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High-Quality Triple Wide Carports At Affordable Prices

When you have three cars that need to be stored and sheltered, it can be a challenge to find a suitable solution. A three-car carport from Boss Buildings is the perfect answer, providing a convenient, cost-effective way to protect your cars, RVs, motorhomes, boats, and other valuables. Our three-car carports offer reliable protection from the elements, keeping vehicles safe from rain, snow, hail, and extreme temperatures. These large carports can be used as farm animal shelters, dining areas, workshops, and more.

At Boss Buildings, we have a wide range of sizes and styles of triple-wide carports. You can completely customize each feature of your structure according to your requirement. Our building specialist will help you in selecting the right carport for your property. Not only that, but they can also deliver and install your carport at your preferred location. Call now to share your requirement, and we will make sure to deliver you the best.

These days, it often takes more than one car to keep a family running at full steam. For this, you need multiple vehicles for work commutes, and your teenager now has their first car. It’s hard enough to protect one family car, much less two or three of them! So, what’s the best way to keep your vehicles safe from the elements?

A three car carport, or triple-wide carport, is a fantastic, permanent solution for protecting your family vehicles, equipment, and valuable possessions. They’re strong, durable, and built to last for years with minimal need for repairs or maintenance. Not only that, but they’re far more cost-effective than traditional wooden car covers! What’s not to love about that?

Three car carports are the best and most affordable option to protect your cars and other valuables from extreme weather conditions. The triple-wide carports from Boss Buildings come at budget friendly prices. We also deliver and install our custom carports in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. You simply have to choose from our flexible financing plans and order your carport today. To get a free quote, give our experts a call today at (336) 673-3065.

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Why Metal is the Material of Choice for 3-Car Carports

In the past, many carports and vehicle covers were designed using the lumber and wooden construction materials. However, wooden components are susceptible to moisture damage and often require constant upkeep. But steel structures don’t have these problems!

Steel is naturally resistant to moisture, rust, mildew, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! Good luck pulling that off with a wooden structure!

24'x70' Vertical Roof Carport
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SKU: BB#326

24'x70' Vertical Roof Carport

  • Width24
  • Length70
  • Height9
Starting Price
30'x45'x10' Vertical Roof Carport with Panels & Gables
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#27

30'x45'x10' Vertical Roof Carport with Panels & Gables

  • Width30
  • Length46
  • Height10
Starting Price
28'x25'x8' A-Frame Roof Carport with 1/2 Panels
  • A Frame Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB#20

28'x25'x8' A-Frame Roof Carport with 1/2 Panels

  • Width28
  • Length26
  • Height8
Starting Price

Custom-Design a Steel Building with Our 3D Designer

On our 3D designer, you can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages, and many other types of steel buildings. Once done, save your quote and discuss the customizations with us for a price quote.

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Roofing Systems for Three Car Carports

Carports are only as good as their roof! This workhorse keeps moisture, leaves, and UV rays from damaging your cars and trucks. You’ll be able to choose between several roofing styles, each with its own aesthetics and capabilities. Let’s take a deeper look into these roofing styles:

  1. Regular Roofs : Regular roofs are generally used for carports, with horizontal panels and rounded corners. This roofing system is an excellent cost-effective option engineered for regions that experience minimal rainfall and wind.
  2. A-Frame Roofs : Also known as a boxed-eave roof design, A-frames are an excellent mid-tier option for carports in regions with high winds but little rainfall. These roofs look more like the type you’d find on a traditional stick-built building, with overhanging awnings and horizontal paneling.
  3. Vertical Roofs : Vertical roofs combine the best engineering feats of the A-frame design with vertically oriented panels. It allows rain, snow, and debris to fall harmlessly away from your structure, minimizing the need for maintenance or regular repairs. A vertical roofing system is the strongest, most effective option for regions that regularly see harsh weather.

Triple Wide Carport Dimensions

We completely understand that purchasing a carport is a significant financial decision. That’s why it pays to take your time and figure out precisely what you need. And a big part of that decision will involve deciding how big of a structure you’ll need.

To comfortably store three standard-sized vehicles, you’ll need a structure that’s, at a minimum, 26 feet wide. This measurement ensures that you can easily fit three cars beneath the structure while still affording room to open doors and move around. However, you also may consider adding a few extra feet just to ensure you’ll always have the space you need.

The Customization Options for 3 Car Metal Carports

By purchasing a three car carport, you’ll be able to apply a wide range of customization options to your structure. These options are so vast that you’ll be able to change virtually every aspect of your structure, including:

