The BOSS has the Best Metal Building Kits!The BOSS has the Best Metal Building Kits!

The BOSS has the Best Metal Building Kits!

You need extra space immediately. How can you get the room you desire, all the while saving time and money? Metal building kits are the 21st-century solution for residential, commercial, and agricultural storage space.

Do you need a place to shelter your motorcycle, ATV, or car? A metal building is an answer. Are you looking for a way to expand your e-commerce business? Metal buildings can provide you with storage for inventory or office space. Maybe you are searching for a spot to house your horses — and yourself! Try a barndominium for a one-of-a-kind investment. The best part about steel building kits is that everything is DIY. The kit comes ready with pre-cut materials and helpful instructions.

Call Boss Buildings today at  (866) 888-2009 to learn about prefab metal building kits. You can expect the best price guaranteed as well as the best lead times in the nation. Why? Because Boss Buildings is the top dealer of the highest-quality metal buildings in the country.

Check out our Top Selling Metal Building Kits

30x100 Triple Wide Storage30x100 Triple Wide Storage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB713

30x100 Triple Wide Storage

  • Width30
  • Length100
  • Height9
30x41 Metal Garage30x41 Metal Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB695

30x41 Metal Garage

  • Width30
  • Length41
  • Height12
32x33 Vertical Metal Garage32x33 Vertical Metal Garage
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB680

32x33 Vertical Metal Garage

  • Width32
  • Length33
  • Height12
30x51 Utility with Side Entry Roll-up Doors30x51 Utility with Side Entry Roll-up Doors
  • Vertical Roof
  • Financing
SKU: BB463

30x51 Utility with Side Entry Roll-up Doors

  • Width30
  • Length51
  • Height14
24x26 Regular Roof Garage24x26 Regular Roof Garage
  • Regular Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB459

24x26 Regular Roof Garage

  • Width24
  • Length26
  • Height9
18x26 A-Frame Horizontal Carport18x26 A-Frame Horizontal Carport
  • A Frame Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB450

18x26 A-Frame Horizontal Carport

  • Width18
  • Length26
  • Height7
36x21 Barn36x21 Barn
  • Regular Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB446

36x21 Barn

  • Width36
  • Length21
  • Height12
18x21 Carport18x21 Carport
  • Regular Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB434

18x21 Carport

  • Width18
  • Length21
  • Height6

Design your own steel building with our 3D Designer

Boss Buildings has a 3D designer, exclusively for you. You can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages and many other steel buildings with Boss’ 3D designer.

Design Now

A+ Metal Building Kits at THE BOSS

Getting a metal building kit is a great idea. However, your kit will only be as good as the people who made it. Don’t settle for cheap materials from inexperienced builders when you deserve the best. Skip the dollar menu and go for the entire combo — it’s worth it when it comes to your property! Boss Buildings offers the highest-quality kits at the best rates.

