Why You Need a Metal Building in Georgia?

  • 21 February 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Why You Need a Metal Building in Georgia?

Georgia's agribusinesses are worth $72 billion. The state also hosts a thriving film industry, automotive interests, and a tourist economy worth over $50 billion annually.

The Need of Metal Buildings in Georgia

The Old South in Georgia is growing into a booming modern economy. The Peach State and its $72 billion agribusinesses are home to more than farms. Georgia now hosts a thriving film industry, automotive interests, and a tourist economy worth over $50 billion annually. With so many opportunities available to residents and investors, it’s important for owners to invest in facilities that will pay off long-term. Metal buildings by Boss Buildings are designed to suit the GA weather and flexibly accommodate a variety of Georgia industries. Thanks to the affordable and durable performance of Georgia metal buildings by Boss Buildings, they are a popular choice from Savannah to Atlanta.

Types of Metal Buildings in Georgia

  • GA Metal Garages – Custom metal garages by Boss Buildings are designed for maximum convenience, with additional access points at customer request. You choose where additional doors, windows, and overhead garage doors will best suit your needs. Customize your new garage for optimal storage, maneuverability, and versatile workshop space!
  • GA Metal Carports – Boss Buildings customized carports are built tall enough to accommodate your luxury RV or boat. Design yours with partial or full side panels for extended protection.
  • GA Metal Barns – Steel barns are fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and mold-resistant. Wood barns are prone to rot, drafts, and termites; it’s time to upgrade to a modern structure. Your livestock, feed, and crops will be safe in the energy-efficient storage of a galvanized metal structure by Boss Buildings.
  • GA Horse Barns – Your equine friends deserve the security and safety of a steel barn.
    A clear span interior will provide the perfect arena for training, as well as versatile storage for tack and feed. A metal horse barn is a flexible space for everything from stalls to trainers’ quarters.
  • GA Commercial Metal Buildings – Purchase a custom metal building and get the space that will work for you! Plan your commercial enterprise with the optimal flow, the right amount of inventory storage, and the safety ratings you need. Our experts certify every metal structure to meet local codes and withstand extreme weather.
  • GA Steel Workshops – When safety is your priority, you need a steel workshop from Boss Buildings. Our high-grade steel is non-corrosive and rated Type 1 by the International Building Code (the highest rating for any material). It’s fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and mold-resistant, so you can confidently use power tools and store expensive equipment in your metal workshop.
  • GA Utility Buildings – Boss Buildings stands behind every metal utility building it engineers with our confidence warranties. We guarantee every panel with pride, so you can rest assured that your building will last for decades. Store tools, equipment, and other valuables in a metal utility building with confidence!
  • GA Large Metal Buildings – Our engineers create industrial buildings up to 100’ long! Whether you need an aircraft hangar, a warehouse, an indoor soccer arena, or a school, our GA metal buildings are created to be as massive as you require!
  • GA Storage Buildings – Whether you’re storing the family heirlooms, your favorite tools, or photos from a bygone era, you need a storage building you can count on. Cold-formed steel is more durable than wood or brick and will keep pests and moisture away. Boss Buildings expertly seals every metal structure so you can confidently store what matters most to you.
  • GA Metal Sheds – Keep the lawn tools, gardening equipment, and miscellaneous clutter away from the garage and neatly stored in a metal shed. Use your metal shed from Boss Buildings for a home office, a private reading nook, or a hobby space. There are endless uses, thanks to the energy-efficient interiors of metal sheds.
  • And More!

Strong & Versatile Metal Buildings for Georgia

Georgia has so many opportunities for residents and investors. Whether you are shopping for affordable housing, hunting for your next commercial space, or looking to invest in a new industrial venture, a metal building is your best choice!
Steel structures are more cost-effective than their stick-built counterparts and expertly engineered to last for decades longer than wood frames. A metal building can be engineered, fabricated, delivered, and installed in half the time of a traditionally stick-built building! With labor costs continuing to rise, this efficient method of production adds up to big savings for you, the customer.
Metal buildings also need very little maintenance. Simple soap and water will keep galvanized paneling looking brand new for decades. If any panels are dented by extreme storm damage, they are easily replaced and recycled. There are no long-term costs for maintenance, like pest control, shingle repair, or the maintenance concerns you find with wood buildings.
Metal buildings by Boss Buildings are expertly designed to withstand the growing concerns of climate change. Steel reinforced roofs and frames withstand high winds (up to 140 mph) and snow loads (up to 35psf) far better than wood or brick structures. Metal buildings are also reported to be 30% more energy-efficient than wood buildings.
How else are metal buildings the best choice for Georgia? Well, with the brilliance of clear span engineering, the interiors of metal buildings can be used for office spaces, livestock stalls, or luxury guest suites. When you build a wood structure, load-bearing walls lock your floorplan into a specific use. With the clear span design of a metal building, you can seamlessly transition from a workshop to a dance floor, from a home gym to a home office, from a garage to a luxury guest suite!
It’s time to consider how a metal building will work for you!

Georgia Metal Buildings Are Fully-Customizable

Boss Buildings provides every Georgia customer with an online 3D Building Visualizer that you may use to design your dream building! Try a variety of custom options on your structure and experiment with dimensions, doors, windows, and more!

Your metal building will be engineered by Boss Buildings experts to your exact specifications. Our custom options ensure that no matter how detailed your needs or selective your style is, you’ll get the building of your dreams.

  • Side Walls and End Walls – Your dimensions are easily customized, including leg height and panel orientation!
  • Roof Style (Regular, A-frame Horizontal, and A-frame Vertical) – Choose the roof that best suits your location and weather expectations.
  • Wall, Roof, Trim, and Door Colors – Allow your personal taste to shine with the custom colors in our inventory.
  • Lean-to Additions – Have the best of both worlds! Create an outdoor workspace with maximum ventilation beneath one of our lean-to additions.
  • Add Windows, Roll-Up Garage Doors, Insulation, and Other Accessories – Customize your access points for maximum maneuverability and convenience!
  • Other Customizable Options – Does your area of GA experience regular hurricanes, tornadoes, or other extreme weather? Our experts can provide advice on steel reinforcements and other ways to secure your building!
  • (12-gauge), 26-gauge Panels, and Steel Gauge – Our metal buildings are built with standard 14-gauge tubing, but we offer 12-gauge for commercial structures! Have a question about steel gauge? Call today!

Get the Best GA Steel Buildings from THE BOSS

Are you ready for your life to benefit from a Georgia metal building? The time to partner with Boss Buildings is now!

Our engineers create the best GA metal buildings, using high-quality steel in every model. Our building specialists have decades of experience, and you’ll have a team of experts devoted to your project. Every Boss Buildings structure is backed by workmanship warranties, proving the confidence we have in everything we make.

Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction; we won’t be satisfied until you love your Georgia metal building! Our experts will ensure you have the financing you want to get your building right away. Call now at (336) 673-3065 and discover the Boss Buildings difference today!