  1. Carport Size : No matter the size, Boss Buildings has you covered with various carport sizes to suit any need. Here, you’ll surely be able to find a structure that’s the perfect fit for your needs.
  2. Roofing Styles : The roof of your structure is vital! And when you purchase a carport, you’ll be able to pick a roofing style that works for your region. These include:
    • Regular Roofs : This design is our most economical option, with rounded corners and horizontal paneling. It’s a great option that handles most climates well, especially those with minimal wind and rain.
    • A-Frame Roofs : An A-frame roof is a mid-level selection with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof tip, and horizontally arranged panels. This option is fantastic if you live in a region with high winds but low rainfall totals.
    • Vertical Roofs : Our premium option, vertical roofs, combines the best features of A-frame roofs with vertical paneling. This clever design allows debris to fall harmlessly from your building, keeping the roof pristine without the need for intervention.
  3. Color : Your carport doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless! Now, you can pick a color for almost every element of your carport or metal building. Here, you’ll be able to choose a color scheme that truly stands out in the crowd.
  4. Anchor Systems : The anchor system used for your building will depend heavily on its foundation. For dirt, auger-like anchors are driven into the soil. For asphalt foundations, spiked rods keep your building in place. And for concrete pads, we’ll use specialized bolts drilled directly into the foundation.
  5. 14- & 12-Gauge Framing : Most residential structures use 14-gauge framing as an industry standard. But if your carport must regularly fight off violent weather patterns such as high winds and intense rain or snow, you may consider upping the strength of your framing to 12-gauge.
  6. 29- & 26-Gauge Roofing : Much like the framing of your carport, you’ll also be able to decide how thick your roofing panels will be. Most residential structures come with 29-gauge panels, but 26-gauge paneling will reinforce your building’s strength if you need heavy-duty protection.
  7. Certifications : Certification is a system that ensures a structure can withstand the wind, rain, and snow loads of a particular region. It’s a necessary process that is often required by many localities to secure permanent building permits. It will also be needed if you expect your building to be included in any appraisals should you ever decide to sell your property.

Many Uses for Three Car Carports

Believe it or not, carports aren’t for simply keeping your cars and trucks dry. They’re capable of so much more! We’ve put together a few exciting ways these buildings are used to give you an idea of just how versatile these structures can be.

  • RV Covers : A three car carport is a great option if you own larger vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, and buses. These vehicles require plenty of care during their off-seasons, and keeping them in the shade is a fantastic way to prolong their life.
  • Watercraft Storage : Summer won’t last forever! These structures are also an excellent way to protect and maintain watercraft like boats and jet skis during winter.
  • Event Venues : Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a concert, a carport is an excellent way to keep your guests safe and dry, no matter the weather outside.
  • Recreational Shelter : These structures also cover picnic areas, community shelters, and farmers’ market stands!

Choosing the Right Carport

Choosing a carport company can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. There are hundreds of them, but not all of them are created equal. That’s why it’s essential to perform the necessary research and find a carport dealer that provides long-lasting, premium products and excellent customer service. To help you identify the right provider for you, we’ve put together a small checklist of fundamental things to keep in mind when choosing a carport.

  1. How Will You Use Your Carport? : How you plan to use your carport or metal building will dictate how large it will need to be. You’ll want to carefully estimate how much space you need and how many vehicles you intend to store.
  2. The Materials Used : Not all carports are made from steel! Some are wooden, while others are engineered using aluminum. And, as you may imagine, they do not possess the same capabilities. So if you’re looking for a structure that will last for years while resisting moisture, rust, pests, and even fires, you’ll want to choose something made from card, hard steel.
  3. Roofing Style : The roof of your building is crucial to how well it will hold up over time. Cheaper options will leave you reaching in your wallet time and again due to damages and repairs. However, by investing in a strong, resilient roofing system now, you’ll spare yourself the headache and financing trouble in the future.
  4. Weather Conditions : What is the weather like in your region? If you live in an area with high winds and intense rainfall, you’ll want to reinforce your structure with thicker framing and paneling.

DIY Metal Carport Kits! What’s the Deal?

Are you handy with a hammer and screwdriver? Do you have major DIY skills? If these sound enticing, you might love our metal carport kits! These kits come with all the components featured in our standard premium buildings, except you complete the installation yourself.

So, if you’ve been looking for a great weekend project, we have one for you! Metal carport kits are a fantastic way to avoid the hassle of scheduling installation while enjoying the pride of completing a job yourself.

The Price for Three Car Carports

At Boss Buildings, we pride ourselves on producing premium steel buildings at affordable prices. However, our structures are quite complex and vary in price based on several factors. Let’s take a look at just a few things that go into the pricing of your building.

  1. Raw Steel Cost : Raw steel is a valuable commodity that fluctuates based on demand, shipping times, and logistical issues.
  2. Customizations : Boss Buildings also offers a wide selection of customization options to transform your building into something that’s truly yours. However, these customizations often require additional components, which will increase the cost of your structure.
  3. Manufacturer Location : Additionally, Boss Buildings uses a vast network of manufacturers to ensure you can enjoy a custom carport no matter where you live. However, these manufacturers can vary in their building prices based on location. This, in turn, can affect your building’s price.
  4. Installation Site : We provide delivery and installation to most states! However, if you live in a region that is difficult for our installation teams to reach, it may incur additional fees for the manpower needed to complete the job.

The BOSS is Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Carports

No matter where you hang your hat, you can bet that Boss Buildings is dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of carports and metal buildings. From single-car carports to enormous covered facilities, we do it all, and we do it well! Our carports are designed to withstand years of punishment while requiring minimal repairs.

So, if you’ve been thinking about a great, cost-effective way to keep your family vehicles safe, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today at (336) 673-3065 and let our team of building experts help you design the perfect carport for you!