Metal Building Types

  • Commercial Metal Buildings – Ideally, a commercial building is a structure built for large-scale storage. Our metal structure puts the power in your hand by providing a design that suits different applications from industrial, agricultural, and residential needs. What more could you ask for? We also allow you to customize your commercial metal building through our qualified team designers.
  • Utility Buildings – Is an open or closed storage space ideal? You are the judge of that; at Boss Buildings, your imagination is possible: “you dream it, we build it.” In fact, Boss Buildings has several utility building designs that have proven to get the job done. With a combination of features to our structures, you can choose to have both an enclosed storage space or a fully open one.
  • Storage Buildings – Need a quick build to store your stuff? Metal storage buildings from Boss Buildings are the perfect, quick solution to your needs. You can tailor the storage designs to meet your needs.
  • Metal Workshops – Are you trying to expand your business? Don’t rent a brick-and-mortar building when you can install your own metal structure. It will save you time and money, which is essential for any business. Do you want a professional car wash dock, welding space, or auto body shop? A metal workshop kit can provide you the space you need while saving on labor expenses.
  • Metal Sheds – Do you want to secure your outdoor tools and equipment safely? Maybe you need a space for your motorcycles and ATVs. Your shed can even be a hangout spot for friends! Boss Buildings provide the best-priced metal sheds for your agricultural needs as well as any other industrial equipment. Metal sheds are safe and long-lasting, ensuring that you get the most from this purchase.
  • Metal Building Homes – Metal buildings are not just for garages, sheds, or warehouses. You can also live in these spaces. A custom home from Boss Buildings isn’t just a large silver square that is cold and dark. Your metal building home will reflect a modern aesthetic with practical, welcoming features.
  • Barndominiums – Do you want to transform a barn into a unique living space? Think about it: barn meets condo! Become the envy of your neighbors, and farm-lovers everywhere, with this one-of-a-kind building transformation. A steel building is perfect to complete all of your agricultural needs and then get some rest upstairs in a modern home.
  • Metal Buildings with Living Quarters – Are you tired of the constant repairs on your house from destructions created by pesky rodents and termites? Please have a look at our highly luxurious metal buildings with the incorporation of living quarters. Boss Buildings creates works of art from metal, and the good thing is that you can live in this house. With our exterior and interior finish made out of steel, your home will truly stand out.
  • RV Covers – Do you own a motorhome, RV, camper, or trailer? What do you think of having a tall RV cover to shelter your asset from harsh weather conditions and any other potential risk factors? Our RV metal covers are the way to go; this solution can not only shelter your motorhome but also other farm equipment or any other construction equipment.
  • Metal Carports – Need a spacious structure to cover your truck, farm equipment, and other vehicles? Metal carports from Boss Buildings provide ample space. They guarantee superior protection, unlike wooden or any different structure. Customization is possible; get in touch to start customizing your metal carports.
  • Metal Carports – Need a spacious structure to cover your truck, farm equipment, and other vehicles? Metal carports from Boss Buildings provide ample space. They guarantee superior protection, unlike wooden or any different structure. Customization is possible; get in touch to start customizing your metal carports.
  • Metal Garages – Are you in need of secure storage space for your car and valuable items? A metal garage from Boss Buildings has you covered. Experts build metal garages using the most demanding steel, tailored to give you a reliable structure that stands in all weather conditions compared to other designs made from different materials like wood.
  • Metal Barns – Boss Buildings design metal barns to shelter your tools, livestock, horses, tractor, or other farm equipment. Our designs ensure you have adequate space to ensure all your needs fit perfectly under one roof. Get in touch to start customizing your ideal metal barn.
  • Custom Metal Buildings – You can truly transform your metal building into anything you want. Besides the examples, you can use your metal building for many other uses. Do you want a recreation space, aircraft hangar, church gathering, personal gym, or something else? Get a metal building kit today!

What You Get in Metal Building Kits

What do I get in my metal building kit, you might ask? Great! We have various metal building kits that fit your needs depending on what you wish to build. Suppose you are an individual who loves projects or is seeking to build your first metal building. In that case, Boss Buildings offers you installation assistance at a negotiable price based on your location.

By choosing us, you will be buying your metal building kit straight from the manufacturer, which helps ensure the product is of quality and enables you to save on maintenance costs. Check out our deliverables in our unique quality steel building kits:

  • Roofing panels
  • Wall paneling you desire
  • All required fastening hardware
  • All required building anchors
  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Customization features

