Sustainable Metal Buildings from THE BOSS Are Ideal in NC’s Climate

  • 17 March 2022
  • Posted By Boss Buildings
Sustainable Metal Buildings from THE BOSS Are Ideal in NC’s Climate

Steel buildings are extremely robust and are durable enough to cope with a lot many harsh conditions in North Carolina.

The Weather in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state that is especially prone to challenging weather conditions. Of course, for much of the year, the weather is pleasant. However, unpleasant weather events regularly occur. Hurricanes, floods, lightning strikes, ice storms, snow, and tornadoes have all hit the state in recent years.

Unfortunately, these natural disasters cause untold destruction. Not only do they damage properties and cause power supply outages, but they disrupt water and food supplies too. The weather in North Carolina is very difficult to contend with.
Therefore, finding the right structures to withstand the climate is key. Metal buildings are the ideal solution as they are strong, resilient, and durable enough to last.

The Weather and Its Impact on North Carolina Metal Building Construction

Everybody has their own favorite season. Whether it be Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, each time of the year has something special to offer. But weather patterns vary wildly between different regions and states. In some areas, weather can change completely within a single day.

In the morning, the sun may be shining, and there may be no clouds in the sky. By evening, though, a storm may be causing chaos, with thunder, lightning, and rain sweeping through. With this in mind, it’s important to take into account the climate in your area when you’re constructing steel buildings.
When it comes to constructing metal carports, steel storage facilities, or metal garages in NC, the weather is important. It has a key role to play in the right time to construct metal buildings kits. This is especially vital if you’re working to a tight timeline.
Inclement weather can derail a project and leave you waiting weeks for your steel building in NC.
With this in mind, you need to consider some key questions before you buy metal carports in NC. These include:

  • Which time of you should I build?
  • Will the climate make construction practical?
  • Am I likely to experience problems due to the weather?

How Do Metal Buildings from Boss Buildings Stand Up To the Weather?

Some people believe that metal structures can’t withstand adverse weather. However, this simply isn’t true. Actually, steel buildings are extremely robust and are durable enough to cope with even harsh conditions. With this in mind, let’s look at how steel buildings hold up against several natural weather phenomena.

  • Earthquakes – metal buildings are much better than concrete structures during seismic activity. Since earthquakes move a building’s foundations, lighter buildings are less likely to experience damage. Furthermore, metals like steel can bend further before breaking when compared with other materials. In earthquakes, concrete may crumble, but steel stands strong.
  • Strong Winds – tornadoes can scoop up buildings, while strong winds may knock them over. A metal building, though, is entirely ductile so it can bend but not break. All metal buildings have wind ratings. This is the force it’s able to withstand before breaking. Usually, their ratings are 120 – 170 mph. Also, closed metal structures are sealable with doors so they can withstand even stronger winds.
  • Hurricanes – a hurricane combines strong wind with heavy rain. Flooding can therefore be expected. In this weather, metal buildings excel since they resist both wind and water. As they’re ductile, metal buildings bend a lot before they break. Also, steel is virtually unaffected by flooding and won’t rust or mold. If flying debris or trees smash into metal buildings, they may dent. However, they won’t shatter or crumble.
  • Heavy Snow – snow isn’t just wet. It’s also heavy. In locations with frequently large amounts of snow, metal buildings are perfect. A metal support column is able to handle a lot more weight when compared with concrete or wood. Also, it isn’t affected by moisture. Metal roofs gain extra support from metal easements too, and vertical metal roofs allow snow and water to run off easily.
  • Fire – a forest fire is a natural disaster that spreads rapidly, threatening buildings and homes. A steel building is fire-resistant, unlike wooden structures or vinyl structures. Also, as steel buildings transfer energy to the ground safely so it can disperse, they protect people and possessions inside.

Which Sizes of Metal Buildings in NC Are Most Popular?

Steel buildings in NC come in a range of sizes, but which are most popular? Here, we look at some of the most commonly chosen sizes and what they’re used for.

  • 20 x 20 – a 20 x 20 metal building is a great choice in NC for porches or lean-tos. They can be added to a home to add extra function and style.
  • 24 x 70 – a 24 x 70 metal building is perfect for a vertical roof carport. The roof style allows rain to run straight off. Meanwhile, it offers enough space to park a vehicle comfortably.
  • 20 x 35 – a 20 x 35 metal building could be used as a standard-sized garage, ideal for parking a single vehicle safely under cover.
  • 42 x 40 – a 42 x 40 metal building is an ideal vertical roof barn. Ideal for storing machinery or equipment, this size steel structure is perfect for agricultural purposes.
  • 40 x 100 – a 40 x 100 metal building is the perfect commercial building, ideal for either manufacturing purposes or for use as a store.

Looking for Steel Buildings in NC? Choose THE BOSS as Your Top Supplier

If you’re looking for high-quality steel buildings in NC, you need look no further than Boss Buildings. Offering outstanding customer service, metal structures from Boss Buildings adhere to all regulations. That means they are completely safe to use.

With a wide range of sizes and customization options available too, it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for. As an added advantage, Boss Buildings also offers easy financing options, so you can afford to buy the building you need.

Boss Buildings is the leading provider of a variety of metal buildings in NC. We provide sheds, garages, commercial buildings, and much more across the USA. We believe in delivering top-notch products and brilliant customer service in the industry.
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