings Has You Covered!

Florida is a beautiful state home to beautiful shores, active nightlife, and a booming economy. Between tourism and agriculture, the Sunshine State is one of the highest producing economies in the US, trailing behind California, Texas, and New York. And the industries that make Florida such an economic dynamo require larger metal structures to function.

Businesses need adaptable structures that can function well in both commercial and industrial settings. And there has never been a construction material more ready for the challenge than cold, hard steel.

Large steel buildings, like our clear span designs, can provide unmatched levels of square footage without the need for interior supports. This abundance of available square footage gives retail stores plenty of space for inventory and allows manufacturing plants to fit the enormous equipment needed to operate.

Florida is also no stranger to extreme weather events. Vicious storms, flooding, and hurricanes regularly wreak havoc along the peninsula, causing many residents to turn to metal structures to keep their vehicles and property safe.
So, no matter where in the Sunshine State you call home, you can trust Boss Buildings to keep you covered. We have a huge assortment of metal buildings to suit your needs. From residential buildings to commercial buildings and everything in between, our structures are strong, long-lasting, and highly adaptable.

If you’ve considered purchasing a large metal structure, you’ve come to the right place. We have a team of building experts waiting to help you design, customize, and realize the structure you need. From the beginning to the end, they’ll walk you through the steps and ensure that you get the building of your dreams. Give us a call today, and let us help you!

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