THE BOSS Has Ideal Metal Utility BuildingsTHE BOSS Has Ideal Metal Utility Buildings

THE BOSS Has Ideal Metal Utility Buildings

Maybe you’re aware that Boss Buildings has a fine selection of metal carports, garages, barns and commercial buildings. But maybe you need to do more than just park a vehicle, shelter equipment, or store some specific items. Maybe you need to be able to do all three!

THE BOSS offers some great metal utility buildings that offer wonderful multipurpose usage possibilities. These steel utility buildings look great, require very little in the way of maintenance, and improve the value of your property. Great for home or business use! Keep reading to learn more…

Designed for Greater Flexibility of Usage

In days gone by, a “utility building” simply referred to a catch-all shed in many people’s backyards, usually referring to a dated aluminum or wooden structure. Thankfully, THE BOSS is helping to redefine what utility buildings can be. Our steel utility buildings are engineered to a better standard, and we think you’ll appreciate the difference you find with our buildings.

24x46 Standard Building
  • Vertical Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB712

24x46 Standard Building

  • Width24
  • Length46
  • Height12
30x51 Utility with Side Entry Roll-up Doors
  • Vertical Roof
  • Financing
SKU: BB463

30x51 Utility with Side Entry Roll-up Doors

  • Width30
  • Length51
  • Height14
18x31 Regular Style Utility
  • Regular Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB456

18x31 Regular Style Utility

  • Width18
  • Length31
  • Height7
18x31 Utility with Regular Roof style
  • Regular Roof
  • RTO
  • Financing
SKU: BB453

18x31 Utility with Regular Roof style

  • Width18
  • Length31
  • Height6

Design your own steel building with our 3D Designer

Boss Buildings has a 3D designer, exclusively for you. You can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages and many other steel buildings with Boss’ 3D designer.

Design Now

Why Steel Utility Buildings Are Better

What makes a steel utility building better than the rest? There are too many reasons to name! Still, here are a few specific reasons to consider a steel utility building from BOSS BUILDINGS over buildings produced from wood or other materials:

More Durable

Steel utility buildings aren’t threatened by moisture rot like wood, and they’re built to last. They also provide superior protection from rain, snow, wind, lightning, and other weather threats.

Withstand Both Pests & Fire

Termites and other pests aren’t attracted to steel, and can do it no damage. Mold and mildew aren’t issues, either. And steel is inflammable, so it’s more fire-resistant, too.

Customizable & Expandable

Steel utility buildings offer more flexibility of design and more usable enclosed space than wooden structures. Steel structures are also simpler to adapt and expand as your needs change over time.

Simple to Maintain

Wooden structures must be repainting or restained every few years. Steel utility buildings don’t involve traditional paint, and their colors won’t peel or fade. Steel structures are much simpler to clean, too; you can typically just hose them out and hose them off!

Design Your Perfect Metal Utility Building

With a Boss Building, you get to customize every feature, top to bottom. You can really design your metal utility building any way you want. What options will you choose? We let you decide your specific building design, size, steel gauges, paneling options, trim, colors, doors, windows, and more!

Size & Style

Design your enclosed space however you want. The same goes for your attached open-air shelter space. What size dimensions do you need for your combination building? All those details are completely up to you.

Choose Your Gauges

14-gauge is a common default framing standard for steel buildings, but you can also choose a thicker 12-gauge if you need an even sturdier building. You can also select the gauge of your metal roofing and side panels.

Panel Options

Speaking of paneling, where do you want your panels, and how many would you like? You can leave your covered shelter open, or you can partially enclose it if you want. You can even go with a completely-enclosed metal building, if that will serve your needs better.

Doors & Windows

For the enclosed portion of your building, you’ll need to decide about the points of access. You choose where to place them, and you decide about frame outs, garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows.

Trim & Colors

You can put decorative gables in the front or back, and you can also add decorative J-trim for covering the panel edges. What color or colors would you prefer? We have many popular colors to choose from, including a nice two-tone look if that’s what you like.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Order Your Metal Building Now We’re only a phone call away

Utility Buildings in Any Size, at the Right Price

THE BOSS can work with you to design and engineer your perfect metal utility building. You can go smaller, or you can go much bigger – the size dimensions are up to you. And if you need a really big building, we can go up to 70’W!

We can get you your building cheaper than the others, too. How do we do that? Through our direct relationships with the manufacturers. Your final price will be based upon a few factors, including the size of your building, the customization options you choose, and your particular installation location. We work to make your building affordable, too. If you don’t have the budget to be able to pay for it all up front, we also offer preferred financing and rent-to-own options. Just reach out to one of our representatives if you want to explore your available payment options.

THE BOSS Stands Behind Our Buildings

Boss Buildings provides high quality, American-manufactured, prefab metal utility buildings that are designed to last. We’re so confident in the quality of our building products that we back every one with some great warranties. We offer a one-year warranty on workmanship, a ten-year warranty against chipping and cracking of panels, and a twenty-year rust-through warranty on framing.

Metal Utility Building Kits Available, Too

We also offer custom-manufactured metal utility building kits that you can pick up and install yourself at an even cheaper price. You still decide all of your building’s specifications and customizations, just as you would with any of our buildings. We’ll have all the components custom fabricated, and then you can either pick up your metal utility building kit or we can arrange to bring it to you. Just let us know if you’d like to explore our steel utility building kit options.

BOSS BUILDINGS is headquartered in NC, but we actually provide metal buildings in 15 Eastern and Southeastern states, including: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. If you’re in our service area, THE BOSS can take care of your needs!

We Offer More Than Just Utility Buildings

THE BOSS is here to provide a full selection of metal buildings and steel structures. Need another type of specialty building or larger facility? We’ve got what you need!

Storage Buildings

Our metal storage buildings are a popular way to take care of all your outdoor storage needs. You can put anything in these buildings, including personal vehicles, equipment, and anything else you’d like to store safely and securely.

RV Covers

Need a taller structure for covering your RV, motorhome, camper, boat, or trailer? We provide custom metal RV cover solutions that can meet your needs!

Commercial Buildings

Maybe you need something bigger to be able to use for manufacturing, warehouse space, general workshop space, or any other commercial, retail, or industrial usage. We can do big buildings for you!

Choose THE BOSS for Your Metal Utility Building

Why choose THE BOSS? Because we’ve got better buildings and better prices, and we get your building put up faster! Our goal at Boss Buildings is quite simple: we’re here to get you the quality metal building you need. And thanks to our direct manufacturer connections, we can get provide buildings with shorter lead times, too. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get you your perfect metal utility building!

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