Customization Options for Metal Building Kits

  • Size – Many metal building kits have a standard dictated by the company, and most kits comply with this standard. However, customers can request to customize their building kit size concerning width, length, and height. Customers can choose to increase the size or reduce the size depending on their intended use of the metal building.
  • Roof styles – In each building kit, there can be different roofing panels depending on the design. These roofing styles can be customized by the client depending on their needs.
    • Regular Roof – A regular roof takes the typical shape of a pitched triangle. However, it has rounded corners and horizontal paneling. This roof style is ideal for areas experiencing mild weather, and is the most affordable.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs – This roof style is popular for regions with moderate weather. Rain and snow can easily slide down the horizontal paneling. The design reflects a traditional roof style with a pitched triangle but without any curved edges.
    • Vertical Roofs – Do you live in an area with heavy snow, strong winds, and lots of rainfall? With unpredictable weather, you need a strong roof. The vertical roofs offer vertical paneling, which helps push those extreme weather elements from the roof to the ground. Vertical roofs have more reinforcement than the other two options. If you have a large building, you might want to consider this style.
  • Color – What color do you love? In most cases, when selecting the color for your metal building, the color you love might be the ideal one. Boss Buildings provides 13 color options to choose from, which are Slate Blue, Evergreen, Barn Red, Black, Vintage Burgundy, Clay, Quaker Gray, Pewter Gray, Tan, Earth Brown, Sandstone, P. Beige, and White.
  • Door & Windows – You get to customize your doors and windows, depending on what you are using the space for. Do you want a roll-up door that you can move up and down yourself? Maybe you prefer an automatic-style garage door. If you need your metal building for an auto shop, you probably want multiple bays for cars to park. That requires a specific type of door and more than one. Do you want a greenhouse area? Then you need a wall of windows compared to a barndominium that needs privacy for a bathroom.
  • Anchors – Anchors are used to holding metal structures to the ground firmly. You have a few different anchors to select from for your steel buildings kit, including asphalt, concrete, and rebar.
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing – Steel offers strength and durability, to say the least. But you have the choice to pick just how strong and durable that steel is for your metal building kits. You can select between a thinner 14-gauge or a thicker 12-gauge.
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing – You truly have the option to customize everything — even the gauge roofing. That way, you can receive the thickness you need for your area. Boss Buildings offers two different roofing options, including 26- and 29-gauge. 26 is thicker and heavier, making it more expensive.
  • Certifications – You need to prove that your building follows all rules and regulations. This certification ensures that a professional designed the system according to the highest standards of quality. They also mean that the building meets all the local building codes, which vary from one region to another. Boss Buildings ensures the products are fully certified and tested for quality.

The Assembly and Installation Process Is Easy

There is no point in ordering a DIY kit that you cannot put together. You might feel overwhelmed thinking about a DIY project that involves a complete building. However, a steel building kit is easy to assemble and install. You don’t need advanced building skills or prior experience to complete the process. Follow the step-by-step guide using the pre-made equipment and supplies.

First, make sure the site is level and ready for building. Then, you set truss legs, attach grits, and install wind bracing. Next, the truss legs need four bolts. After that, you can bolt the roof trusses to the truss legs. Hold the first truss in place with tie lines and connect the second truss to the first with purlins. You can then install the balance of roof trusses and stiffener purlins, followed by the installation of balance purlins.

The next step is to install wind bracing on the roof. It’s easy to do the following steps: install the eave track, the gable track, and end wall columns. You only need to put two bolts in the end wall columns and adjust accordingly. After that, you need to install end wall girts and frame the overhead doors.

At this point, you can frame and install any walk doors and windows as well. The next step is to focus on the trim for all openings and the base trim installation. Then you can install all of the sheet metal on the walls and the eave trim. You’re almost done! Install roof sheet metal, ridge cap, corner trim, and gable trim. Last but not least, is to install peak sign and the overhead doors. Voila! You just built your own metal building.

Metal Building Kit Prices

You already know you want a metal building. But how much does it cost? The price might be the biggest hurdle as to if you can get your kit or not. Several factors go into the metal building kit prices. Since your kit is entirely customizable, it depends on your personal selections. Besides, the manufacturer you hire to build your kit plays a role, too.

Luckily, when you work with Boss Buildings, you can get your steel building no matter the cost. Why? Boss Buildings offers two financing options to help you pay for your orders without straining your financial capability. The options include rent-to-own or financing. If you can’t buy your metal building outright, you can still get one. You have to qualify for these helpful programs. You can pay a small portion upfront to get your kit. Then, you can make payments each month toward the price until you pay it off completely. Call now at (866) 888-2009 to learn more about these affordable options for people with a tight budget.

Buy DIY Steel Building Kits from THE BOSS Today!

You need extra space, and a steel building is a solution. From residential and commercial to agricultural and semi-industrial properties, metal buildings can protect your valuable assets. And that goes for complete protection from fire, rodents, weather, and theft. Instead of paying a contractor extra to set up your shed, garage, carport, or building, you can do-it-yourself. Besides, you are a DIY person anyway, and everyone knows it!

Boss Buildings offers the best metal building kits throughout the United States. Call now at (866) 888-2009 to get everything you need for your metal building installation. This DIY project is worth the investment!

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