Pole Barns Vs. Steel Buildings: Which Building System is Right for You?

Pole Barns Vs. Steel Buildings: Which Building System is Right for You?

Pole Barns and Steel Buildings

For generations, pole barns have been a mainstay of agricultural life. They’re simple, strong, effective, and built from affordable and widely available resources. But as much of a tentpole as these building types have been to farmers across the US, another competitor has made big waves in recent years.

Enter steel buildings. These structures have made a notable mark on agriculture thanks to their strength, flexible design, and affordability. They’re regularly used for long-term feed storage, protecting oversized equipment, and are a great option for keeping your livestock and horses safe from the elements.

In this blog, we’ll compare these two construction options and provide the information you need to invest wisely in your farming operation. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pole barn or searching for the right metal barn for sale, we’ll put you on the right track.

Understanding the Key Differences Between Pole Barns and Metal Buildings

While, on appearance alone, there are tons of ways wooden stick-built structures differ from metal buildings, there are some unseen distinctions that can make a big difference when it comes to how they function. Let’s look at some of the biggest factors that separate these two construction options:

1. Expansive Soils and Pole Barns

One crucial consideration is the type of soil on your property. Wooden pole barns are often used in areas with expansive soils, as they can flex and move with the ground. In contrast, steel buildings are better suited for stable, non-expansive soils, as they rely on a fixed foundation.

2. Steel Building vs. Pole Barn Price

Thanks to ever-increasing lumber costs and their ability to withstand the elements, designing a metal barn can be more affordable than wooden pole barns. Their materials are less expensive, last longer, and are far stronger when faced with high winds and heavy snow accumulation.

3. Combustible

Wooden pole barns are combustible by the nature of their material, making them susceptible to fire damage. Metal barns, on the other hand, can resist temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, making them far more capable of handling fire events.

4. Decay

Wood is prone to decay and rot over time, especially in humid or wet environments. Metal barns are not susceptible to decay, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

5. Pests

Wooden pole barns are susceptible to insect infestations, compromising the structure’s integrity if left unchecked. Metal barns, however, are pest-resistant and provide a barrier against unwanted critters.

6. Perceived Value

Steel buildings often have a higher perceived value due to their modern appearance and long-lasting qualities. They can add to the overall aesthetic and property value.

7. Warranty

Metal barns typically come with longer and more comprehensive warranties than wooden pole barns. This provides peace of mind for owners concerned about maintenance costs and the overall longevity of their building.

8. Clear Span Design

Some steel buildings can be built using clear-span engineering, enabling them to stand strong without needing internal support columns. This open square footage is perfect for housing large machinery, animals, and products that require ample room.

9. Customization

Both wooden pole barns and steel buildings offer customization options, but steel structures often provide more flexibility in design, allowing for various architectural styles and functional layouts.

10. Stability

Steel buildings are known for their structural stability, which can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds and heavy snow loads. Wooden pole barns may be more vulnerable to weather-related damage.

Pole Barns Vs. Steel Structures: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the right structure for your agricultural needs, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Of course, you’ll factor in the overall cost, strength, longevity, and the overall value of the structure in question. But, in the end, it will come down to the combination of your specific needs, aesthetic preferences, and what type of investment you’d like to make.

If you value a structure that fits the traditional look and feel of barns from yesteryear, go with a pole barn. But if your values align more with functionality, strength against the elements, and extensive longevity, you’ll want to go with the power of steel.

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Need Help? Let Our Experts Help You Through Your Decision.