Metal buildings store, shelter, and protect. For your multi-use garage, shop, restaurant, or other projects, prefab metal buildings help you succeed at keeping people and assets safe and comfortable. Steel structures are well-known for reliability and longevity.

That’s why Boss Buildings provides the highest quality metal buildings. We offer competitive steel building prices and our custom buildings are built and delivered and installed for your convenience. We are qualified, trained steel building design consultants to give you an excellent buying experience.

Buy Metal Buildings with Prices Guaranteed

Metal buildings vary in size, price, and quality. In addition, the cost of your metal building depends on location, manufacturer, customizations, and more. You can choose a simple, strong prefab metal building or the highest quality steel structure with Boss Buildings. See the pricing for metal buildings of various kinds below.

Standard Buildings 12'-24'
Triple Wide Buildings 26'-30'


Get Roof Styles Designed by Experts

Our metal buildings come with three unique roof styles. Each one can help you accomplish different goals for your prefab structure.

Regular Roof

If your budget will determine the roof you choose, the regular style clearly wins. This economical option for metal structures gives cover for storage, parking, and more. The curved corners with horizontal panels make the regular roof style a tried-and-true choice.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof

A horizontal roof structure with an A-frame aligns with an area that occasionally receives bad weather. The horizontal panels of the roof run front to back, offering shelter from the elements and the safe enclosure of assets and visitors.

Vertical Roof

A vertical roof suits itself to heavy rains and snows. Grooved for resisting dirt and precipitation, experienced consultants recommend this roof style for any metal building exceeding 35 feet. Vertical roofs stay the best choice for mild and harsh conditions alike, giving complete support and protection.

Choose Your Metal Building Color, Size, and Specs

With Boss Buildings, you can customize and tailor every aspect of your ideal metal building. The options seem endless with every choice of color, size, paneling, gauge, anchors, and more.

  • Various Colors: See multiple colors for your paneling, roof, and features.
  • Custom Sizes: Choose from among countless sizes for any application.
  • Paneling Options: Select paneling for your installation location and use case.
  • Gauge Choices: Decide which gauges make sense for your project demands.
  • Install Locations: Pick almost any location for your prefabricated building.
  • Different Certifications: Get peace of mind through certified, tested designs.

Use Your Metal Building in Multiple Ways

The applications of prefab metal buildings exceed expectations. Customers exist all over the world, using metal buildings to house animals and people, protect vehicles and aircraft, and even provide storage and recreation.

  • Agricultural uses: Raise livestock and store farm equipment.
  • Shopping sites: Sell your products and offer real satisfaction.
  • Commerce suppliers: Supply customers and clients from a custom site.
  • Manufacturing sites: Produce for the public with ease and safety.
  • Medical practices: Treat patients and offer your services.
  • Office spaces: Organize staff, train employees, and work in offices.
  • Recreation places: Create fun and exercise indoors and outdoors.
  • Storage buildings: Protect assets and valuables securely.

Receive Quality Metal Building Benefits with Ease

Quality prefab metal buildings and structures ensure your personal or professional project gains an advantage. Through them, you can save money, reduce waste, and become more effective. In addition, you can improve safety, preserve space, and work productively. Here are just a few benefits that make a metal building a better choice for your needs:

  • Extremely Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Expandable & Adaptable
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions
  • No Worries About Pests and Termites
  • 100% Recyclable

Build from a Simple Metal Building Kit

Each metal building kit from Boss Buildings comes pre-sized and pre-engineered for easy installation. The kits include all accessories, frames, sheets, panels, and hardware alongside detailed installation instructions. Steel building kits by Boss Buildings seal in time reduction and cost savings for customers while staying affordable and without sacrificing quality.

Access Locations with Free Delivery and Installation

Through exemplary services like free delivery and complimentary installation, Boss Buildings captures the smartest, most cost-conscious buyers across the United States. Being a dealer of the highest quality metal buildings with a rocketing satisfaction rate, Boss Buildings serves up the best lead times, prices, and metal buildings in 15 states:

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Maryland
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Buy Top-Quality Metal Buildings from Boss Buildings

Boss Buildings believes in empowering customers to succeed in sheltering, organizing, selling, and producing across industries. Applications become endless with their custom prefab building kits and tailored options for every detail of your structure. Known for on-schedule delivery, guaranteed prices, and high quality, Boss Buildings satisfies customers through product excellence and professional expertise.

Boss Buildings saves customers time, money, and building challenges by providing outstanding metal buildings in kits that equal ease, savings, and success for you. To learn more and receive a quick quote, contact Boss Buildings at (866) 888-2009.

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