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Do you love your RV? Then you’re sure to want to keep it safe from the damaging rays of the sun and harsh weather. That’s where steel RV garages can be indispensable. Finding the right RV storage building is vital to keeping your recreational vehicle safe and sound.

That’s why metal RV garages are so popular with serious RVers. Whether you’ve got a travel trailer or motorhome, keeping it safe when it isn’t in use is imperative. Steel RV garages are sound investments, so you can park your RV off street, freeing up driveway space.

RV garages are designed to secure your RVs, boats, motorhomes, and other vehicles. These metal buildings are the most budget-friendly option for covering your expensive investment, be it a car, RV, snowboard, or any vehicle.

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20x36 Metal Garage
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#324

20x36 Metal Garage

  • Width20
  • Length36
  • Height11
36x36 Metal Garage with Lean-to
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#321

36x36 Metal Garage with Lean-to

  • Width36
  • Length36
  • Height12/9
24x46 Metal Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#304

24x46 Metal Garage

  • Width24
  • Length46
  • Height10
20x40 Vertical Roof RV Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#290

20x40 Vertical Roof RV Garage

  • Width20
  • Length40
  • Height12
18x30 Vertical Roof RV Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#289

18x30 Vertical Roof RV Garage

  • Width18
  • Length30
  • Height12
32x33 Vertical Metal Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#33

32x33 Vertical Metal Garage

  • Width32
  • Length33
  • Height12

Custom-Design a Steel Building with Our 3D Designer

On our 3D designer, you can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages, and many other types of steel buildings. Once done, save your quote and discuss the customizations with us for a price quote.

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Enhance Your Home and Protect Your RV

Buying a recreational vehicle is a significant investment. If you’ve spent a lot of money on your RV, it’s probably your pride and joy. You need to be sure you’re keeping it safe whenever it isn’t in use. RVs are at risk of theft and damage, not to mention damage from harsh weather conditions. Therefore, a metal RV garage is the best solution.

Strong, durable, and resilient, it’s the best way to keep your recreational vehicle safe and secure. As an added advantage, adding a metal garage to your home can also add value to your property. Not only will it look great and make your home more practical and functional, but it’ll also boost the price you can ask for your home if you sell.

The Size of Your RV Garage Depends on the Class Type of Your Vehicle

Of course, when it comes to choosing the right size of RV garage for your needs, the class of your vehicle is the top consideration. There are three types of motorhomes:

  • Class A – the most luxurious and spacious RV available. This class of vehicle typically is around 10 feet in height and is around 21 – 40 feet long. Usually, this RV needs a garage that has a minimum of 14 feet clearance height and a minimum length of 45 – 50 feet.
  • Class B – with an average height of 8 feet, this camper van type ranges in length between 16 and 21 feet. Usually, it requires a garage that has a minimum of 12 feet height clearance and a minimum length of 25 – 30 feet.
  • Class C – this motorhome has a cab-over-bunk design and is around 10 feet high. Its length is between 21 and 35 feet, so a clearance height of around 14 feet and a minimum garage length of 40 – 45 feet is necessary.

The majority of RVs are between 8 and 8.5 feet wide, so you need a minimum width of 10 feet to maneuver comfortably around your vehicle when it is in the garage.

Which RV Garage Roof Styles Are Available?

There are three styles of RV garage roofs to choose from. These include:

  • The Regular Roof – this is the standard roof style. Best suited to moderate climates, it has a traditional shape and appearance.
  • The A-Frame Roof – with boxed-in eaves, this is a stylish and attractive roof design. It’s best for mild climates with minimal heavy rain or snow.
  • The Vertical Roof – with its steep slope, this roof is ideal in harsh climates. Snow, ice, and rain can slide off easily.

Can I Customize My RV Garage?

One of the best things about metal garages is that they can easily be customized to suit your needs. Metal RV garage prices vary depending on which customizations you choose. You can choose from the following options:

  • Size – you can choose from a wide range of different metal garage sizes to suit your needs.
  • Roof styles – there are three different roof styles to suit your requirements and the climate you live in.
  • Regular Roof – a regular roof is traditional and stylish. It’s ideal in a mild climate.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs – the A-frame roof is perfect for moderate climates. It is very attractive thanks to its boxed-in eaves.
  • Vertical Roofs – the vertical roof works best in harsh climates with lots of snow. Ice, rain, and snow can slide off easily.
  • Color – you can choose between a broad spectrum of colors to contrast or complement your existing buildings.
  • Door & Windows – there are many door and window options to pick from.
  • Anchors – there are different anchors to suit different surface types from ground to concrete.
  • Certification – if you wish, you can choose a certified metal garage that is guaranteed to meet building specifications and be extra-durable.
  • And More!

