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Finance Your Metal Building with THE BOSS!

If you’re ready to get your own metal building, but aren’t ready to pay for it all up front … THE BOSS can help! We partner with RTO National to offer you preferred financing options. How do fixed APR rates, fixed payment amounts, and flexible terms sound? We’ve got ‘em!


We Make the Financing Process Simple!



You can submit your finance application online, or we can work with you to help you get it submitted. Once your application is complete, you’ll receive a nearly-instant response!



Once you get approved, you’ll have your own custom repayment plan which includes a fixed number of payments, at a fixed APR. Now you can choose your metal building solution!



Once you’ve chosen the custom metal building you want that fits within your financing plan, we’ll get to work! THE BOSS will get it fabricated and installed for you!

Some Features of Our Financing Program

Taking advantage of our financing service comes with its own list of benefits and features. Here are a few ways our finance program can help you:

Fixed Payments & APR

Unlike some variable rate financing options, with our financing plan you won’t have to guess about what you’ll owe each month. Fixed APR and fixed payments make budget planning easier.

No Hidden Fees

There aren’t any hidden fees with our financing program. Everything is transparent, and is laid out clearly up front. With approved credit, you can even choose 100% financing with no deposit.

Instant Approval

Some banks or lenders may make you wait hours or even days to gain approval. With our proven financing program, your application will be processed almost instantly – no waiting!

Seamless Experience

When you work with THE BOSS, you can choose your custom metal building and get it financed, all under one roof. No need to have to find an outside lender!

Why You Should Consider Metal Building Financing

Wish you didn’t have to pay for offsite storage? Tired of not having any convenient storage space? With metal building financing, you can have your own reliable metal structure right in your own backyard! Didn’t think owning your own building was possible? When you come see THE BOSS, not only is owning your metal building a possibility – we can help to make it your reality!

Choose THE BOSS for Your Metal Building Financing

Why finance with THE BOSS? With the convenient options we provide to help you get the custom metal building you need with a financing plan that works for you, why go anywhere else? The team at Boss Buildings works to make your metal building purchasing process as easy and painless as possible. Come see us, and let’s get started today!

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