The Best Metal Barns Come From THE BOSS!The Best Metal Barns Come From THE BOSS!

The Best Metal Barns Come From THE BOSS!

If you work around a farm or agricultural business, then you know the value of having easy access to a dependable metal barn or steel barn buildings. Metal barns from BOSS BUILDINGS are as dependable as it gets!

Unlike traditional barns made from wood, our metal barns aren’t susceptible to rot, and they don’t require nearly as much maintenance. Crafted with galvanized steel, our steel barns are simply stronger and more reliable than other similar structures. You choose the customizations you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let THE BOSS help you get your perfect metal barn!

Better Metal Barn Selection With THE BOSS!

Looking for options to provide the best shelter for your animals and livestock, and the best storage for your farm vehicles, equipment, and supplies? We’ve got them! Our steel barns are really the best way to take care of all your farm or agricultural needs. BOSS BUILDINGS can help!

Design your own steel building with our 3D Designer

Boss Buildings has a 3D designer, exclusively for you. You can design carports, metal garages, commercial steel structures, utility carports, vertical RV garages and many other steel buildings with Boss’ 3D designer.

Design Now

Design Your Barn However You Need It!

By choosing THE BOSS, you have the freedom of designing your metal barn or garage building exactly the way you want! Which customization options will you choose? You’re in the driver’s seat, and it’s up to you to select everything from prefab barn dimensions, to roof type, to the gauge of your steel components, trim, colors, doors, windows, certification requirements, and more!

Building Dimensions

How big does your metal barn need to be? You can choose a smaller steel barn, of you can go with a width of all the way up to 70’. You can also choose pretty much any length you like. Need your prefab metal barn to be taller so you can accommodate a tractor or other big items? We can provide what you need!

Steel Gauges

14-gauge is a common standard for steel barn framing, but you also have the option of choosing a thicker, 12-gauge steel for an even more rugged steel barn. You choose the gauge of your barn’s metal roofing and siding, too.


Does your location require certification of metal structures like barns? We can design your metal barn to meet any necessary wind or snow loads. And even if certification isn’t required, you can still choose a certified metal building for greater peace of mind.

Gables, Trim, and Anchors

Add gables to the front or back for greater reinforcement and a finished look. Decorative J-trim can be used to cover the edges of your panels. Plus, we have anchors to secure your metal barn to almost any type of installation surface, even level ground!


You can go with a more traditional “barn red” … or you can go your own way and choose from among our other attractive color options for your roof panels, side paneling, and trim. You can even choose a two-tone wainscot look, if you like.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

You Can Do More Than Just Stable Horses

A steel barn is much more versatile than barns made with more “traditional” components like wood. Obviously they’re good for stabling horses or storing hay, but there are so many other ways you can use one of these steel barns, too:

Horse barn or stable

Yes, these barns make excellent buildings for keeping your horses, as well as tack and other supplies.

Riding arena

How about a larger steel barn with covered space for riding while being protected from the elements?

Dairy barn

Barns aren’t just for horses; they’re also for cows and other livestock. Use your steel barn as a dairy production or egg production facility.

Livestock breeding facility

Need a protected place that can be dedicated to livestock breeding? You’ve got one with one of these metal barns.

Hay barn

Great for keeping your hay, grains, feed, and seed dry and protected

Shelter for tractors or other farm equipment

Design a barn large enough to accommodate your tractor, combine, or whatever other equipment you need to keep under shelter

Garage & Multipurpose Storage

Don’t just house your farm vehicles; park, protect, and secure your personal vehicles too! Also great for RVs, boats, or other large vehicles. Need some outdoor storage space for stuff you can no longer fit in your house? You’ve got some.

Metal Barns Are Really Better Barns

What’s so great about a metal barn? Pretty much everything! Here are just a few features that make a steel barn from BOSS BUILDINGS a better choice than any stick-build or pole barn:


Steel barns aren’t susceptible to rot like wood, and they endure constant use. They also provide superior protection from rain, snow, wind, even lightning.

No Threat from Pests or Fire

Termites and other pests don’t bother steel either. Neither does mold or mildew. What about fire? Steel is inflammable.

Customize & Expand More Easily

Steel buildings offer flexible design and more usable interior space than wooden barns. Steel structures are easier to adapt or expand with your future needs, too.

Easy to Maintain

Wooden barns require painting or staining, and need repainting or restaining every few years. Metal barns aren’t covered with traditional paint, and their colors won’t fade or peel over time. Metal barns are a snap to clean, too. Just hose it out with a pressure washer, and you’re done!

Barns in Every Size & Shape, at the Right Price!

Our steel barn prices are simply the best! Why? Because we source all of our buildings direct from the manufacturer! Your individual steel barn cost will vary based on a few factors, including the size, roof style, customization options, and your installation location. If you have a specific metal barn pricing question just give us a call, we’ll be happy to help!

And here’s another way THE BOSS is here to help. We don’t make you worry about how to get the prefab barn components to your site, or how to get your steel barn building put up. We include delivery and installation in all of our service areas, at no extra cost to you! Just make sure that your installation site is level ahead of time, and let Boss Buildings handle the rest! Like we said, delivery and installation comes standard with our metal barns, but if you’re looking for a way to save even more we can provide you with a custom-built prefab metal barn kit that you pick up and install on your own. All the building materials you’ll need will be  supplied, you’ll just need some willing hands to help you put up your building. If you’d like to learn more about metal barn kit options, just reach out to THE BOSS!

Some Handy Tips to Help You Get Ready

One of the first things you should decide is how you plan to use your steel barn. Consider how much space you’ll need to accommodate your animals, supplies, or whatever else. Factor in the length, width, and height of these items so you’re sure to get a large enough metal barn. In hindsight, most customers wish they’d chosen a bigger building, not a smaller one. Once you’ve made your decision and placed your order, here a few things you can do to get your site ready for installation:

  • Obtain any needed building permits, if required in your area
  • Make sure your site is level
  • Mark any buried utility lines on or near your site
  • Clear enough space around your site (at least 3’ on all sides) so our crew will have sufficient room to work
  • Make sure to let us know which foundation you’ll be installing on, so we can be sure to bring the correct anchors

Come See THE BOSS for Your Perfect Barn!

Why get your metal barn from us? Nobody else can take care of you like THE BOSS! We founded BOSS BUILDINGS with one simple goal: to provide you with superior quality metal barns, buildings, and other structures at the best prices. And thanks to our connections with the manufacturers themselves, we can get your steel barn installed with shorter lead times. Reach out to THE BOSS today, and let us help you get the metal barn you need!

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