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Building prices start at $4325 for a 12×20 A-frame steel structure. A widely popular 30 x 40 vertical metal building costs $13,060. However, the metal building prices vary by state, certification, anchoring, and the customization you want on it. Scroll to the metal building prices by state below to find prices in your state and area.

You can also download our metal building price PDF file to learn how much a delivered & installed metal building kit costs.


Do Metal Building Prices Vary by States?

Yes, metal building prices vary by state and sometimes county and even ZIP code. Why? Because different counties/states have different rules and regulations. The buildings should be certified to the local codes for installing them. The bigger the building, the more complex its truss and anchor/bracing prices. Consult Boss Buildings for guidelines and advice.

Do Metal Building Prices Vary by Size?

Yes, metal buildings are priced according to their sizes. Carport-style metal buildings are cheaper than enclosed garage buildings. A carport is priced for top-only, whereas a garage is priced for tubing and sheet metal which is used to enclose the carport to turn it into a steel building.

Does Customization Increase Metal Building Prices?

Yes, these are price add-ons. They include:

  • Leg height – A taller carport building costs more than a shorter metal building.
  • Enclosed – An enclosed metal garage costs more than an open carport. Moreover, vertical enclosed costs more than horizontal enclosed.
  • Framed Openings/Doors/Windows – Garage doors, windows, or their framings, increase the price of steel buildings. The more openings, the higher the price. If the openings are on the sides, they cost even further more because of the leg cut fee and the cost of adding a header bar.
  • An insulated steel garage costs more than a non-insulated one.
  • Certified metal buildings cost more than non-certified buildings.

Does Metal Building Price Vary by Manufacturer?

Yes. Just like a McDonalds’ burger costs different than a Five Guys or a Whataburger. Metal building prices vary by manufacturer. Boss Buildings has partnered up with NC Carports & Garages to bring you a wide range of budget-friendly steel buildings. Our manufacturer is one of the largest on the east coast, and we price our steel structures lower than most of the other metal building companies.

Types of Metal Buildings and Their Prices

With Boss Buildings, you can accurately price any of our metal buildings. Use our 3D Designer or call us at (336) 673-3065 for the latest steel building prices.

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