Metal Garages - Delivered and Installed

Need more secure storage space for your vehicles and other valuable items than an open carport can provide? A rugged metal garage from BOSS BUILDINGS is really your perfect solution!

Our metal garages and buildings are made from tough steel, and they make for much stronger and more reliable structures than wooden garages or buildings made with other materials. You can choose from a range of customization options when you let THE BOSS help you design your perfect garage. And we don’t just provide great steel buildings; THE BOSS works directly with the manufacturer to help you get your building cheaper.

Need a Reliable Metal Garage? Come See THE BOSS!

Looking for a way to provide both dependable protection and secure storage for all your personal vehicles and other items? You’ve found it! Our steel garages are really the best way to take care of your ride and other essentials. BOSS BUILDINGS has you covered.

Metal Garages in Every Size, AND at the Best Price

THE BOSS has the perfect custom garage to meet your needs. Does size matter? You bet it does! We have many options for one- or two-car garages, and we can even provide a garage up to 70’ wide to take care of ALL your vehicle and other storage requirements.


Vertical Roof Garages Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$1295 18x21$1495 20x21$1695 22x21$1995 24x21$2095 26x21$2635 28x21$2735 30x21$2835
12x26$1695 18x26$1845 20x26$2095 22x26$2445 24x26$2545 26x26$3265 28x26$3365 30x26$3540
12x31$2045 18x31$2195 20x31$2395 22x31$2895 24x31$3095 26x31$3905 28x31$4005 30x31$4255
12x36$2395 18x36$2545 20x36$2845 22x36$3345 24x36$3545 26x36$4545 28x36$4745 30x36$4970
12x41$2745 18x41$2995 20x41$3195 22x41$3895 24x41$4095 26x41$5285 28x41$5585 30x41$5685
- - - - - 26x46$5815 28x46$6015 30x46$6315
- - - - - 26x51$6455 28x51$6645 30x51$7055

A-Frame Roof Garages Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$1095 18x21$1295 20x21$1495 22x21$1695 24x21$1895 26x21$2335 28x21$2435 30x21$2535
12x26$1295 18x26$1445 20x26$1695 22x26$2045 24x26$2345 26x26$2865 28x26$3040 30x26$3165
12x31$1545 18x31$1795 20x31$2045 22x31$2395 24x31$2695 26x31$3405 28x31$3655 30x31$3805
12x36$1795 18x36$2045 20x36$2395 22x36$2745 24x36$3145 26x36$4045 28x36$4270 30x36$4445

Regular Roof Garages Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$995 18x21$1195 20x21$1395 22x21$1595 24x21$1695 26x21$2235 28x21$2335 30x21$2435
12x26$1195 18x26$1345 20x26$1595 22x26$1945 24x26$2045 26x26$2765 28x26$2865 30x26$3040
12x31$1445 18x31$1595 20x31$1945 22x31$2295 24x31$2495 26x31$3305 28x31$3405 30x31$3655
12x36$1695 18x36$1845 20x36$2295 22x36$2645 24x36$2845 26x36$3845 28x36$4045 30x36$4270

Take Advantage of Our 3D Design Tool

You can design your own custom building with THE BOSS!

Design Now

Get Your Metal Garage Just How You Want It

When you work with THE BOSS, you really can get your garage any way you want it. The customization options you choose are completely up to you, including everything from building dimensions, to roof style, to frame and panel gauges, to trim options, colors, doors, windows, and much more.

Building Dimensions

Choose the garage width size you need, starting from 12’ and going all the way up to 70’. How long does your garage need to be? You decide. How tall does your garage need to be to accommodate your vehicles? We can meet your needs.

Steel Gauges

14-gauge is the typical industry standard for steel building frames, but you can also elect to go with a thicker 12-gauge for a stronger, more rugged garage. The same goes for the gauge of your roof paneling and siding – we give you options.


Does your area require metal buildings to be certified? Even if it doesn’t, would you prefer having the peace of mind that comes with owning a certified structure? We can make sure your garage meets any needed minimum wind or snow load requirements.

Trim and Anchor Options

You can add decorative J-trim to cover any exposed roofing or paneling edges. Where do you plan to install? We have several anchor options, so you put your garage up on practically any type of foundation, including plain level ground.


Who says a metal garage has to be boring? Not us! We have a range of popular colors from which you can choose to adorn your roof paneling, side panels, and trim. You can even go with a two-tone look, if you prefer.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

You Can Do More Than Just Park a Vehicle

A steel garage is much more adaptable and versatile than other types of outdoor structures. Needless to say, they’re great for parking cars, trucks, and other vehicles, but that only scratches the surface when it comes to ways you can use your building:

Vehicle Parking

By now we think it goes without saying, but there really is no better place to park, protect, and secure your personal vehicles than in one of our metal garages.

RV Garage

These garages can handle more than just cars, trucks, or motorcycles; they can be designed to house much larger vehicles, too! We can provide you with a custom garage that’s plenty wide, long, and tall to shelter RVs, motorhomes, buses, boats, tractors, and more.

Multipurpose Storage

If it needs storing, it can definitely go in one of these bad boys. Lawn & garden equipment, tools, workshop benches, yard decorations, recreational equipment, stuff you just can’t fit in your house anymore – these garages can take it.

Workshop or Hobby Hut

How about some space, not just for parking your car, but for working on your car too? Maybe you need to do some carpentry, or have some hobbies you want to pursue. These garages are perfect.

Man Cave or She Shed

What man wouldn’t enjoy having his own private man cave? And women like having their own she shed space, too. Alternatively, you can also turn this into an playhouse for the kids … or even do all three.

And Much More!

There really aren’t any limits when it comes to how you can use one of these multipurpose buildings. How about your own personal gym or workout facility? Or a photography studio? Or a greenhouse? Let your imagination decide.

We Are Happy to Offer Certification Options

You may ask, what’s a certified building? Steel buildings are already stronger and more durable than wooden buildings or other similar structures by default. Steel really is a superior building material. A metal building that has been certified just means that it has been engineered to meet or exceed local building codes and requirements for certain wind and snow loads.

Do you really need your building to be certified? That depends on how you plan to use your building, as well as on what the building codes and regulations are in your area. Even if a certified building isn’t legally required in your location, we still recommend certification to all of our customers. Certified buildings are designed to be just a little more rugged, and they simply offer more peace of mind.

We Can Help You Afford the Metal Garage You Need

If you know you NEED a metal garage, but really aren’t sure how to pay for it, THE BOSS can help! We partner with preferred lenders to give you options. How about financing plans with fixed APR rates, flexible payment terms, and fixed payment amounts?

What if your credit score isn’t the best, or you’d simply like to consider alternatives to traditional financing plans? Our rent-to-own program may be perfect for you. There’s NO credit check required, it includes instant approval, and you can payoff your balance early with no penalty. You can start using your garage as a metal garage renter, and once you finish your payment plan, you then become a metal garage owner.

Delivery & Installation INCLUDED in Our Service Areas

BOSS BUILDINGS is headquartered in the foothills of NC, but our service area extends well beyond the borders of North Carolina. We are happy to be able to provide metal garages and steel structures in the following 15 states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. PLUS, we INCLUDE delivery & installation of your metal building at no additional charge.

Get Your Metal Garage from THE BOSS

Why should you get your metal garage from THE BOSS? For starters, we’re here for you at every step. We founded BOSS BUILDINGS on a simple guiding principle: to provide you with top-quality metal garages and steel structures at the best prices. And thanks to our direct sourcing from the manufacturer, we can usually get you your building with a shorter lead time. Let us help you get the metal garage or building you need; give us a call today at (866) 888-2009.

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