Certification Requirements

What Are Certified Metal Buildings?

A certified metal building is a structure that has undergone rigorous testing and inspections to guarantee it meets industry and locational standards. These buildings are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, but the certification system ensures they can handle your region’s wind, snow, and seismic forces.

If you’re considering purchasing a metal structure, Boss Buildings has you covered with some great information on the certification process. Keep reading to learn all about what makes certified metal buildings a safe and smarter choice.

What Are Non-Certified Metal Buildings?

Non-certified metal buildings lack the standardized testing that separates them from certified options. While they might still be functional structures, non-certified buildings may pose risks in terms of structural stability and resilience to environmental factors.

As a result, most non-certified buildings are used for smaller, less intensive purposes, such as mowing and garden sheds. In fact, many localities will have regulations that require your building to be certified if it’s over a specific size.

The Certification Requirements

The certification process ensures that a building can handle the environment where it is constructed. This systematic testing is typically broken down into three categories:

Wind Load

Metal buildings must withstand the forces exerted by strong winds without sustaining significant damage. Certification involves testing the building’s resistance to sustained wind forces and ensuring that it meets or exceeds industry standards for wind load resistance.

Snow Loads

Metal buildings undergo testing to determine their capacity to support the weight of snow without buckling or collapsing. Certification ensures that the building is designed to withstand the maximum anticipated snow load in a given area, ensuring your building is up to the job this winter.

Seismic Loads

These certifications involve assessing the building’s ability to withstand ground motion and seismic forces without catastrophic damage. Engineers analyze factors such as building design, materials, and connections to guarantee they’re compliant with your region’s seismic codes and standards.

Comparing Certified and Non-Certified Buildings

Which type of metal building is right for you? Let’s break down what each steel building type offers:


Features Certified Metal Buildings Non-Certified Metal Buildings
Framing Thickness 14 and 12-Gauge Options 14 and 12-Gauge Options
Built to Handle Light Wind and Snow Yes Yes
Meets or Exceeds Local Building Codes Yes No
Engineering Drawings Provided Yes Varies
Stamped/ Raised Seal Building Plans Provided Varies (incurs additional cost) No
Certified by an Engineer Yes No
Maximum Wind Rating 150-180 Mph N/A
Maximum Snow Load 90 lbs. Per Square Foot N/A
Designed to Meet or Exceed Your Region’s Environment (wind, snow, and seismic activity) Yes No

Metal Building Certification Standards

Unlike some industries with universally accepted standards, the realm of metal building certification in the United States is notably decentralized. As a result, there isn’t a single set of criteria that applies nationwide.

Instead, certification requirements for metal buildings vary based on state regulations, location-specific conditions, and environmental factors like average sustained wind speeds, seismic loads, and snowfall totals.

However, some notable benchmarks include the Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection and Manufacturing of Metal Components (AISC 207-16) and certifications from the AC472 Accreditation Program. These certification standards are regularly used throughout the US to ensure buildings can handle their environment.

Why You Need a Certified Metal Building

In most cases, you’ll gain more from purchasing a certified metal building than a non-certified option. These structures are rigorously tested against the elements, scrutinized for quality, and built to last for decades against the elements. Non-certified options, unfortunately, are not.

Certified metal buildings offer safety and durability, but they also have the additional benefit of increasing your property value. This is because certified metal buildings are included in home and land appraisals, which ultimately increases the value of your property in case you plan to sell it. How’s that for an incentive to go certified?

Whether you’re searching for a backyard metal shed, or dreaming of designing your own commercial metal building, Boss Buildings can make it happen. Contact us today at (336) 673-3065 to learn more about how to customize a certified metal building for your next project.

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