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Commercial (& Semi-Commercial) Steel Building Prices (2021 Prices)

If you’re asking yourself – How Much Does a Commercial Metal Building Costs? Or “What is the Average Price of a Commercial Extra Wide Steel Structure? Then here is the answer:

The cost of commercial light gauge steel buildings may be as low as $8 per sq ft or as high as $50 per sq ft. The metal building prices depend on the current steel prices (which are going up constantly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic), options you choose (such as vertical roof style/fully enclosed steel structures), wind speed and snow load certification, number, size, and location of the garage doors, roll-ups or overhead doors, frame outs and insulation. Despite this, know that light gauge steel is the cheapest option for steel building kits that you can use as steel shops, warehouses, commercial, semi-commercial, and agricultural units.

We know you got a good ballpark estimate for what it would cost to buy a metal building with the above-mentioned per sq. ft. Prices. However, we went ahead and added the latest commercial steel building prices in a table below for you to get an even more realistic understanding of what it will cost you.

In the table below, we have added the latest commercial building prices for what are known as commercial and semi-industrial pre-engineered buildings(updated for summer of year 2021). Please note these are the base only prices (width x length) for a 8’ tall steel structure. It is very difficult to predict the actual price of these structures as they are built for loads and codes. So prefab commercial carports can also be known as custom metal buildings. The best way to price a prefab commercial metal building is to call the Boss Buildings team and get a real time update on lead times and prices for custom commercial metal buildings.

What’s included

  • 14 GA steel tube framing
  • 8’ leg height with commercial style ladder legs (can be increased to 20’)
  • Commercial Truss Systems
  • Certified for 140 MPH Wind Speed and 35 PSF Snow-load.

Boss Buildings offers the highest quality metal shop and warehouse buildings in the industry. Our 100% American made steel buildings can be used for everything from garages and workshops to metal shop with lean-tos and a metal shop with living quarters. The clear span, extra wide interior of our steel shop buildings allows our customers the flexibility to design their building to accommodate all their needs. These needs can be commercial, semi-commercial, residential, agricultural or storage related.

Light gauge steel buildings are most suitable for most of the commercial applications. With our advanced footprints and building expertise, if you’re wondering where you can find commercial buildings near you, then it is right here on the Boss Buildings website. Our commercial steel farm buildings are available for sale and we can customize them to suit your application.

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    Boss Buildings provides metal building financing for commercial structures and carports, barns, garages, and any metal buildings that you see on our website. Originating purchase must be at least $6500, and if you want financing below it, we have an excellent RTO option without credit check.

    Credit approval is required and co-borrowers are welcome for qualification if necessary. You can Apply Online and we will contact you to learn more about your needs.

    Know More

    Steel Building Features You Can Customize

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    Customization options

    • Side Walls and End Walls (Leg height of your metal structure and panel orientation)
    • Roof Style (A-frame and A-frame Vertical)
    • Wall, Roof, Trim and Door Colors
    • Lean-to Additions for covered outdoor work areas
    • Add Windows, Walk Doors, Garage Doors, Insulation and Other Accessories
    • Other Customizable Options including cupolas, ridge vents, higher gauge steel
    • (12 GA), 26 GA panels, ridge vents…and many more.
    • Add Insulation Details
    • Gauge Options – In Detail
    • Certification Details

    What all Do You Need to Do For Before Installing The Building?

    Ground Preparation

    Before starting with ground Preparation, the first thing you need to do is to check with local authorities for permits and codes for the metal buildings.

    Choosing the Site

    Once the permits are clear, you would want to decide a specific location for the building. The site you want to choose should be accessible, flat, and with proper drainage where water doesn’t accumulate in case of the rain.

    Clearing and leveling the Site

    Next step is to clear the site. You need to make sure that the site is clear of debris, vegetation, trash or any kind of obstacle. It is also advisable to level the area before starting any work. You do not want any slopes on the site. The site should be as flat as possible.


    There are several types of foundations available for commercial metal buildings. Your options are concrete, asphalt, ground and gravel.


    Concrete is the gold standard for foundations. It is the strongest, durable and is recommended for commercial steel buildings.



    Asphalt is a good choice for commercial buildings where vehicle traffic is expected. It also has a high tolerance to wind and rain.



    Gravel is one the inexpensive foundation options. It is also easy to re-level and customizable over time. Drainage is also easier with gravel.



    This is the most inexpensive foundation option. The ground base is usually preferred by agriculture and related businesses.


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    Applications of Commercial Metal Buildings

    Is it All For Just Commercial Purposes?

    Usually yes. Always? No. Our 32-40 buildings are very popular as residential storage units, as man caves, and also as she sheds. These often serve as hobby buildings for homeowners and neighborhoods. Our 42-50 wides, 52-60 wides and even wider buildings have elaborate truss systems, end to end bow connections, and extra trusses for strong wind and heavy snow load protection.

    Extra Wide Building Common Uses

    Commercial metal buildings are ideal for retail businesses, warehouses, manufacturing units, for inventory and indoor malls. The steel building is one of the most stable structures you can use to protect your business and products and costs much less than a brick and mortar building. A pre-engineered commercial metal building can have a lot of takers. Commonly used as garages for automotive repair, oil change shops, workshops, gymnasiums, industrial machinery storage, warehousing of industrial materials & office supplies, and company offices.

    The pre-fabricated steel structures from Boss Buildings has a. 100% usable interior space provided by the clear span framing (with legs 4’ or less away on ends and sides) that requires no internal beams without the obstruction of rafters or beams you can easily lay out and set up your commercial space the way you want. You can easily install shelving, counters, lighting, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, drywall, and anything you need wherever you need inside the building. The panel enclosures offer the security and protection not just from weather elements but also from theft. These buildings can be easily extended at length and many Boss’ customers design 100’ long commercial buildings, 150’ long buildings and even 200’ long buildings.

    Shipping Facilities Distribution Warehouses Bowling Arenas
    Storage Buildings Car Repair Shop Office Space
    Casinos Helicopter Hangars Auto Parts Stores
    Banquet Halls Carpet Stores Beauty Supplies Stores
    Computer Stores Convenience Stores Funeral Homes
    Nurseries Furniture Stores Strip Malls
    Medical Supply Stores Pet Grooming Centers Pharmacies
    Printing Companies Insurance Companies Theaters
    Restaurants Sandwich Shops Taverns
    Meat Processing Plants Pizzerias Bistros and Cafeterias
    Fast Food Joints Donut shops Sales Offices
    Interior Decorator Offices Law Offices Insurance Companies
    Security Companies Vet Offices Party & Event Planners
    Photo Studios Graphic & Web Design Studios Security Companies
    Sign Shops Remodeling Services Movers
    Landscaping Services Glass Repair Roofing Repair
    Electrical Contractors Boat storage RV Storage
    Marine Dealerships Motorcycle Dealerships Auto Dealers
    Transportation Centers Truck and Trailer Leasing Companies Truck Terminals

    Keep in mind this is only a small list of the ways BOSS BUILDINGS provides affordable, practical, and durable structures for commercial enterprises.  Nor does this list include industrial applications, churches, agricultural buildings, and municipal buildings.  The possibilities for prefabricated metal buildings are endless.

    Why Choose Boss Buildings for Your Commercial Steel Building Needs?

    We are the building gurus on call. We are not in the business of selling buildings but we are in the people’s business. We believe our expertise and willingness to help trumps other metal building dealers, large or small. We are a value driven, ethically-bound team of experienced building experts. We believe in exceptional pre and post sales customer service. Any delays or other issues with the manufacturers or crews can be discussed and solved with Boss Buildings.

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