THE BOSS Has the Best Metal Carports!

Our metal carports and covers are rugged and reliable, and they offer better protection than structures made from wood or other materials. When you work with THE BOSS, you can customize your metal carport any way you want. And we go beyond simply getting you a great steel structure. When you work with THE BOSS, you can get your building from us at manufacturer-direct prices!

Want the Best Metal Carport Selection? THE BOSS Has It!

Looking for the best selection of metal carports and steel structures? THE BOSS has it! We’ve got a popular one-car, two-car, and three-car metal carport styles. Need to go bigger? We also provide larger custom carports that can accommodate any need you may have for reliable open-air shelter.

Metal Carports in All Sizes, All at the Best Prices!

THE BOSS can provide you with a custom-built metal carport in whatever size dimensions you may need – 12’, 18’, 24’, 30’, 40’, all the way up to 70’ wide! You choose the width, length, and height you want, along with other customization options – all at factory-direct prices!


Vertical Roof Carports Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$2300 18x21$2700 20x21$2900 22x21$3100 24x21$3300 26x21$3800 28x21$4000 30x21$4200
12x26$2900 18x26$3400 20x26$3650 22x26$3875 24x26$4000 26x26$4650 28x26$4850 30x26$5050
12x31$3300 18x31$3900 20x31$4200 22x31$4450 24x31$4700 26x31$5700 28x31$5900 30x31$6200
12x36$3800 18x36$4500 20x36$4850 22x36$5125 24x36$5400 26x36$6450 28x36$6650 30x36$7050
12x41$4300 18x41$5100 20x41$5500 22x41$5900 24x41$6400 26x41$7200 28x41$7400 30x41$7900

A-Frame Roof Carports Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$2000 18x21$2400 20x21$2600 22x21$2800 24x21$3000 26x21$3125 28x21$3250 30x21$3375
12x26$2500 18x26$3000 20x26$3250 22x26$3475 24x26$3700 26x26$3775 28x26$4025 30x26$4175
12x31$3000 18x31$3600 20x31$3800 22x31$4150 24x31$4400 26x31$4450 28x31$4795 30x31$4975
12x36$3500 18x36$4200 20x36$4550 22x36$4825 24x36$5100 26x36$5225 28x36$5575 30x36$5825

Regular Roof Carports Prices

14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing. All base units have 6’ legs spaced 5’ on center or less, and (4) 2’ corner braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors included.

12x21$1900 18x21$2300 20x21$2500 22x21$2700 24x21$2900 26x21$3000 28x21$3150 30x21$3300
12x26$2400 18x26$2900 20x26$3150 22x26$3375 24x26$3600 26x26$3650 28x26$3800 30x26$3950
12x31$2900 18x31$3500 20x31$3700 22x31$4050 24x31$4300 26x31$4300 28x31$4450 30x31$4600
12x36$3400 18x36$4100 20x36$4450 22x36$4725 24x36$5000 26x36$4950 28x36$5100 30x36$5300

Design your own steel building with our 3D Designer

Boss Buildings has a 3D designer, exclusively for you. You can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages and many other steel buildings with Boss’ 3D designer.

Design Now

Get Your Metal Carport Exactly the Way You Want!

One benefit with choosing BOSS BUILDINGS is the fact that you can pretty much customize your metal carport any way you want! You can choose your building dimensions, roof style, paneling options, trim options, colors, and more!

  • Building Dimensions – Choose whatever width you like, starting from 12’ and going all the way up to 70’. The desired length is also pretty much up to you. Standard carport height starts at 6’, but you can increase that depending on your particular needs.
  • Steel Gauges – 14-gauge is the typical industry standard for framing, but you can also upgrade to a thicker 12-gauge for a larger building, or for areas that experience more weather extremes. You also have options when it comes to choosing the thickness of your roof paneling and any optional side paneling.
  • Side Panels – Speaking of side panels, you can choose to partially enclose your carport, or even go with full enclosure to create your own custom metal garage. It’s really up to you!
  • Certification – Live in an area that requires building certification, or just like the peace of mind that comes with choosing a certified structure? We can certify your carport to meet any minimum wind or snow load requirements that you designate.
  • Gables and Trim – Add gable ends to help conceal the frame and braces for a more finished look. You can also add decorate J-trim to cover the edges of your paneling, if you like.
  • Colors – Your metal carport doesn’t have to be boring! We have over a dozen popular colors from which you can choose for your roof paneling, optional side paneling, and trim pieces. Make a personal statement with your custom carport!
  • More Ways to Customize, Too!

Our Steel Carports Can Do More Than Just Cover Vehicles

One clear advantage of choosing a steel carport is the fact that they are incredibly versatile and adaptable! Obviously you can use them to protect your vehicles, but that’s not all you can do with one of these multipurpose structures:

  • Vehicle Parking – There’s really no better open-air facility for parking personal vehicles than one of our sturdy steel carports!
  • RV Cover – You know you can park cars, trucks, or motorcycles under a metal carport, but what about larger vehicles? Not a problem! We can provide a carport that’s wide enough, long enough, and tall enough to cover an RV, motorhome, camper, or boat.
  • Storage Space – You aren’t limited to storing vehicles; you can cover pretty much anything with one of these outdoor metal structures. They’re great for covering lawn & garden equipment, outdoor decorations, recreational equipment, yard sale items, and more!
  • WorkSpace – Maybe you’d just like to have some covered outdoor space for working on your car, doing a little carpentry work, or pursuing a hobby. Our carports have you covered!
  • Play Space – Can’t send your kids outside because of foul weather? Now you can! A metal carport provides shelter from both sun and rain, and gives your kids a chance to enjoy some quality “outside time.”
  • Picnic Shelter – With a metal carport, you can host a picnic or cookout and not have to worry about it ever getting rained out! There’s really no limit to the number of ways you can use one of these multipurpose shelters!

Delivery & Installation INCLUDED in Our Service Areas

BOSS BUILDINGS is headquartered in the foothills of NC, but our service area extends well beyond the borders of North Carolina. We are happy to be able to provide metal carports and steel structures in the following 15 states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. PLUS, we INCLUDE delivery & installation of your building at no additional charge!

We Sell Metal Carport Kits, Too!

BOSS BUILDINGS includes carport delivery and installation with standard purchase, but if you’re interested in getting a metal carport kit that you can install yourself, we can make that happen too. Just like with our other custom carports, you choose the style, dimensions, and customizations you want, and then we’ll engineer your structure to your specifications. You can then pick up your steel carport kit – all materials you’ll need are supplied – and install it yourself at a discount. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about getting a metal carport kit.

Get Your Metal Carport from THE BOSS!

Why should you get your metal carport from BOSS BUILDINGS? Simply put, THE BOSS is here for you! Our business was founded on a simple guiding principle; we’re here to provide you with top-quality metal carports and steel buildings at the lowest prices. Thanks to our direct manufacturer connections, we can also get you your building with a faster lead time than our competitors. Let us help you get the metal structure you need; give us a call today at (866) 888-2009!

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