Can I Use My RV Garage for Other Purposes?

Of course, the primary purpose of metal RV garages is for garaging your recreational vehicle when not in use. However, these structures are also useful for a host of other purposes, including: 

  1. Guest Apartment – you can make a living space in your RV garage. You can use it as a guest suite for visiting friends or family members.
  2. A Home Office – more people these days are working from home. If you lack space in your house for your computer equipment and files, your RV garage could be the perfect alternative office.
  3. For Traveling – some people are now making an extra income by renting out their metal RV garages as self-catering accommodation.
  4. A Pool Cabana – you can add a touch of luxury to your home pool with a metal RV cabana! It’s the perfect place to sit and relax with drinks and keep your pool equipment.
  5. For Your Commercial Projects – a metal garage could be a perfect workshop or retail venue for your commercial projects. You can easily run a business from your metal structure.

Why Choose a Metal RV Garage?

Metal RV garages are the perfect choice if you have a recreational vehicle that requires a safe storage space when not in use. They are:

  • Strong – steel RV garages are extremely robust and can withstand all kinds of weather.
  • Durable – your metal RV garage is resistant to natural disasters and fire.
  • Cost-effective – when compared with other RV garage materials like wood or brick, metal garages are cheaper.
  • Pest-free – metal garages resist pests effectively.
  • Fire-resistant – thanks to their metal structure, fire cannot damage a steel RV garage.
  • Low purchase cost and minimal maintenance – not only are metal RV garages affordable, they involve minimal ongoing maintenance. They don’t need to be painted, sealed, or cared for in a special way. You can simply clean them with a hose periodically.

How Do I Prepare the Site for An RV Garage?

It’s important to take the time to prepare your chosen RV garage site properly before your kit arrives. You need to:

  • Choose the right location – make sure it isn’t too close to other buildings or too near to utilities.
  • Get permission if necessary – in some areas, you require permission from the authorities to build an RV garage.
  • Check local building codes – it’s important to make sure that your RV garage meets the necessary local building codes.
  • Remove any debris – if there is any debris, undergrowth, or rubble on the ground where your garage will be located, you must remove it before the kit arrives.
  • Grading the soil – the next step is to grade the soil to ensure it is smooth and even where the garage will be located.
  • Build the foundations – there are different kinds of foundations that you can choose from. You may want a concrete, asphalt, gravel, or ground foundation. You need to choose which one is right for your requirements.

Should I Buy an RV Garage Kit?

RV garage kits are the best way to make a suitable garage for your recreational vehicle. They come with all the components you need to construct your garage independently. You can save money as you don’t need to hire professionals to get the job done. Even if you have no experience, it’s so simple to put a metal garage kit together that you won’t have any difficulties.

How Much Will an RV Garage Cost?

There is no single price for a metal RV garage. Prices depend on a number of different factors, including the size you choose, your location, and the customizations you want. There are easy financing and rent-to-own options that make it affordable to buy the metal RV garage you need.

Why Should I Buy My RV Garage from THE BOSS?

When you buy metal RV garages from Boss Buildings, you can be confident that you’ll be buying from the best. As leaders in the industry, we have decades of experience in designing metal buildings for all kinds of purposes. From commercial and residential needs, to semi-industrial, agricultural and motorhome garaging purposes, our metal buildings are strong and resilient. Our metal buildings are made in the USA and are made to the very highest standards. Get in touch with us today at (336) 673-3065 to find out more and to buy your high-quality metal RV garage.

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No matter what type of building you want, Boss Buildings has a wide range of metal buildings for you. From start to finish, we make buying a steel building easy for our customers. If you're in the market to buy a metal building that can be easily customized and come at a low price, Boss Buildings is the company you've been looking for.

Need Help? Let Our Experts Help You Through Your Decision.